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Create "Heaven" On Earth. A Bible Adventure Game. Jesus IS Heaven's Gate.

Create "Heaven" On Earth. A Bible Adventure Game. Jesus IS Heaven's Gate. Read More
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Scott Schoen
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Scott Schoen

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About this project

HEAVEN was designed and developed by me but influenced by dedicated Christians from a variety of denominations  over an 8 year period.  

Every year between Halloween and Easter I have to explain the inaccessibility of sponsors and the high cost of production.  Now I'm reaching out to local churches, charities, businesses and more preparing to stand on street corners if I have to.  After 8 years developing this ministry and exhausting my bank account this truly may be the last hope to create HEAVEN on earth.

HEAVEN is for home use. Meaning there nothing to memorize, no lessons to learn and no special skills are required so there is no embarrassment.  You don't need a teacher or any Bible knowledge. The cards and board tell you 90% what to do so its easy to jump in and play.  Now you can have fun traveling through time in a sort of living Bible. Currently ships to US and Canada. 

In HEAVEN Jesus IS Heaven's Gate & The Key. John 14:6.  The center key holds a purple heart for Jesus with doves of grace & forgiveness. Instead of dusty ole Jerusalem, its the Revered Holy City with the most famous visited churches and monasteries including one of the only Protestant churches, the famous Pool of Bethesda site of one of Jesus' miracles and the passion of Christ the famous Via Dolarosa. There is Mount Sinai and the surreal condos of Cappadocia which became known as the first Christian village: 1 Peter 1,   These Christians were widely known as hermits, (her-mits, |noun| 1. a person living in solitude as a religious discipline), as early followers fled persecution.  Discover their connection to Pentecost as they heard the Gospel in their own language after the resurrection of Christ: scroll down to the section called "Etymology"  Then discover the famous fairy chimneys where the earliest followers of Christ carved out cave dwellings and cave churches Click   Now is this an exciting adventure through Bible history? 

Start in Eden and be the first one to Heaven. Travel with Jesus and discover famous Christian stories, customs and of course Jesus.  Adventuring through the Bible you will visit historic Jerusalem and sneak an apostle out of town in a basket.  Meet the Good Samaritan.  Attend Sermon on the Mount.  Help the Pharaoh's daughter save baby Moses from the river. Conquer your fears with David & Goliath.  Protect the seed from dangers.  It's raining 40 days & 40 nights!  Go to Noah's ark!  Help Mary and Joseph sneak young Jesus to Egypt.  Meet Moses and cross the Red Sea where two or more are gathered on the other side.  Find the pearl of great price. Discover Calvary.  Witness a miracle at the Pool of Bethesda.  Land on a cloud, draw a Wisdom card, spin for an answer to a parable.  Collect enough for discipleship but you still have to meet John the Baptist and get baptized before you can win. Wear your halo for the last part of the game called Asunción then find the key and win the game.  Get wings for protection along the way or save them and pretend to become an angel when you win.  Does it sound like good clean fun?

...says radio station KLOVE, Candle 88 in Corpus Christi, TX.   In HEAVEN great care has been taken to avoid any finger pointing or condescending messages.  There is no proselytizing, patronizing, end times or hell.  A magnetic adventure combined with self reflective anti-bully parables and constructive service to others.  The best combination so kids develop while they are actually focused on having fun; so will adults. And they'll play more often because HEAVEN does not feel like homework or like being punished with threats of doom.  In HEAVEN the gates are always open and everyone gets in.  Its OK to earn a living, tithe, help charities and your neighbor.  You might even remember some cool parables about becoming a thoughtful useful person.  That's how HEAVEN shines after 8 years. And the cards are cited with verses in full context wherever possible.  Straight forward.  Anti-violence, anti-bully cards at bottom of page.

The first game with camels? omg!  These great camel molds were prototyped by sculptor Len Burge and can be seen on his web site..CLICK TOYS.   In development I was asked "why camels why not sheep" so I'll say it here.  I decided sheep were not strong enough to hold the interest of boys in HEAVEN's age group. Too soft.  Len's art work told me he could deliver and he sure did. The other manger options were cows and donkeys so camels won for the cool factor.

