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$16,411 pledged of $25,000 goal
By Inn Lee
$16,411 pledged of $25,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Valente
      on November 7, 2016

      I'd back a relaunch too

    2. Missing avatar

      Jared Tan on September 17, 2016

      Relaunch!!! I will support you all the way

    3. K
      on September 14, 2016

      Relaunch please

    4. Jorge Barata on September 10, 2016

      Hope for a relaunch, will definitely follow you again <3 Please contact us!

    5. Ammar Mohammed
      on September 8, 2016

      sad news

    6. Joosep Vaikma
      on September 8, 2016

      Also hoping for a relaunch.

    7. coll
      on September 8, 2016

      Sorry to hear it didn't get funded this time around. I really liked your idea and it looks so stylish. stylish. Hopefully you will do a relaunch, i'd still back you. all the best.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrea Ingrassia on September 8, 2016

      I believe in your idea try again

    9. Ali Fahmi on September 8, 2016

      I'm so sorry to this didn't get funded. :/
      Please notify me in case this product is made into real product. Still interested, anyway.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dielle on September 7, 2016

      I'm sorry this didn't get funded. :/

    11. Missing avatar

      Abel M Tadele on September 6, 2016

      i don't think so but i really hope we do :/

    12. C. Joyner on September 4, 2016

      Are we going to make it!? �

    13. Toan Vien on September 2, 2016

      Can I use the usb hub on the dock to transfer data from external hard drive to my computer?

    14. Missing avatar

      Francis on August 31, 2016

      What is the dimensions? I need to know if this will fit my desk thanks and also does this come with the organizers like I see there?

    15. S Pride
      on August 30, 2016

      Does every smart dock come with the organizers?

    16. Missing avatar

      Martin Monnard
      on August 30, 2016

      You said there is an external power adapter for the USB hub. Will the external power adapter be customized for the region to which the Smartdock is sent to? For example if I live in Europe will you send the adapter with a European plug which can take 220v power?

      Finally do you intend on shipping the smartdocks for the European locations from Europe or China? This matters as not only do you charge extra for shipping (as compared to shipping to the U.S. but I will likely be charged customs fees if it is sent from China.

    17. Inn Lee Creator on August 22, 2016

      @zageron Thanks for your question! All 3 USB hubs are full 3.0 speed and will not have that speed reduced no matter how many hubs are used. For example even if all 3 USB hubs have plugged in devices, the speed will not slow down! Thanks again!

    18. Inn Lee Creator on August 22, 2016

      @SimonGranville Hello Simon! Smartdock should be able to power most standard USB devices. As the power source is external is has sufficient charging power

    19. Inn Lee Creator on August 22, 2016

      @Anoosh Hello Anoosh! So the USB is a hub that connects to the computer. It does not have a separate power source however and must be powered either by the computer or an external power source! Thank you for your question!

    20. Zageron on August 22, 2016

      Is the USB hub 2.0amp per port at full load?
      Is the USB hub full 3.0 speed to computer under 1/3rd load?

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville
      on August 22, 2016

      I also would like to know about the hub. I have had a similar desk unit with built i USB that could only handle very low power devices.

    22. Anoosh on August 20, 2016

      Is the USB 3.0 a hub that connect to the computer? Is it a powered hub or just powered by computer?

    23. Inn Lee Creator on August 10, 2016


      Ah so sorry about the confusion. As for the $79 pledge level BOTH Smartdock Bridges come equipped with USB ports. We apologize for the confusion and the typo on the rewards

    24. Inn Lee Creator on August 10, 2016


      So the Smartdock bridge has both a white & black model for the legs (which can be picked during the survey period). The glass part is clear but as a stretch goal we will be offering a slightly tinted glass.

      Hope this answers your question! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Taboo Portillo
      on August 9, 2016

      I'm confused about the $79 pledge level. On the reward page it states 1 has USB and the other doesn't have a USB. On the information page it states the $79 pledge level has 2 USB 3.0 ports on the smartdock. Please clarify.

    26. Missing avatar

      on August 9, 2016

      Hi is the smartdock white or black, or both options are available?