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Stamp a thank you, happy birthday or I love you on a cake and create a memory in your family, community or neighborhood.

ABCD is small business that designs cakes but is looking to do more for the community. Cake stamps are just the beginning. The stamps are the start to a kit, hopefully in the future a school or program, which is intended to bring people of all ages, neighborhoods and backgrounds together through the process of baking. Teaching a skill such as baking which includes many aspects of math, science and even art can bring so much to a community. Including prints, patterns and recipes from different cultures and generations can teach important family values and life lessons to children. By being involved in an experience such as baking can encourage the sharing of stories and conversation among friends, family and communities.

To clarify what a cake stamp is, it is a stamp which can be hand carved or laser cut into a flexible food safe material, attached to a specially designed curved handle and then stamped onto a cake with 100% edible ink. I have designed all aspects of these stamps and have successfully used them in many cakes I have designed.

I want to start by introducing everyone to cake stamps and would love to get some responses of how you shared your cake stamp with a group around you. From there I will be able to decide on a program or some kind of system that will be able to function in a group and eventually grow into a bigger system which will support many more groups in a community.

And that is where the money comes into the picture. In order to create this system I will need to purchase materials, especially the materials to create the cake stamps. This will include prototyping costs, mold making costs, costs for the food safe materials and ingredients which will be used in demos.

Thank you for your support!


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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

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    Hand stamped "thank you" sent to you!

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    You pick the cake stamp of your choice from the patterns I have available. Each stamp will come with it's own handle and I will e-mail you an instructional video of how to use the stamp.

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    Custom cake stamp with the pattern or image of your choice and of course I will e-mail the instructional video as well.

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    Custom cake stamp with the pattern or image of your choice, the instructional video and a screen printed apron with some great prints on it!

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    You will receive a custom cake stamp, the instructional video, the apron and I will bake, make and deliver (Los Angeles area) a custom ABCD cake!

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    All of the above and I will come to your house, community center or neighborhood (Los Angeles area) and teach you, your friends and family how to bake, make and decorate with cake stamps!

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