UPDATE:  THE NEW CAMEL WITH HALO DESIGN IS COMPLETED and is shown ready for factory mold forging.  The cost is included in the minimum goal.  Camels come in standard 4 colors and the new halos will be a white insertable plastic piece announcing to everyone that the the player has achieved all the preliminary goals, they are immune from certain rules and they are ready for the final stage of the game called Asunción

Above: New box cover art set on factory die-lines. See the Bible?  The cartoonist monk created the gates using Biblical descriptions.  He referred to the story of Jacob's ladder saying there was only one Bible version that gave a description. He said it was a modern version and I believe the name started with the word: "New".  I'm sure I found it on-line but years ago I can't find it anymore.  Most people don't even know about it.  The first person to find that Bible version and confirm it with me will get your choice of a free game or the coffee mug upon successful funding and your name posted here. Happy Hunting.

Its hard to be humble with a free wheeling T shirt or Jacket this cool. omg!  Get a Professional Grade iron on heat transfer appx. 9x8.  Iron it on yourself or ask a T-Shirt Shop for a professional press at many malls and flea markets.  Shows the 3 angels like the box cover, bare foot Jesus and the scroll says Jesus IS Heaven's Gate.  Another totally awesome gift.  After 50 pledges I will upgrade the entire lot to Hi Definition for free.  If you Bless It Forward , snap a photo or use this download and let them know with a text, image and link to this event so they can Bless It Forward  to someone else  then print this free insert for cards and stockings.

Order the factory minimum of 100 and get any text any language shipped anywhere.

Mfr Specs  ● Prints on all colors ● Soft hand ● No cracking or peeling ● Machine washable ● Vibrant true colors     ● T-shirts and most apparel items ● Sweatshirts ● Jerseys ● Jackets ● Canvas bags ● Caps ● Denim ● Cotton and cotton blends.  Here is a link to a site that shows you how to transfer to leather if you want to experiment.   For the price of a second transfer it might be worth it to experiment on another piece of leather first.  Then make the coolest leather jacket this side of the podium.

Compares to "Champions of Faith" which retailed at $50 plus shipping in it's first year.  "Heaven" will cost more next year.  Likewise the wholesale cost this year is more of a distributor cost.  Another blessing if you take it.

Anyone !  Great for adults, college or high school kids, K-6 parents, work at home moms or boosting sales at other types of businesses.  Order now, then confirm with proof of self employment before shipment .  DBA, Tax ID or Social Security # are all acceptable.  You will be responsible for knowing & paying sales taxes in your area. 

Step up to the plate and donate Wholesale.  Double your support to charities with your end of year tax deductible or do the same with half.  Instead of begging for money all the time, they'll have something fresh that makes people smile and peaks people's interest.  Ideal for: scouts, food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, children's groups, medical & dental support and more.    

After funding by KickStarter  Games are manufactured by GPI  Plastic parts are started right away for proofs then the bulk are shipped to the factory for printing & packaging.  Participants will receive email updates at various stages of the process through to completion including details for final shipment during Easter. A central warehouse in DFW can handle shipping and receiving of most orders.  Local orders at the Ministry Level can opt to have volunteers pick up their cases at the warehouse and put the savings to better use.  Sign up for the launch tweet which includes all the updates along the way.

HEAVEN  comes with

  • Box and playing board
  • 4 Camels in Red Yellow Green Blue
  • 4 White Halos
  • 1 Deck of Journey cards
  • 1 Deck of Wisdom cards
  • 1 Deck of Parable cards
  • 4 Baptism cards
  • 4 Disciple cards
  • 4 Angel cards
  • 1 Pack of Coins
  • Spinner
  • Rules




Risks and challenges

= [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED]= What I and many people did not realize is that by launching our ideas on public funding sites, we risk losing them to hackers, pirates & copycats combing the pages. People in the USA are still considered the world's idea people, so we have become digital targets all across America as reported on CNN September 2012. It’s easier and cheaper to steal others work after they’ve spent years developing it. Most small businesses and people like me do not have high or mid-level security on our computers so its relatively easy compared to stealing from big businesses. Even the names are at risk. That’s my risk in going public. What if it were your ministry of 8 years and your passion? Please pray with us that HEAVEN does not fail during anti-crime, anti-violence, anti-bully month of October.

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