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NOMAD Art Satchel: Create anywhere...Painlessly's video poster

A sleek weather-proofed satchel designed specifically for creative people to carry their gear, record ideas and sketch while on-the-go. Read more

Melbourne, AU Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on April 23, 2014.

A sleek weather-proofed satchel designed specifically for creative people to carry their gear, record ideas and sketch while on-the-go.

Melbourne, AU Fashion
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About this project

As our campaign draws to a close, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for generously standing behind this project that is so dear to me. You've helped launch a new player into the world of products specifically designed FOR ARTISTS, BY ARTISTS :)

I can't wait to see the creations you all come up with using the Nomad! Catch you all in the comments and update sections <3

Darren Yeow

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The Nomad is a high quality, weather-resistant, ballistic nylon satchel designed specifically for artists, allowing them to sketch anywhere as easily as at their drawing table.

It incorporates a number of specially designed systems to alleviate common problems a mobile artist has to face.

  • Weather Proofing: The Nomad has been designed from inception to withstand unpredictable weather, so that you may be more intrepid with your creative adventures. We use high quality water resistant zips and rubber backed ballistic nylon similar to that found in military gear to keep your art safe.
  • Sling Supported Sketching: Having nowhere to rest your sketch pad is now a problem of the past. Using a simple sling support system, the Nomad becomes a drawing table that you can use while standing or sitting, whether you're left-handed or right-handed.
  • Tripod Supported Sketching: For longer periods where the same position must be maintained as in life drawing or master studies, the Nomad tripod interface (stretch goal reward - see below) allows you to simply attach the Nomad to any commercially available tripod, turning it into a sturdy sketch easel.
  • Easily accessible tools: Using tough rubber thread infused straps, the interchangeable strap boards acts both as a sketch pad holder and a tool holder. No more searching for your tools at the bottom of your bag, they're securely fastened in a convenient accessible location - opposite your pad.
  • Sleek Styling: Artist tools have long had a tradition of being utilitarian and visually dull...Nomad seeks to break that tradition by being stylish and practical.
  • Works as a Regular Satchel: In order to allow you to carry your sketch books everywhere, we made sure it also worked to carry your regular gear as well - mobile phone, wallet, iPad, keys? Nomad will carry and protect them too.

The Nomad tripod interface is a purpose built insert that slips into the Nomad's dedicated back pocket and allows the satchel to connect to any commercially available tripod, turning the Nomad into a sturdy sketching easel.

This tripod 'mode' is highly useful when doing plein air sketching, master studies at a museum or engaging in life drawing classes, when you often need to stay in one location for extended periods of time.

In order to manufacture the tooling required for molding this specialized part, we'll need to hit $50,000 in order to have sufficient funds to pay the tooling fabricators and order the first batch.

The $50,000 stretch goal has been MET! So every Nomad satchel shipped from the Kickstarter campaign will include a complementary tripod interface (usually $25 extra).

The early-bird offers included a year's membership to Pencil Kings and many people were really excited by this...however, there was a very very limited number of them available and they were sold out within 15 minutes leaving many people disappointed.

Since then, one of the most asked questions I've received has been "Will there be more memberships available?" - unfortunately, no.

HOWEVER! As a consolation prize, because we met the $95,000 stretch goal, I'll be releasing a new instructional video with voice-over commentary every month for 6 months covering many aspects of the art-making process. This is available exclusively for backers. 

Here's a quick run-down of my professional background (see more at 

  •  I am a 10 year veteran commercial artist. I've earned my income exclusively by drawing, designing and painting during that time. 
  • My role during studio employment was a senior concept artist and art director for a number of video/computer game development companies where I mentored other artists. 
  • In the last 5 years, I've been successfully running my own profitable concept design / illustration business, consulting for various clients in the film, video games, gaming and music industries. 
  • I've taught masterclasses and lectured at tertiary education institutes in Australia (RMIT & QANTM) 
  • I've written art tutorials for various magazines - 3D Total, 2D Artist, Official Corel Painter, Advanced Photoshop & Digital Artist. 
  • Taught a number of private 1-on-1 students. 

