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A New Edition of the rulebook for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes (MSPE) a modern role playing game by Michael Stackpole.
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    1. Dwight Fidler on

      I should note that if I thought I could write such adventures, I wouldn't be asking for it. It's my lack of skill at writing effective mysteries that leaves me wanting. Some of my favourite sessions have been mysteries (written by someone else - like The Melford Murder) but they're hard to find.

      Supplemental material is easy and good adventures are the heart of any RPG.

    2. Dwight Fidler on

      @Steven Yeah, that's been your response to my suggestions. Possibly because the things I'm looking for are those paths less travelled. Perhaps no one else considers the PI side nor remembers the heyday of the Ghostbusters RPG. I have both Mugshots, Rajallapor, IdentAKit1 and Stormhaven from the bag that was tossed in with the Sleuth MS&PI. Mugshots 2 has a little solo, a pile of NPCs and some maps. I haven't read the solitaire yet.

      Likely more people want Millennium's End style with Cthulhu here and there.

      The success of this RPG with my groups will be on the PI side. Humour can come naturally and doesn't need to be artificially injected if that bothers some however puns are always most welcome.

      If I want to run Mercenaries I have access to adventures from Millenium's End, Recon, etc. If I want Cthulhu, there's tons of that. Spies? All the James Bond material. PI stuff is harder to come by as is modernizing all of that. Things have changed somewhat in how deployed contractors work in security for private and government (although social engineering is the primary means). Few have touched on that. That's my opinion and reasoning. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Lyal Clough on

      Cold War
      Victorian Era
      Napoleonic Era (including Congress of Vienna)

    4. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      @Dwight: You are one of the first to ask for that combination of PI & Humor! Mugshots 2 actually has some of that built in. I'm sure you could easily adjust that to make it work the way you are thinking. There are a lot of oddball characters in that adventure that could be played for laughs. Check that out if you haven't already. We'll be putting it on Drive-thru in the near future, but you can buy the printed version.

    5. Dwight Fidler on

      Mostly I'd like to see adventure scenarios for current day making use of the Private Eye part of the game. It can be mystery, cosmic terror, whatever but modern day PI firm like Simon & Simon.

      Secondary, things like Blackeagle from Millennium's End would work (made modern - 20 years later).

      Note: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels that the movie was loosely based on would make a superior source than the movie itself.

      So for me, it's about exploring the PI aspect of the game set in 2019-2020. Humour also works like Don Knotts and Tim Conway in "The Private Eyes."

    6. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Only 3 days left! Can we get to $25K so we can give all of you who bought books a free MSPE Poster? Spread the word and tell your friends!

    7. Braden Hill

      I’ve been waiting for something like this, a poster of one of the coolest covers of all time. Maybe I missed it somewhere, apologies if so, but what exactly is the size of the poster?

    8. William Mize on

      I'd like to see you create a place like Chaosium's Miskatonic Repository or D&D's DM Guild where folks could create their own MSPE scenarios or campaigns to sell.

    9. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      It's great to read all the suggestions for genre's and eras for future MSPE adventures! Lots of terrific ideas here!

    10. Stuart Helm on

      I'm interested in adventures around WW2 and the cold war (US civil war maybe? Pre-WW2 conflict in the 1930's like in Raiders of the Lost Ark?, or other conflict that people are familiar with). The key feature of these is that they remove modern technology. In today's age, you can call the general in DC and get clarification, but when you are on the other side of the world, prior to 1980, phone calls are monitored and communication may even come in telegrams. That disconnect is what puts the characters "on their own". Thanks for asking!

    11. Richard Loomis 9-time creator on

      Peter: Just added "extra copies of the poster $5 each". Or you can always buy a second book. One poster with each book!

    12. Peter Hildreth on

      Thank you for this stretch goal. I agree that it was one of the best RPG cover ever. It was a long time ago, but I am pretty sure that cover grabbed my attention and pushed me to buy it. Since you're printing them, will it be available as an add-on if you bought the book or would I need to buy a second book?

    13. Luigi Castellani on

      ... Cyberpunk sci-fi is probably what I like best

    14. Luigi Castellani on

      Settings I'd like to see:
      Pulp (including horror mysteries)
      Cyberpunk/near future Sci-fi

    15. Marcin Segit on

      Cold War or Wasteland-ish postapo adventures would be great. :)

    16. Venron

      Steampunk (ala Girl Genius) FTW! Good to see you here, Steve!

    17. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      @3rik de: That's a very good question! I think we will try to give 1 poster with each book ordered, but let me double-check that with All-Father Rick Loomis before I confirm that.

    18. 3rik de πrik on

      I pledged for two softcover books with a fellow gamer. Will this pledge level include two posters if we make it to the stretch goal?

      As for adventures, I'd like some globetrotting pulpy treasure hunt, either retro (Tintin) or present-day (Uncharted).

    19. Paul Emerson on

      I would love to do some romanticist gaming, so I would readily go for Pulp or Steampunk, OSS/OSR-style adventures. Does anyone remember Millennium's End (I have all the books and materials, I'm just seeing if anyone else does)? I would love some late-70s to mid-90s action, as well. I actually began building a campaign for it a few years ago, political intrigue and how it affects private sector operators, but I got the big outlines done and nothing else, and I've not worked on it in a decade. :)

    20. Charles E Miller

      wasteland or wasteland like solo adventure and or source book, good murder mystery solo would be cool, maybe 3 source books one for mercenaries, one for spies and one for private eyes.

    21. Angry Bunny on

      yes, some type of Victorian era would be nice. Not so much Cold War or Middle East.

    22. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      @Freddini - I'm partial to some kind of ramped up Victorian "steampunk" too. I know a lot of people didn't like "the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" movie, but I'd love to see something along those lines as an adventure or solo some day. Especially since we don't actually have an MSPE adventure that covers that period. We'll see what shows up...

    23. Missing avatar

      Freddini on

      I would like a Sherlock Holmes, Murdock's Mysteries Victorian era Steampunk Murder Mystery type of adventure. Maybe throw in Gothic elements ala Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, League of Extraordinary Gentleman type of setting.

    24. Scott Chisholm

      As for adventures, I'd pretty much purchase anything published. I do have a fascination with pulp adventure and pulp noir. Perhaps something Rainbow Six-ish could be fun.

    25. Robert Rosenthal on

      I am partial to both Sci-Fi & Steampunk.

      Also, I thought about making a joke about the wine colored bookmark ribbon, but decided to put a cork in it for now.

    26. Michael Welker on

      Amazing poster.

      May the pledges continue!

      And, yes, I will clean up my WW2 campaign for MSPE. Maybe send it in. Or chop it up for shorter bites. Either way, so awesome you all are doing this.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Stretch goal is $25,000 - We have 4 days left!

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Jarrell on

      Awesome! Can't wait to see the poster! What kind of adventures would I like to see? Oh, many genre's to choose from. I've always like post-Apocalypse, personally. Of a wide variety! Pulp is always great, too!

    30. Stefan Jones on


      What is the pledge level for the free poster stretch goal?

      (e.g., $24,000?)

    31. Missing avatar

      Jerry Nuckolls on

      I'd love to see some Cold War-era adventures, and also some pulp stuff. Modern Mercenary adventures would be great, also. Just my two cents.