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Alchemical Crystal Quest is a cooperative, narrative board game, with fantasy miniatures!
Alchemical Crystal Quest is a cooperative, narrative board game, with fantasy miniatures!
1,641 backers pledged $143,302 to help bring this project to life.

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Update Bat Cup.

Posted by MysticalGames (Creator)
Dear friends:

As we announced yesterday, our new Kickstarter campaign has just started for the Bat Cup racing game. Here you have the link. We hope you like it! 

Many thanks!!


Queridos Amigos:

Como os anunciamos ayer, acaba de dar comienzo nuestra nueva campaña de Kickstarter para el juegode carreras Bat Cup. Os dejamos el enlace a continuación. Esperamos que os guste!

Muchas gracias!!


Update 26 ACQ.

Posted by MysticalGames (Creator)
Dear friends:

Finally, we can announce that all the games have been sent. It is likely that some of you have not received it yet, either for the country where you reside, for any incident that occurred during the shipment, or for having resolved the payment of the shipment after the end of the pledge manager. In any of these cases, you should not worry, as we continue working to resolve the situations of each of these shipments. Keep in mind that all incidents are being addressed and that those that have not yet been addressed will be made soon.

If you need anything, please contact us directly at

English rules corrections and round summary sheet: 

We have completed the correction of the English rules, thanks to our friend Terry Rea. In the link that you will find below, you can download the pdf. We know that some of you would have liked to have the corrected version printed. We also would like it too, but we sincerely tell you that it has been impossible for us to make these printed versions. With all the unforeseen expenses that arose during the production of Alchemical, and being a small company, we do not have the sufficient resources to carry it out. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we hope that the pdf is to your liking. Also, and with the help of our friend Carles Neira, we put at your disposal a round summary sheet, so that you find it easier to assimilate the mechanics for the first time. These sheets are in Spanish and English, although we hope to have the summary sheets in French and German very soon. We hope you like them.  



On the other hand, we want to announce that we are finally going to carry out a new Kickstarter campaign, tomorrow July 3rd at 21:00 (CEST), 15:00 (GTM-4), for our Bat Cup racing game. We tell you that it is a racing game, from 2 to 4 players, in which, in addition to trying to win the race, we will try to destroy the car of our adversaries. Here we show you some images. We hope you like it!! Tomorrow we will update again to show you the link to the campaign where you can see the game in more detail.


Queridos Amigos:

Por fin podemos anunciar que todos los juegos han sido enviados. Es probable que alguno de vosotros no lo hayáis recibido aún, ya sea por el país en el que se resida, por alguna incidencia ocurrida durante el envío, o por haber resuelto el pago del envío fuera del plazo de finalización del pledge manager. En cualquiera de estos casos, no debéis preocuparos, ya que continuamos trabajando para resolver las situaciones de cada uno de estos envíos. Tened en cuenta que todas las incidencias están siendo atendidas, y que las que no han sido atendidas todavía, se atenderán en breve. 

Si necesitáis cualquier cosa, por favor, contactad con nosotros directamente en

Hoja de resumen de turno:

Con la ayuda de nuestro amigo Carles Neira, ponemos a vuestra disposición una hoja de resumen de ronda de juego, para que os resulte más sencillo asimilar las mecánicas de una ronda por primera vez.  Esperamos que os guste:


Por otro lado, queremos anunciar que finalmente vamos a realizar una nueva campaña de Kickstarter, mañana día 3 de Julio a las 21:00 (CEST), 15:00 (GTM-4),  para nuestro juego de carreras Bat Cup. Os contamos que es un juego de carreras, de 2 a 4 jugadores, en el que, además de intentar llegar los primeros a la meta, trataremos de destruir el coche de nuestros adversarios. Aquí os mostramos unas imágenes. Esperamos que os guste!! Mañana actualizaremos de nuevo para mostraros en enlace a la campaña y podáis ver el juego con más detalle. 


Update 25 ACQ.

Posted by MysticalGames (Creator)
Dear friends:

We continue with shipments. Yesterday we finished sending all the packages to France. Thus, French backers who have not yet received the game, will do so between today and next Tuesday, approximately.

On the other hand, our intention is to finish sending all the games, during the month of May, so next week we will continue with the shipments to Germany, and after them, for the rest of the countries that are still to be sent.

Remember that if you have any incidence, you have to write to indicating your Kickstarter nick, name and address, to streamline the process.

We will attend each of the incidences. You have to take into account that we will send the possible incidences by grouping several of them, so do not worry if we delay answering, be sure that each and every one of them will be sent.