Here is some of my art:

In these exclusive lessons, I'll be covering things such as: 

  • Sketching techniques 
  • Tonal control & rendering 
  • Linework Observation sketching 
  • Sketching from imagination 
  • Tackling caricatures 
  • Creating your own references 
  • Bringing it into the digital domain 
  • Digital rendering & color

While we don't currently anticipate any variations - please note that there may be very slight design variations from the marketing materials when the production models roll off the line. Don't worry, if there are any changes, we will keep our backers informed every step of the way.

Hiya! It's Darren here, creator of the Nomad. I'm a professional concept artist who not only loves to sketch for fun, but it is also required of me as part of my job. It’s a professional daily ritual that sharpens my creative thinking, hones my dexterity and recharges my creative stores. 

Sketching away from my studio is especially rewarding to me – I reconnect with the flow of the physical world, feel more inspired and engage perspectives that are missing from Google image search.

Picking up your drawing pad, walking out your front door and sketching under a tree until the sun sets…it’s a deliciously simple idea isn't it? Well yeah…in theory. 

But, if you've done your share of on-the-go sketching, you’ll know this simple act is often challenging because of specific challenges that aren't addressed by generic satchels:

  • Lack of adequate weather proofing 
  • Fishing for lost tools in the bottom of your bag 
  • Arm fatigue from holding a sketchbook for long periods 
  • Finding your sketchbook and a clean page 
  • Sitting in awkward postures to draw 
  • Poor quality and unappealing design

With these hurdles, it’s no surprise that we (myself included) don’t choose to leave the desk more often to sketch, because in short: it’s a frustrating experience! 

I searched long and hard in online retailers and physical stores for a satchel specifically suited to my sketching needs. I wanted something that was high quality, weather-proof and specifically designed to make the sketching process less awkward whether I was standing or sitting.

My search turned out to be fruitless and it quickly dawned on me that I would never find the bag I was searching for. I'd have to build my dream sketching satchel myself.

After a year of research, development and testing, the Nomad is my answer to the question: 

How can I sketch more easily, wherever I decide to go? 

I sincerely hope the Nomad can help you too! 

Darren Yeow

We've spent a great deal of our own funds to get to this point - consultants, prototype iterations, manufacturer vetting, legals, design, etc all cost a great deal of money to do the job right. 

We've spent this capital in order to minimize any possible risk to you, our beloved backer - and now we've finalised the design, and would like to start getting our baby into your hands.

Only one problem though...we have insufficient funds to press the "manufacture button"...this is where you guys come in!

Your pledges will pool together into a manufacturing fund so that we may begin producing the first batch of Nomad Art Satchels and getting them into your little hands.

If you think the Nomad could help you, please support us by pledging and tell all your art buddies, teachers and co-workers about this project.

Thank you so much for your support <3

Risks and challenges

Kickstarter Campaigns traditionally have four major areas of risk, let me tell you how we have gone about minimizing their potential impact.

1. Shipping Late

Shipping late is often because of two factors - order fulfillment and underestimation of time/effort required to manufacture/create the rewards.

Order fulfillment in the simplest terms, is taking a reward and sending it to the backer (you!) in a timely and appropriate manner.

It is not a difficult or challenging activity if you have a single parcel to ship - however, when a project does well and backer rewards skyrockets into the hundreds or thousands, it quickly becomes a logistics nightmare, particularly if your goods are physically sent months after the funding period has finished (backers changing address is THE biggest cause of returned parcels bar-none).

Rather than tackle this potentially monumental task ourselves - we've decided to bring dedicated experienced professionals into the fold to help us with the logistics -

They've had extensive experience serving the Kickstarter Project-Creator Community and ship quickly and accurately so that you get your gear on-time.

The second factor of late shipping is underestimation of effort/time to produce the rewards. Therefore, we've spent months collating worst-case scenarios from suppliers to derive a conservative time estimate that we're confident in meeting.

2. Project Cost Underestimation

Sometimes, project creators don't have a clear understanding of the financial side of things and raise insufficient funds to bring their ideas to reality.

We've had significant experience with the financial side of running our own business for more than 5 years and all the numbers are based on months of detailed research into how much it will actually cost to get the Nomad into your hands.

