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Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of 1/6th scale scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures, with great detail and articulation.
2,661 backers pledged $351,753 to help bring this project to life.

Fan's Choice Dromaeosaurus (kestrel version) package art revealed- Introducing artist Sara Richard!

Posted by David Silva (Creator)

Today I'm very excited to present you all not only with the first look at the Fan's Choice raptor packaging, but also to introduce you to our latest artist contributor, Sara Richard! Sara began her career as a sculptor for Hasbro and worked on several toy lines including Jurassic Park. (Sadly, her amazing Carnotaurus and Stegosaurus have still yet to be released). During her time there she also established herself as an illustrator specializing in a variety of  pop-culture subject matter and of course dinosaurs! You can find out more about Sara and see her work here and you can see even more of her dinosaur illustrations here.

Now as I had mentioned previously in the comments, the main line of raptors consisting of 12 species, was designed and created by myself with beautiful package illustrations by Jonathan Kuo. However the Fan's Choice raptor set is something that has evolved from my interaction with you all and with all four figures now available, has become a set of it's own. To commemorate the collaboration between myself and the backers here who have helped bring Beasts of the Mesozoic to life, I wanted to bring in a fresh look for the packaging, while still keeping the overall layout the same. All four Fan's Choice raptors will feature art work by Sara Richard distinguishing it from the main line. So now I'd like to show you the package art, layout, and design for the very first Beasts of the Mesozic Fan's Choice raptor figure- Dromaeosaurus albertensis in the kestrel colors.

'Fan's Choice Dromaeosaurus package art by Sara Richard'
'Fan's Choice Dromaeosaurus package art by Sara Richard'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice package layout'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice package layout'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice collectable card'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice collectable card'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice action figure concept art'
'Dromaeosaurus Fan's Choice action figure concept art'

 So there's your first look at the Fan's Choice raptor packaging!

And no I haven't forgotten about the Pyroraptor and Linheraptor package art and designs. Those will be unveiled very soon.

Also, thank you all for reaching the Fans' Choice Zhenyuanlong raptor figure yesterday- now it's time to get those accessory packs! More on the next package art reveals and the final add-ons for the campaign tomorrow. :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sim on

      Thanks for your reply, David. I'm constantly impressed by decisions you make for this raptor series. Often it seems there are choices that aren't easy to make, but you go for what is best. I feel I can trust you to make this series the best it can be!

      I'm really happy we got to Buitreraptor! I've added to my pledge for the Wetlands pack. I hope we get to the other accessory packs too!

    2. Missing avatar

      GW on


    3. David Silva Creator on

      @Sim- thanks so much for the kind words and for taking the time to give me your thoughts on the remaining pack slots. I like your first idea the best. The other two are good, but I'm pretty set on the accessory packs at this point. And as for Troodon not being a dromaeosaur- well neither is Balaur so I guess it's okay. They're all 'raptors' in my book!

    4. David Silva Creator on

      @Faelrin- yup those unreleased JP dino toys were done by Sara. As for myself, I sculpted the Pachyrhinosaurus but not the Allosaurus. That one was sculpted by my buddy Dave Proctor now with Boss Fight Studios.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sim on

      Something I'd like to add. I noticed in the main comments section people are suggesting exciting ideas for future prehistoric animal series. This reminded me that even if in this raptor series there are species that aren't known to coexist with any of the others, these species could coexist with species from future Beasts of the Mesozoic lines, but if they aren't made in the series that focuses on their group when they are in the right scale for it, it seems they might not get made in the end. I also personally think it's very nice to have these species from the same group go alongside each other even if they aren't known to coexist. For example, I'll be happy to have a Dromaeosaurus, Velociraptor m. and Linheraptor that can go together even if they aren't known to have coexisted with each other.

      In any case, I think this raptor series is great, and that any future Beasts of the Mesozoic series could create interesting new combinations with this one.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sim on

      You've done so much to make this raptor toy series special, David! Thanks!