We continue working very hard to finish as soon as possible. We thank you again for your patience.

Thank you very much!

Mystical Games.

Queridos Amigos:

Continuamos con los envíos. Ayer terminamos de enviar todos los paquetes con destino a Francia. Así pues, los patrocinadores Franceses que no hayan recibido aun el juego, lo harán entre hoy y el próximo martes, aproximadamente. 

Por otro lado, nuestra intención es acabar de enviar todos los juegos, durante el mes de Mayo, por lo que la próxima semana continuaremos con los envíos a Alemania, y tras ellos, para el resto de países que quedan por enviar.

Recordad que si tenéis cualquier incidencia, debéis escribirnos a indicando vuestro nick de Kickstarter, nombre y dirección, para agilizar el proceso.

Vamos a atender a cada una de las incidencias. Debéis tener en cuenta que realizaremos los envíos de las posibles incidencias agrupando varias de ellas, por lo que no os preocupéis si tardamos en contestaros, tened por seguro que se enviarán todas y cada una de ellas.

Seguimos trabajando muy duro para acabar cuanto antes. Os damos de nuevo las gracias por vuestra paciencia. 

Muchas gracias!

Mystical Games.

 We want to show a great project from our friends in Eclipse Editorial, now on Kickstarter:

Skull Tales: Full Sail! is an adventure pirate board game with miniatures. Set sail on the Southern Lady and explore the beautiful Caribbean sea, ripe with fearsome enemies and amazing treasures. Fame and fortune await you! Skull Tales, created by David Illescas, is a semi-cooperative game for 1-5 players aged 14 and up. The approximate playing time in Campaign Mode is between 60-90 minutes for one scenario and about 150 minutes for a complete chapter (Voyage, Adventure, and Port). The game also includes 52 miniatures - not counting stretch goals!

Update 24 ACQ.

Posted by MysticalGames (Creator)
Dear friends,

Some of you are letting us know that the translation in English is not the expected one and that it is not correct. We hired a person who told us that she was native. After receiving the translation, we realized that it was a very bad translation, and for this, we hired another person (also native), who repeated the work. With the bad experience of the first translation, we trust in the second. And now, when the native people read it, it is when they realize that the second translation is not totally correct. That is why we are working again on translation. Now we have the help of two new people, who we know for sure that they are native, since one of them is a game designer (English) and the other person is a collaborator (Canadian). After making the necessary corrections, we will make the rules and the updated adventures available to all of you.  

We apologize, since this is a big blow, it makes us very sad, and it messes up our game, to which we have dedicated so much effort for so many years, and we are not going to let anyone spoil our work.

In a short time we will also put at your disposal a FAQ and a quick reference of game turn, so that at least, you can start playing as soon as possible, while we carry out the correction work.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope that, even if we have made mistakes as beginners we are, we will learn all this to improve as much as we can.

Thank you very much,

Mystical Games.

Update 23 ACQ.

Posted by MysticalGames (Creator)

Dear friends:

We inform you of the status of shipments.

Currently, all the games from Spain have left our warehouse and have been delivered to Spanish backers. If someone has not received the game, you will receive it shortly, as some incidents have occurred with the delivery of a few games. For any defect or lack of component, please write to and we will attend the incidents as soon as possible and in order of arrival.

Regarding the games in Europe, we are currently preparing them and carrying out the fulfillment of the different countries (we are currently working in France). Carrying out the preparation of the packages is taking quite some time, so we ask you a little patience since this work is only carried out by 2 people. So, in the coming weeks, you will be receiving the games.  

Regarding games from the USA, Canada, and South America, the games began to be sent yesterday, according to the logistics company, so the backers of these countries will begin to receive the games in the coming days. For any incident, it is very important that you send us an email to since it is the way by which we will assist you more quickly. We are preparing some frequently asked questions to help as much as possible, which will be available very soon. We will notify you as soon as we have them.  

It is important to note that there are still backers who have not filled in the data of the pledge manager, and therefore have not paid for the shipment. These backers will see an increase in the cost of their shipments, since several months have passed since the closing of the pledge manager, and have sent reminder emails constantly (backerkit sends them automatically), in many cases there has been no response, so that the games of these people are in Spain, and therefore, they have lost the "friendly" shipping condition, since these games have not traveled to the corresponding countries.  

We know that the complete process of the shipments is being long, but we want you to know that we are working as fast as we can. For what we already asked, and we ask you again for a little patience. 

 Thank you very much!  

Mystical Games.