If the project funds - you WILL get your Nomad!

3. Lack of Expertise

Sometimes, project creators try to do too much themselves despite their knowledge gaps to save a few dollars...we think this is a costly long-term mistake.

We believe that if we bring in domain experts, they make our product offering much more solid and help us to establish a high level of quality.

We're in this for the long haul and our industrial design partners (D+I - one of Australia's leading ID firms), manufacturing and outsourcing experts (ChinaDirect) and our logistics team (Swish) allow us to concentrate on what we love and do great new products for creatives and remain relatively stress free!

4. Manufacture quality delays.

One of the key points of the Nomad brand is quality, so we have drafted in place contractual agreements outlining quality checking procedures.

Because of the significant cost of quality checking, they will be done primarily in the middle of production and at the end, in order to catch the majority of quality defects while still keeping production costs, and thus the product price for consumers, reasonable.

Of course, there is a risk that upon manufacturing completion, corrections may need to take place, and the Nomads will be return to be re-aligned to specification.

In this case, unfortunately there may be a slight delay as to when the product can be shipped to our warehouse, but I'm sure you'll agree that a slightly delayed yet high quality product is preferable to a timely but flawed one.

We will obviously do all that we can to minimize this occurrence (legal contracts and ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures in place), but if it does happen, we will keep all our backers informed of the process every step of the way.

If there are any other areas of worry on your mind, please feel free to query us! We'll endeavor to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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  • No, there are already many excellent and affordable tripods in the creative marketplace.

    Developing our own would have been prohibitively expensive and bring very little specialised value to the marketplace, unnecessarily driving up production costs and risk.

    I can recommend Manfrotto as professional level tripods, and Velbon tripods for more affordable alternatives - I have one of each and they fantastic.

    Last updated:
  • 30cm x 35cm x 7cm


    11.8in x 13.8in x 2.8in

    Last updated:
  • No, the Companion is a very heavy piece of equipment, too large and significantly more expensive than any other product that would otherwise go into the Nomad.

    From a user experience stand point, I would have to significantly alter the form factor and function of the Nomad to accommodate the Companion.

    For those interested, I will be working on a product specifically for the Companion at some stage past the Kickstarter - I have one myself and would love extend it's portability.

    Last updated:
  • Approximately 3kg with tools and a pad.

    Last updated:
  • width: 26.67cm or 10.5in
    height: 30.48cm or 12.0in

    Last updated:
  • Not for the Kickstarter, but possibly in the future.

    Last updated:
  • Not for the Kickstarter, but possibly in the future.

    Last updated:
  • No, water-resistant is not the same as water-proof.

    Water-proofing is achieved by ultrasonically welding plastic panels together to create a watertight membrane - an extremely expensive undertaking that would likely triple or quadruple the price of the Nomad if used for it's manufacture.

    Water-resistance means that the item has a higher likelihood of keeping your possessions dry.

    The ballistic nylon covering the entire outer surface of the Nomad is not water-resistant and will absorb moisture, but the rubber backing behind it is water resistant to reduce the likelihood that any moisture will enter the internal compartments. The zips are also water resistant and has integrated water-resistant matte zip-tape covering.

    Together, they work to greatly minimise moisture entering the internal compartments and damaging your belongings and art - but is only a stop-gap measure between zipping up the Nomad and finding shelter.

    Last updated:


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    [CUSTOM NOMAD] You'll work with us to determine the external colors based on manufacturer's broad color selection, optional custom text (color and wording) to replace 'Nomad' and optional graphic emblem for your one-off Custom Nomad Satchel + two interchangeable strap boards + rewards 1 & 2 + BONUS: 1yr Membership to ($100 value) + Stretch Goal (if unlocked)! We reserve the right to reject custom text / emblems if copyrights or trademarks are infringed upon or represents Nomad in a derogatory manner - if you're in doubt, feel free to send us a query before you pledge.

    ***Custom Nomads are very time consuming, involved, expensive to do and thus will never be repeated again outside of the Kickstarter Campaign. This extreme exclusivity is reflected in their pricing.***

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