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The team who created the classic role-playing game Tunnels & Trolls comes together again to make the finest edition yet.
1,638 backers pledged $125,440 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Richard Loomis (Creator)
Our friends: thank you again for your wonderful support. It seems every successful kickstarter calls their higher goals "stretch goals" but we like the word "milestones" better. We are on a trip together, and we get excited when we reach another marker.

The reason for milestones, of course, is primarily to get you, our backers, to remember to tell all your friends about this kickstarter. You know you are supposed to mention it on facebook, tweet about it on twitter, and discuss it in your blogs. I don't like it when I receive an email from someone who has just found out about my previous kickstarter for Ace of Aces and he or she is too late to get in on the rewards. We'd really like it if ALL our T&T fans had a chance to get in on this while it is still live, especially if they can still get in on the early bird rewards. 

Yes, the Early Bird rewards - when we set this up, we were hoping to get funded in the first week. (We never imagined it would fund in the first 36 hours!) So now we are going to give away over 600 Early Bird magnets, and Steve is committed to signing an unknown number of color maps. But anyone else who wants either or both of those has to pledge before the end of the day Thursday, January 10th. 

And an aside about that date: Kickstarter tells us what DATE you pledged, but not what TIME.  I honestly don't know whether they go by your time or my time. So to be safe, you really should tell your friends to pledge by Wednesday if they want to be sure to get the Early Bird rewards. 

Our first milestone was getting the project actually funded. Our second milestone, already achieved: an enthusiastic fan has purchased Ken's copy of T&T 1st Edition. So we are going to make a facsimile of that edition and include it for everyone who purchased a paperback or hardback copy of the new Deluxe T&T.  If we make our $50,000 milestone, Ken is going to write a solo adventure specifically for the 1st edition, and we will send a pdf of that adventure to all our backers. Plus Ken will include new spells in the spellbook that he has been dreaming up for the last couple days, and he will write a new section of the rulebook about using miniatures with T&T. 

Also, if (or rather, when) we make $50k, we will include in the Deluxe T&T rulebook an 8-page tip-in of color plates. This will be in all the rulebooks. I don't know for sure yet what will be in this, but I'm pretty sure it will include the old cover from the City of Terrors solitaire.

But wait! There's more!  When we make the $50k goal, Rick will recreate the famous "Official T&T Pencil - 1/2 Die Weapon When Sharpened". We will include one of these for everyone who has pledged $20 or more. 

We have been listening to your comments about wanting reprints of old adventures, and completion of adventures that were never completed. For our second milestone, if we reach $60k, we will reprint the City of Terrors solitaire adventure by Michael Stackpole, with the original cover (mentioned above) and we will send a pdf of this book to all our supporters. Plus we will reprint a new, updated version of Rick's Buffalo Castle solitaire, the very first solitaire adventure published for any role-playing game, and provide a pdf to all our supporters. 

If we reach $75k, we will include a second 8-page tip-in of color art, at least half of which will be new, previously unseen art. Plus we will include an 11x17 poster with the art from the City of Terrors cover to everyone who has ordered Bjorni's Map of Trollworld (we'll mail them together). And we will reprint Ken's first solitaire adventure, Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon, and include a pdf of it to every backer. 

If we go higher than that, we'll come up with some more!


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    1. Richard Loomis 8-time creator on

      T.A. : Ken plans to put in the rules a section about using minis with T&T. But creating special minis just for T&T will probably require a special kickstarter just for that project. I'm afraid it is more than we think we can handle right now! And yes, we think T&T is ideal for a game to play with your son. ;)

    2. T.A. Donnelly

      I never played the original T&T (please don't remove me from your list of backers when I say I was a D&D man!) but I'm looking for a game to play with my son, and this looks ideal - I'm very excited about this project... I love the idea (already mooted below) of some T&T minis - any plans?

    3. Venron

      Good to know about the rulebook. I was going through my T&T collection, and I have 1-17 of the solo adventures, 1 & 3 of the pocket adventures, the box from a box set, but I can't find my rule book anywhere (not sure why I would have put it somewhere other than with all my other T&T stuff). My stuff is all from the early 80's. I will probably find it stuffed in a box somewhere, as I have moved a few times since then.

    4. Richard Loomis 8-time creator on

      yes, that's what we have in mind.

    5. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Thanks for the clarification

      So everyone who choose to get a Rulebook-PDF, will also get the 1st,
      but if he wants a printed version also, he must choose the soft/hardcover Tier/Option?

    6. Richard Loomis 8-time creator on

      ekulnah: the plan is to make pdfs of everything, and to include everything in the pdfs, unless something makes that impossible.

    7. Missing avatar

      snon on

      facsimile of 1st edition
      this will be a printed version only or is there a chance, that you will include it as PDF also?

      8-page tip-in of color plates - these are also included in the PDF-Version?

    8. Mike Jarvis on

      You could well be right, but other people have mentioned the thought, so hopefully it's at least worth a discussion. :-)

    9. Jerry Teleha on

      I would imagine the cost of sculpting and producing a unique line of miniatures would be unrealistic for the scope of what this KS is all about. Great if it could happen, but doubtful that it is feasible for the cost it would incur.

      Just my 2 cents - I love miniatures as much as anyone else.

    10. Mike Jarvis on

      With Ken possibly doing a section on miniatures in T&T then I'd love to see some official T&T miniatures be considered. I did buy some of the originals back in, when was it? 1978? But sadly I never bought the 'Long-Eared Cave Troll'? It was just too expensive for my schoolboy income. Please give a new range some thought.

    11. David Nielson on

      Great stretch goals. Very excited about the new section in the rulebook on using miniatures with T&T and new spells are always welcome. Thanks!

    12. Marc Kevin Hall

      Since I already have the second through fifth editions, getting a facsimile of the first will be great! I have a copy of the "Tunnels & Trolls Supplement" ready to go with it, too.

      I can't really explain why, but it does my heart good to see this project doing so well. I can't wait to see what will happen when you hit $100k. And $200k!