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CA$ 24,395 pledged of CA$ 250,000 goal
By Darta Systems
CA$ 24,395 pledged of CA$ 250,000 goal

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    1. Darta Systems Creator on April 13, 2015

      Hi, Sebastian!
      We assume, you are a professional in the use of such devices. You can evaluate the accuracy of our prototype in real conditions.

    2. Darta Systems Creator on April 13, 2015

      Hi Rydhwan!
      Do not worry, we'll find a way to offer our product to all the people, supported the project. We are working on the issue of creating a small batch of products with minimal pre-production costs.

    3. Sebastiaan van Doorn on April 13, 2015

      I was just at the FIBO (largest sports faire worldwide) in Germany and saw watches that use a similar technique for determining the heart rate. They were absolutely unreliable (50% over actual rate), I sure hope that this watch will be accurate, I just backed with a pair of watches.
      I also hope that there will be an API for accessing the data from the phone, to include its data in other apps.

    4. Rydhwan Miah on April 12, 2015

      I hate to say it, I have been supporting this project and really need a stress measuring device which looks as convenient and accurate as this, but it looks like it is going to fail judging by the pledged amount for the last two weeks ... Please is there any way of changing the goal to about €30,000 CAD and trying to raise the rest? I really need something like this, what the project was for...

    5. Darta Systems Creator on March 29, 2015

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thank you very much for your help and useful ideas for evolving the Emvio project. You've definitely gotten to some of the root of our problems. And unfortunately the pace of raising funds is not as good as we expected. But we are gaining traction, especially since we just got featured on Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2015/03/28/emvio-stress-readeing-smartwatch/. This post generated a lot of interest in Emvio, huge amount of comments, reposts and so on. So the things are getting better. We suspect that the Pebble and Apple Watch stole some of our thunder, but they are great products, so that couldn't be helped. We tried to widen our coverage as much as possible, and now we have a bit of a springboard for that.

      As for Elite version thankfully we secured a commitment from our private investor to compensate for additional amount of money needed to produce Emvio Elite (metal) version with universal wristbands. So we are unlocking them today or tomorrow morning. But our primary financial target still needs to be met.

      Also we can offer very simple tips to reduce stress using Emvio Watch. When your level of stress accumulates for 1-2 hours, we will give some advice like breathing methods. The user will see indication of his or her inhalation rhythm on the screen in the form of an animation. Also the watch itself will start vibrating. During these breathing exercises we will be measuring and fixing stress levels and make the user know about the progress achieved. We plan to make this mode to be usable without a smartphone.

      These are the next steps we have so far. We definitely appreciate your feedback and your very helpful comments.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey G Bowman on March 27, 2015

      Hello. I hate to state the obvious here, but unless there is a dramatic influx of new supporters this round of financing does not appear to be reaching a successful level. Increased media and online exposure may help. Perhaps you may wish to partner with a retail or online outlet specializing in stress reduction or meditation equipment, offering them exclusive temporary rights to selling the item and/or a percentage of profits for a period of time. I think it likely that a big part of your problem here is that people don't want to wear what appear to be cheap or unattractive wrist adornments. You don't want to pay over $100 for something that looks like a cheap plastic watch. I will again suggest an attractive stainless steel housing with good quality leather and metal link bands available. Offer a smaller size for women and a larger size for men. Be sure that it includes real-time biofeedback's heart rate variability information preferably in a graphic format. Have the watch be able to provide verbal or auditory cues based on heart rate variability to train the wearer to inhale and exhale based on heart rate variability so as to elicit the relaxation response and decrease physiologic stress. And in future marketing be sure to stress how this watch provides heart rate variability which is not going to be available on the first generation Apple Watch. I suspect that many people who are aware of the Apple Watch and it's heart rate sensor do not know the difference between a heart rate and heart rate variability and are incorrectly assuming that the upcoming Apple Watch will be able to provide heart rate variability using an app.

    7. Darta Systems Creator on March 23, 2015

      Hi, Gennady. Thank you for your participation. Could you send an email at info@emvio.watch for further communication?

    8. Gennady Marchenko on March 23, 2015

      I think that speed you've got because of the lack of working with media.
      What do you think about paid advert on FB and other banner networks?

      The idea is perfect. I'm really looking forward to have a device which helps me to control my own behaviour. Thanx for your work!

    9. Darta Systems Creator on March 20, 2015

      Hi Remiam! Thank you! Glad to see you on Board!

    10. Missing avatar

      on March 19, 2015

      I have to second the idea of providing frequent updates no matter how little in information. Backers really want to be an integral part along with the creator. Having backed 281 KS, very few have of the campaigns had enough updates. Really looking forward to the EMVIO!

    11. Darta Systems Creator on March 17, 2015

      Thank you, Jeffrey! You are not only the first, but it seems very knowledgeable in matters of engineering, and in the promotion of such projects. Very glad to see you on board!

    12. Darta Systems Creator on March 17, 2015

      Hello, Robert. Thank you for your comment! Yes we are thinking to simplify the strap and make them universal. In theory this would allow to customize the clock even wider. But this is unlikely to help bring our first strech goal. The main thing that prevents us from making the metal body at once with plastic - it is the high cost of molds. We need more orders, in this case additional molds for metal bodies can be implemented.

    13. robert
      on March 17, 2015

      i also back the idea of universal replacement bands maybe stretch goals can implement metals in the structure

    14. Anthony Moskalenko on March 17, 2015

      @Jeffrey I like your ideas about the band change. Hope creator will also find them reasonable.

      And surely good luck to the project! It seems to be a game maker in the field.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey G Bowman on March 17, 2015

      Going forward, my recommendations would be consider a stainless steel enclosure and changing the band attachment to allow for universal replacement band acceptance (including metal link bands). And please provide prompt and transparent updates throughout the process for both good news or bad; supporters want to be kept " in the loop". Again, good luck!

    16. Darta Systems Creator on March 17, 2015

      Thanks for backing us Jeffrey! Congrats on being our first :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey G Bowman on March 17, 2015

      Я думаю, что этопервый проект, для которого я имею честь бытьпервым сторонником . Удачи!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey G Bowman on March 17, 2015

      I think that this is the first project for which I have the honor of being the first supporter. Good luck!