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A New Edition of the rulebook for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes (MSPE) a modern role playing game by Michael Stackpole.
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    1. Martini_Man on

      Will the shirt be on your Cafepress store or were you going to be selling it directly?

    2. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      PS: It MUST have a shirt pocket for a derringer disguised as a yo-yo.

    3. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      In today's paranoid world of unintended bullies, perhaps a t-shirt that threatens to kill you is no longer safe - though it is funny.

      I'll toss in more suggestions, in the hopes it will encourage more suggestions. Though I LOVE "RPG's Greatest Secret." Here yam more in that vein:

      "What's Your Clearance?"

      "Here's lookin' at you."

      "Bomb. Jane Bomb."

    4. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Our t-shirts are silk screened with one or two colors so we can't do the cover painting as a t-shirt at this time.

    5. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Yeah my memory of it was that it was a green shirt and the diamond MSPE logo was printed on it in white. I thought I still had one, but couldn't find it. My thought is to still use the diamond logo but also add some of Kucharski's art and a catchy phrase on it. maybe "MSPE: the greatest rpg you never heard of." or If I told you about it, I'd have to kill you." or "RPG's Greatest Secret" Let me know what you think,or if you have other suggestions for a catch phrase,

    6. Michael Gene Pritchard on

      I forget the old one but the cover art would be a great shirt.

    7. Martini_Man on

      Someone made a comment about it being the logo with the diamond, not the logo as it appears on the cover. That sounds right to me... as best my failing memory will allow.

    8. Martini_Man on

      wow - very cool about the t-shirt. I don't have a picture but as I recall, it was just the logo, "Mercenary, Spies, and Private Eyes" like it appears on the cover of the book. It was silkscreened black (no color) and my shirt was green - I don't know if there were other colors or not. I picked it up at a gaming con in Dallas in the early '80s.
      Mind you, while I'm nostalgic for that old shirt, a color logo on anything-but-green t-shirt would be welcome, IMO.