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A New Edition of the rulebook for Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes (MSPE) a modern role playing game by Michael Stackpole.
886 backers pledged $31,904 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Only 3 days left! Can we get to $25K so we can give all of you who bought books a free MSPE Poster? Spread the word and tell your friends!

    2. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      We have now unlocked Mugshots: Case of the pacific Clipper written by Dave Arneson. Its a 77 page combination solo and gm adventure that takes place int he 1930s-1940's era. There's a secret Nazi base on a volcanic island and lots of characters ans intrigue Check out our latest Update for details

    3. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      @Stefan - We would have to sell over 200 copies to get a slight discount from the bookbinders. We would probably get a bigger one at 500, but I don't think we'll get to that number. Right now we are a little over 100 hardcovers you have all pledged for.

    4. Stefan Jones on

      Question for Steve or Rick:

      If pledges for the hardcover go gangbusters, would it be possible for the per-copy price to go down? You know, by hitting a number of copies that the printer can cut you a deal?

      I imagine these price break points are pretty high, but it is interesting to speculate.

    5. Brian Isikoff

      I might have two copies of Stormhaven in my collection, actually, and it is pretty awesome!

    6. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      @Brian: YES you can get Stormhaven as an add-on for $6 dollars. Its definitely worth it. Its over 50 pages has fold out maps and full color cardboard heroes. Plus it won the Origins award for best rpg adventure in 1984. Plus its written by Mike Stackpole, has art by Liz Danforth and I even did some of the maps...

    7. Brian Isikoff

      And in for the hardcover! Thank you!

    8. Robert Slaughter

      Will we be able to get the adventures as add-ons if we only want the softcover?

    9. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      It's $10 per name for Hardcover, $11 per name for Softcover. You get a $1 off as our thanks for buying the hardcover. And yes you can buy more than one name for the book. But you have to pay for each full name.

    10. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Ups, didn't update comments fast enough, sorry

    11. Missing avatar

      snon on

      For SC it's a 11$ perk difference, so why not offering listing backer name as add-on also?
      So all HC can have their name added and if someone wants more than one name listed he/she can add even more?

    12. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      UPDATE!! if you want to add your name in the book and you are buying a hardcover add $10 to the total whether you are buying the signed or unsigned version of the hardcover. ALSO for the record, the interiors of the hardback and the paperback are the same.

    13. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      Jussi - YES your name will be in the hardcover and the softcover. For now just get the basic or signed hard cover and we'll sort out what to do in terms of an extra charge for adding the names for the time being.

    14. Steven Crompton Collaborator on

      It will be a printed version of what is on drive-thru. Why mess with perfection? lol

    15. Jussi Myllyluoma


      Will you have hardcover version over the "name in lights" reward?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeff Eppenbach

      So, question on the Clipper: Is this going to be the same contents as the version on DriveThru now, or will it be getting "the treatment"?