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£94,527 pledged of £195,000 goal
£94,527 pledged of £195,000 goal

What Happens Next?

Dearest Backers,

So we've reach the end of our Kickstarter campaign and we must thank-you so much for all your amazing support throughout the last 30 days. You are all incredible. It didn't end up the way we would have liked it but still we achieved an amazing amount of pledges and that is all thanks to you. For example did you know we are one of the top funded UK game Kickstarters ever!?

We may not have have won the battle but the war is not over yet!

The lack of US payments was a crucial factor in hurting our campaign. So we plan to relaunch the campaign later this year with a US account. Also a lot of you wanted to see some game footage so we are going to work on that too and come back stronger!

Of course we will need to call on your kind generosity once again - so we will be in touch!

We don't want to rely on Kickstarter to be able to contact you, so *please* connect with us on one of more of our channels:

We've created a mailing list you can sign up to here:

Also we still have our Facebook page here: and our twitter account @TheRealmGame

Speak soon and thanks once again!

The Realm Team


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    1. jorlinn on Linux on May 27, 2013

      What's it with all those creators wanting different channels to update us about a second run then Kickstarter itself.
      Subscribed to the mailing list, but this *should not be necessary!*
      If you have got all the backers on KS, why don't give an update on KS?
      Why push the backer to take yet another action to stay updated. It's asinine really.
      FB and Twitter are things I avoid.

    2. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on May 23, 2013

      I'll happily subscribe! A friend and I have been on the edge of our seats with this one, we absolutely love what you're doing being artsy types ourselves. This is just one of those projects that we really, really want to see happen. I think we were both enthralled by your world and characters, so I'll try to follow any news of this. And when your project comes back, we'll be some of your first backers! Good luck, folks!!

    3. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22
      on May 23, 2013

      @Pawel: it has to be another project. A project can not be 'Rebooted' nor continue where it left off.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    4. Missing avatar

      Ryan Ortega on May 22, 2013

      You will once again have my pledge when it is needed. It will be a travesty if a game such as The Realm won't see the light of day.

      I have subscribed to the mailing list, and my pledge will be waiting when the time comes.

      Good luck!

    5. Nick Tetlow on May 22, 2013

      I will definitely pledge again when you relaunch. Possibly more than I did this time.

    6. Paweł K. on May 22, 2013

      Don't give up!
      If it will be another account, please post an update here about kickstarter relauch.

    7. Jayna Pavlin
      on May 22, 2013

      good luck, I know I will keep an eye out for the relaunch.

    8. Amy Worrall on May 22, 2013

      Good luck with your relaunch. I wouldn't suggest doing it too soon, wait a few months first.

      In terms of your pitch, I think some of the "We're not a game studio but decided to make a game" may have put some people off. That might have been mainly from the Guardian article.

      When I'm considering backing an adventure game, here's what I want to see:
      - Are the graphics awesome?
      - Are the puzzles hard enough, rather than just hidden object stuff?
      - Is the storyline engaging enough?

      Bonus points if you can convey those things in the text and images on the front page. I usually browse Kickstarter at work where I can't watch videos. (Obviously I did already back Realm, but I offer those suggestions just in case they are helpful for enticing other people to do so.)

      In particular, the line "We've taken out complicated inventory screens and obscure puzzles and replaced them with the streamlined interactivity and intuitive design now expected of modern games." caused concern. Usually when people talk about toning down the obscure puzzles, it makes a game less enjoyable for me. It'd be good if on your relaunch, you clarify whether that means you're making more of a casual game, or it means something where you still have to use your head and can get stuck for hours before figuring it out (a good thing IMO!).

      I agree that if you can get some gameplay footage, that would really help. Put it front and centre: I'd make the first half of the main video contain gameplay footage (with commentary). Also, don't forget to put screenshots showing a full game UI onto the project page — showing the UI, even if it's a prototype, makes the game look much more fleshed out than just showing artwork, lovely though the artwork is.

    9. Christian on May 22, 2013

      Please do rely on Kickstarter to reach me. I don't like these other channels and I would hate not to be an early backer on your second campaign, too, and help it to get early momentum.

    10. HanoverFiste on May 22, 2013

      I'm looking forward to your next attempt. Parroting Zachary's comment - this looks to be a beautiful game.



    11. xlynx on May 22, 2013

      Please wait until other adventure kickstarters have delivered before relaunching. I'm feeling major market saturation.... also AR-K looks doubtful to get funding during its second campaign.

      Please contact us here and leave the mailing list for those interested in intermediate developments.

    12. TheChosenOne on May 22, 2013

      I also can't help but think some people are turned off by the pounds instead of dollars. Maybe not much difference but just what I feel.

    13. CS on May 22, 2013

      Thanks for the insights regarding US vs. UK projects.

      Best regards,

    14. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22
      on May 22, 2013

      @Christoph: it would seem some credit cards only work with Amazon payments, which this project cannot use. Also, backers seem deterred by the fact they cannot use said Amazon payments, but must give up their details and yet another venue, and thus hold back on funding this project.
      I echo the sentiments thus far a Kickstarter update is the best (and first) way to go for a relaunch. Facebook is unusable for me for this goal. My Twitter is crowded enough as it is, for the time I can spend on there, so that's a no-go too. Just out of principle I will not sign up to the mailing list.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    15. Dermott
      on May 22, 2013

      US backers can pay via amazon (no CC needed).. this campaign is UK and that means you can only pay if you own a credit card... that is a HUGE difference. I think with US support this game would have been easily funded. /sad

    16. CS on May 22, 2013

      In what way does the US/UK account distinction influence the fundraising? I thought participiants from either realm (see what I did there?) could back projects? I'm in neither realm and can back US and UK projects?! Or do you think people ar scared by the pound sign? :-)

    17. Michael Hartmann
      on May 22, 2013

      Good luck on your next attempt. I will be back for it.

      But you should absolutely send a Kickstarter update when you relaunch the campaign. You can instantly reach 3384 backers this way. Not everyone will sign up for the mailing list. Not everyone uses Facebook. But we are all here on Kickstarter waiting for the relaunch.

    18. TheChosenOne on May 22, 2013

      I only jumped in for £1 but I am looking forward to a realunch. Do an update on this KS when you run a new KS. You got 3k+ backers ready.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ereinion on May 22, 2013

      Too bad it didn't work. I've signed up to the mailing list and will certainly be back for round two!

    20. ET3D on May 22, 2013

      Please do update us over Kickstarter, at least when it comes to announcing the next Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zachary Cohn on May 22, 2013

      We'll get there next time. The game is too beautiful and elegant not to be loved.

    22. MassiveDisturb on May 22, 2013

      First I was like
      Then I was like
      I will certainly be back when you guys start it up again.
      Good luck!