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7 days to raise $2500+ or an important Dance collaborative between Mostar, Sarajevo & Belgrade could perish. Balkan dancers need you!
82 backers pledged $2,755 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Mostar performance link!

Dear Friends,

 The 3 Notes project is now officially completed after a successful performance last week in Belgrade.I could not be more satisfied with the outcome of the entire project.

As promised, here is a link to one of our performances that took place at the National Theater in Mostar.

 Video thank-yous will be ready shortly!

 Thank you once again for making 3 Notes possible!

 Warm regards,


Sarajevo and Mostar performances!

Dear Backers,

The past 6 days have been an inspirational whirlwind! On Wednesday, April 27, all of the dancers came together for the first time in Sarajevo!
After 3 long but fun days of rehearsals, our first performance in Sarajevo was a great success.

On Saturday we all traveled by train together from Sarajevo to Mostar for our 2nd performance at the National Theater.
The turnout was FANTASTIC and the feedback was all incredibly positive, supportive and encouraging!  

On the train back from Mostar today, I had a moment to sit down and talk to the Belgrade dancers about their experiences so far. They were all sad to be leaving Mostar so soon but were looking forward to coming back again. They were also very excited to host the Mostar and Sarajevo dancers next weekend and to show them their Belgrade.  While talking about their experiences, the whole train car burst into tears as they expressed how liberating this project was for them because they were able to make their own choreography and to make new friendships. Obviously the dancing and performances are an important part of the project. The bonding that is taking place outside of the project is even more important.

While stranded in Konjic for one hour on our way to Mostar, the dancers were already starting to plan projects that they could implement in the future. 
Also, while some dancers were at first hesitant to host the visiting dancers, they had a change of heart after a few days of being together. One of our Mostar dancers even offered to host all of the Belgrade dancers so they could stay an extra night in Mostar!

Despite the rain, the dancers spent their day exploring the old town and were even able to catch the divers jumping off of the famous old bridge. Later that evening they all ended up playing Pictionary  together in one of the Mostar dance studios.

Next Saturday we will perform in Belgrade for our last performance. I have included a few photos below from our Mostar performance and I will be sending you the videos of the performances shortly.

Thank you from all of the dancers!!

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$850 more to go in just a FEW HOURS!!!

Thank you all for helping us to reach our goal!

We still need an additional $850 to feed and house the dancers while they are traveling, and just a few short hours to reach that benchmark.

please help us by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, and or email.

again THANK YOU so much for all your kindness and generosity. the dancers and myself are touched beyond belief and we can't wait to share with you the final product.

So Please tell all of your friends, family and co-workers... every little bit helps at this point!

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We Made It!

Dear Friends,

We made it!! I can not express how touched I am by your generosity. I am really overwhelmed by the support that has flooded in from around the world.

Please continue spreading the word, as our goal of $2500 is really the bare minimum to cover the cost of transportation, Mostar stage, and food for dancers while they are away from their cities.

Extra funds will be used to provide both lunch and dinner for all of the dancers during their 3 long days of rehearsals and performance in Sarajevo, and cover the cost of a youth hostel for the dancers that are not being hosted by a local family.As all of the dancers are donating their time, this is really the least we can do to thank them for their time, hard work and devotion to this project.

Thank you again!!!

Warm regards,


Daily Update #3 -- 3 Interviews w/ 1 translation!

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for all of your support and hard work in spreading the word. It really is working!  I am overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and belief in this project!

Here are a few short interviews from some of our Belgrade dancers.

A rough translation of the interview from our youngest dancer, who is just 16: (local language speakers, please feel free to correct me!)  "I like this project a lot because it includes people from Mostar, Belgrade and Sarajevo . I've never been to any of those places and my grandmother is originally from Mostar. It's nice to create something together with people from the different cities"

Thank you and please continue to spread the word!

Warm regards,


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