      In a comment on Update #27 I mentioned I have some ideas for how baby raptors that can interact with the adults outside the nest could be included. I'm not really interested in them myself, but I know others are. I thought of three ways they could be included:

      1. Have the baby raptor figures in the accessory packs not in an egg. They could still be hatchlings and the same size, but if they are not in an egg I think it would make them more versatile figures. If they are sculpted sitting/resting their 'dewclaw'/first toe could be hidden inside their feathers so they might be able to work as a baby for any of the main raptors, including Balaur?

      2. Replace an accessory pack species (Buitreraptor/Mononykus/Microraptor/Troodon) with a juvenile raptor.
      Based on geography, Buitreraptor has the most reason to be replaced as it isn’t known to have coexisted with any of the main raptors or to be a stand-in for something that did. That would be the only good reason to replace it though, as it’s a small, unique-looking species of the group this raptor series is focusing on that fits the wetland environment very well! This was difficult for me to say as I want the Buitreraptor very much! Even more so after seeing the colour inspiration you chose for it.
      The other one I think has some reason to be replaced is the Troodon as it’s a juvenile of a species that isn’t a dromaeosaurid and isn’t in this series as an adult. If an accessory pack species was replaced, it could be substituted with a juvenile Bambiraptor/Saurornitholestes (which was a nice idea, just not one that interested me) which you had thought of. If a juvenile raptor did replace one of the accessory pack species, I don’t think it would be able to work as a juvenile for all the main raptors though (mostly due to the variety of head shapes). There are people who want all the current accessory pack species, so I don’t know if it would be possible to replace one without disappointing anyone...

      3. Make an add-on that includes one or more juvenile raptors. The juvenile Bambiraptor/Saurornitholestes could be included in this.

      Personally, I’d like number 1 to happen, regardless of whether number 2/3 happens.

      I really appreciate how much you’ve put into this raptor series, David. This series is looking really amazing!

    7. Missing avatar

      Faelrin on

      So that's who was responsible for those awesome sculpts. Wish they would have been made. Still need to pick up that awesome Allosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus from that line as well (I heard you did those, right?). Anyways, off of JP toys, and onto this. The art is absolutely gorgeous, even though the style is really different. Glad I remained optimistic about it. I think it was a good choice to distinguish with different art as a sort of sub-line. I love how its not just amazing (accurate) action figures of these dinosaurs, but also amazing artwork and packaging. Though with all the comments I've made, one probably knows that by now, haha. I'm definitely looking forward to this one's prototype (and of course the others), and the art for the other raptors too. Hope we can unlock some of those accessory sets, if at the very least one of them before this is done. Good luck everyone.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ruth on

      That's really cool, Sara's art is perfect.

    9. David Silva Creator on

      @Christopher- much of the blue on the Kestrel is on the wings, but this guy has small 'wings' so it ends up with less blue. That begin said there's always room for improvement on the final prototype.

    10. Christopher Dobinson on

      Sara's art is beautiful! She did a fantastic job. I will say, though, I was hoping to see more blue on it like the actual Kestrel. Will the figure be more blue?

    11. Missing avatar

      Naja on


    12. Missing avatar

      Teba Laborde on

      Oh my God, baby raptors and young raptors, please, please, please!

    13. Daniel Pazmino on

      Awesome! Sara's style is very unique, this looks like a fantasy stained glass. Great choice! Can't wait to see more.

    14. Taya Castillo

      Very nice! Looking forward to seeing the other fan votes, as well.

    15. Mary on

      It looks amazing ! I really wish I had more money to give for this kickstarter, it is really hard to make a choice with the limited funds I have.

    16. David Silva Creator on

      @Sarah- yes there will be a separate post card set add-on for her work posted soon.

    17. Ricardo A Santiago on

      Kinda ger a heavenly chior vibe from the image! That settles it, I'm getting both Dromaeosaurus

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Reed on

      Very cool. Really digging Sara's art style (and I'd kill to see that Carnotaurus sculpt released). I can't wait to see what she does with the other raptors.

    19. Sarah Farfort on

      I love the picture! Any chance of another postcard set for Sara's box arts this late in the project?