Queridos amigos:

Os informamos del estado de los envíos. 

Actualmente, todos los juegos de España han salido de nuestros almacenes y se han entregado a los backers españoles. Si alguno no ha recibido el juego, lo recibirá en breve, ya que han ocurrido algunas incidencias con las entregas de unos pocos juegos. Para cualquier defecto o falta de componente, por favor, escribidnos a y atenderemos las incidencias lo antes posible y por orden de llegada.

Respecto a los juegos de Europa, actualmente se están preparando y realizando el fullfilment de los diferentes países (actualmente trabajamos en Francia). Realizar la preparación de los paquetes está llevando bastante tiempo, por lo que os pedimos un poco de paciencia, ya que este trabajo sólo lo realizamos 2 personas. Así pues, en las próximas semanas iréis recibiendo los juegos. 

Respecto a los juegos de USA, Canadá y America del Sur, los juegos comenzaron a enviarse ayer, según la empresa de logística, por lo que los patrocinadores de dichos países comenzarán a recibir los juegos en los próximos días. Para cualquier incidencia, es muy importante que nos remitáis un email a, ya que es la vía por la que os atenderemos de forma más rápida. 

Estamos preparando unas preguntas frecuentes para ayudar en todo lo posible, que estarán disponibles muy pronto. Os avisaremos en cuanto las tengamos.

Es importante señalar que aun hay patrocinadores que no han rellenado los datos del pledge manager, y por lo tanto no han pagado el envío de sus recompensas. Estos patrocinadores verán incrementado el importe de sus envíos, ya que han pasado varios meses desde el cierre del pledge manager, y habiendo enviado correos electrónicos de recordatorio constantemente (backerkit los envía de forma automática), en muchos casos no ha habido respuesta, por lo que los juegos de dichas personas están en España, y por lo que, por lo tanto, han perdido la condición de envío “friendly”, al no haber viajado a los países correspondientes.

Sabemos que el proceso completo de los envíos está siendo largo, pero queremos que sepáis que estamos trabajando todo lo rápido que podemos. Por lo que ya os pedimos, y os volvemos a pedir un poco de paciencia. 

Muchas gracias!

Mystical Games.

Dear Friends, we want to show a new and great project from our friends in Boom Box Board Games:

MegaMetroCity is an old School Beat´em up Board Game. It is co-operative, for 1 to up to 4 players, and games typically last between 45 and 90 minutes.

We will launch our Kickstarter campaign next week, on Tuesday 24th at 15:00 EST. And we are counting on your support!

There will be a first 24 hours early bird where you will be able to get the core box for 84$ dollars and all the Stretch Goals that get unlocked.

MegaMetroCity is one of the largest cities on the planet, with poor slum areas left forsaken. Years after being forced to leave the city, Jack and Travis, the McClane brothers, are back in their childhood district. Only to find it ruled by a gang called the Bloody Chains. Now with the help of their old friends, they will make those scoundrels bite the dust.

The core box will include 54 miniatures, 148 cards, 12 reversible modular tiles, 119 tokens, 10 ten-sided dice and more.

If you want to know more and stay up to date, check our website:

Here you have the Kickstarter campaign:

Good luck!!

Queridos Amigos. Hoy os queremos mostrar un nuevo e increíble proyecto, de nuestros amigos de Boom Box Board Games:

MegaMetroCity es un juego de mesa Beat 'em up de la vieja escuela. Es cooperativo, de 1 a 4 jugadores, y las partidas suelen durar de 45 a 90 minutos.

Lanzaremos nuestra campaña de Kickstarter la semana que viene, el martes 24 a las 21:00 hora peninsular. ¡Y contamos con vuestro apoyo!

Habrá un early bird las primeras 24 horas donde podréis conseguir la caja básica por 84$ (unos 68€) y todas las Stretch Goals que se desbloqueen.

MegaMetroCity es una de las mayores ciudades del planeta, con suburbios pobres dejados a su suerte. Años después de haber tenido que abandonarlo, los hermanos Jack y Travis McClane vuelven al barrio donde crecieron. Solo para encontrarlo dominado por una banda llamada los Bloody Chains. Ahora con la ayuda de sus viejos amigos harán que esos bribones muerdan el polvo.

La caja básica incluirá 54 miniaturas, 148 cartas, 12 losetas de tablero modulares (por las dos caras), 119 tokens, 10 dados de diez caras y más.

Si quieres saber más y estar al día, echa un ojo a nuestra web:

Aquí tenéis el enlace a la campaña de Kickstarter:

Mucha suerte!!