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£94,527 pledged of £195,000 goal
£94,527 pledged of £195,000 goal

Mini Update

We were featured on BBC News this morning - check it out!


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    1. Sir Jordi
      on May 22, 2013

      bad BBC :(

    2. John Ingalls on May 22, 2013

      I concur with Mr. Comley. Sad to see this campaign go without funding, but hope you keep pushing! I'd gladly back again.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Comley on May 21, 2013

      Looks like this will be unfunded this round. Keep us on email, though. When y'all come back, we'll be here.

    4. Nian on May 21, 2013

      People who killed the look of the game will now be no wiser. No mention of the game title, that it's on kickstarter, nor that it's going to be more than a mini game. Sadly, unlikely to bring in more pledges. :( Pitty, I bet you did mention those things, but you got heavily cut. BBC doesn't give fee advertising anymore.

    5. Rinu on May 21, 2013

      Great addition :).

    6. jorlinn on Linux on May 21, 2013

      Yes, a missed opportunity right there.

    7. When I do, you won't know. on May 21, 2013

      I had the same thoughts as Rob and Steve.

    8. Stavros Tsiakalos on May 21, 2013

      Great to be on BBC. It might give this a nice push :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Christoph on May 21, 2013

      Uh come on guys (Steve and Rob) - it was a BBC = mainstream report, you say anything to get into something like that and thats absolutely okay for me...
      What really matters is that The Realm looks like a very promising game and i am raising my pledge right now...
      Hmm, but maybe, just maybe you could start talking about alternatives - you know, if you miss the target... any chance you can realize that project nevertheless? (yes, i will pledge again!!)
      Keep it up and good luck (maybe you can pull an angel investor or something out of your pockets last minute?)...

    10. Steve van Weelij on May 21, 2013

      I don't think this interview has put you in a positive spotlight.

      First, the title calls it a 'cheap game'. Which give the feeling of a game that is not worth noticing.

      After that, you yourself said that this is actually a game just to get yourself some reputation, and THEN create a good game. Thefck?

    11. xlynx on May 21, 2013

      Let me get this straight, you see tablets only as a platform for simple games, and a way to get the console companies to notice you? This attitude seems to screw over both tablet and PC users.

      Also are you saying The Realm is an example of this, or was that just poor editing by the BBC?

    12. Bryan Kwiatkowski on May 21, 2013

      That was an interesting little piece. Unfortunately no mention of this Kickstarter campaign, so it probably won't generate more supporters. Most of it stated the obvious.

      "Games are expensive to make so developers are focusing on smaller titles."