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A New Edition of the rulebook for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes (MSPE) a modern role playing game by Michael Stackpole.
886 backers pledged $31,904 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      It's a nice suggestion - I'll inquire about the extra cost for that!

    2. Missing avatar

      snon on

      2 book ribbons in green&blue or orange&yellow may be a nice SG

    3. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      I have a few things to suggest to based on some of your comments. I'll go over them with Rick when he's free and we'll see what we can some up with!
      Don't worry - the fun ain't over yet!

    4. Missing avatar

      David H. on

      I'm on board with not having stretch goals! Thank you!!

    5. Richard Loomis 9-time creator on

      We could do that. Anyone in particular you'd like to see write an adventure? Problem with any reward that is not a book, is shipping to usa backers would be three or four times as much! $15 instead of $4. I'll try to come up with more stuff when I get home.

    6. Dalton Calford on

      I agree with Stefan, have the stretch goals be optional add-ons that we pay for to get vs freebies.
      Digital Freebies, that's up to you as your cost is lower.
      I would love for a new gm adventure stretch goal and would gladly pay extra for it.
      Reprints of the out of print stuff is good, More support material is great!
      MSPE themed mugs, t-shirts and or coarse, a version of Ken's hat is a must.

    7. Stefan Jones on

      Close to 200% funded!

      If you'll be set up for including them all as add-ons, come the survey, why not list all of the MSPE items available from FBI up front, on the campaign page?