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Dawn, is an attractive and powerful being of technology. She protects the galaxy from a faceless terror named "The Virus".
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Are we on Track? These are the details.

Posted by Eldon Harris (Creator)

Rewards & Progress

I wanted to post an update and address any questions about rewards and our progress.

1) Can we finish the comic/manga this November as the rewards indicate?

- The short answer is Yes. The story and art will be finished. That is 50 pages for issue #1 of Omni Link. However, there are more questions about the issue below.

[Dawn Concept Art]
[Dawn Concept Art]

What would keep us from releasing it?

- This is the first time we've done this, and because of the quality we are aiming for, we are hopeful an investor or studio may be interested in representing us. As I mention in the "Risks and Challenges" section... If this happens we may be at the mercy of that representative. This would be great for the project though it may delay it's release.

- Another thing is the "Jump's Universal Manga Contest" coming up. Viz studio gave me a nice reminder that I should enter :) It says that entries must not have released their Manga commercially and there are a few other rules I must follow. I've considered that maybe all the Kickstarter backers will be the focus group for the Omni Link manga. That only you will get to read it first before it's submitted to the contest.

Other things that would keep you from releasing it?

Not able to find an editor, or needs an extra month for polish. Nothing serious that wouldn't be worth the extra wait. There is always sickness and emergencies that happen too :(

Is this Omni Link game going to be released this year?

That's also on track to be released this year. I'm eager to just get this Kickstarter over and get back to full time work on it and the Manga. The game is already on Steam and has a really nice chunk of the story to play. So I will be able to give you Steam keys the moment the Kickstarter ends.

What about the songs?

They are already recorded and the "Queen of Midnight" song has never been released. I may want to re-record them or change something up about them. It was all done at home, so I'd like to have access to professional recording software. If I end up getting enough funding to hire a Japanese singer, I may wait to give you the songs when that is recorded too.

[SONG LYRICS] - Kickstarter video misses a verse

"Love is Pretend"

Pretend. To love don't know the rules.
I've kept you at a distance. Alone.
For one who has never known what it means to love.
Will you see me through, or is it just pretend.

I tell myself. It's all a lie. There can be no reason why.
But then my lies... became the truth.

...can't calm my beating heart...
Selfishly taking all you give, and giving none.
But this is so real as time now stands still.
For someone who has never known love, and says it's just pretend.

You brought me close. A place to start.
I hesitate and pull apart.
A damaged soul that calls for proof.

I'll trust the love I feel inside.
I won't let fate decide.
I take a step, and now I'm yours.

You hold me close. I hear your heart.
I dedicate a brand new start.
Together now, we are not alone.

And I know it's not pretend
And I know it's not pretend
And I know it's not pretend

And I know it's not pretend
And I know it's not pretend
And I know it's not pretend

It's real

(copyright 2016 Roencia Game Creators)

"What an interesting coincidence that we have an Eclipse coming up this month. I didn't know anything about that when I started writing Omni Link last year, or this song. The sun and moon represent an important theme in the story."

"Queen of Midnight"

I come to you,
for I have a secret to share.
I hide from view.
Do you have a reason to care?

The sun and moon both give out light.
Yet I'm the one to brave the night.
It's time to soar to a new height.
A losing battle's worth a fight.

My eyes tear up,
and with tears my vision's gleaming.
You brightly rise up,
the skies are slowly clearing.

The sun and moon both give out light.
Although I never shine as bright
How can this moment be so right.
I am the queen of midnight.

I leaned into your arms, when we kissed... it was transforming.
You're the one that doesn't mind, that I glow... ever so softly.

The sun and moon both want to gaze at you... it's a longing.
It wasn't meant to be, will you choose... the Dawn of the morning.

(copyright 2017 Roencia Game Creators)

What's in the next update?

I'll have something fun for you next time that should shed some light on the futuristic settings and elements that I'm creating for the story. See you soon!


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