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This 1997 film set in fetish clubs and culture will fade from view unless we restore the 35mm negative and digitise it to HD
This 1997 film set in fetish clubs and culture will fade from view unless we restore the 35mm negative and digitise it to HD
536 backers pledged £27,143 to help bring this project to life.

After your wonderful support in 2013, the campaign trail for the sequel begins - with a Graphic Novel as step one!


Join the campaign, nearly 20 years after the original movie burst upon the world, to begin developing the sequel: Tortured in the Orchard! We’re going to road-test the storyline in a fun and exciting graphic novel.

The House of Thwax Rides again...
The House of Thwax Rides again...


You played a pioneering role enabling the original film to become the first European movie to be restored on Kickstarter, and so we’re back to here mounting a fresh ‘Kinkstarter’ project.  Come on, Kinkstarters!

Panned in '97....rated in 2015 among top 10 films made on BDSM by UK's The Guardian


Just as Shades of Grey surge over the planet, a nice tribute from one of the leading UK newspapers that panned us in 1997 on first release!

Among the best films "which shocked, stimulated and spanked their way to notoriety"

""Witty and kitsch" ..

Any thoughts about the new UK law and the sequel?


Even the right wing Daily Telegraph features a piece against the retrograde new law that could possibly prevent us depicting spanking or S&M in the sequel in any explicit way. And to think that the same paper's Sunday edition gave us a whole page in 1997, fulminating against this outrageous pervy film made partly wth EU money.

What do you all think is the way to address this? Any ideas welcome!

Also, I have a Twitter feed live now @stuart_urban. Please follow and I'll follow back.

Sequel Title


As we have announced we are now developing the film sequel and have a little question for you.

Which is your favorite title?



You can vote the poll on the Preaching To The Perverted FaceBook page, but if you don't have FaceBook and want to let us anyway, just write to us.

Good news ... and censorship news


We are delighted to announce that we have reached the minimum amount required to develop the screenplay and other resources to preparing the sequel to Preaching to the Perverted! The momentum created by you Kinkstarters last year is continuing! 

If anyone is interested in investing in the development of the sequel movie (we are not taking production investment just yet) you get back your money plus 50% if the film is made, and there are great tax incentives for UK-taxpayers too. Let us know by July 1st if you are interested, for more details please, in a direct message here. Some Kinkstarters are already on board! Minimum share subscription is £3000/$5000.

On the Apple/app front, it seems like we have been well and truly censored and the company refused all attempts to appeal. the wonderful app that was designed We will thus roll out digital delivery of the original film in HD to you hopefully before the end of this month and are just testing platforms now. This means a vanilla digital version of the film which was the promised minimum. We are sorry for the delays caused by a super ambitious project that took longer than we ever thought and then was zapped by Apple.