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Explore a wacky galaxy full of hot alien babes in this kinky new Sci-Fi RPG mashup
Explore a wacky galaxy full of hot alien babes in this kinky new Sci-Fi RPG mashup
58,730 backers pledged £1,668,626 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      tienn123 on

      Shut up and take my money!!

    2. Missing avatar

      nathan guy on

      XDDD that didnt take long

    3. Rik67 on

      It is funded!!!

    4. 李乾元 on

      I hope to have a Waifu with flat chest and short hair.It's just like 忍野 忍(おしの しのぶ)Oshino Shinobu.

    5. Missing avatar

      thepyrethatburns on

      I'm good with this. How long have we been waiting for Fow-chan to get her own movie?

      More to the point, we're getting an extra mission as well as an extra Waifu and a greatly demanded one at that. Avoiding feature creep (or the inherent pitfalls of physical rewards) needs to be top of the list when deciding whether or not they should do more stretch goals.

    6. MFW on

      Two things, FOW-chan is boring as shit and why are you guys fucking with Tim Pool? I didn't donate so y'all could try and fuck a news agency over.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Nguyen on

      No complain, more waifus please

    8. Neow Shau Jin on

      If the next stretch goal is another waifu, may I suggest to make it a fan-voted one on what stereotypes she will fill(whatever still remaining in your mind). The poll can go up after you have delivered the other characters so that everyone can have a good idea on what else they want more from the game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joseki on

      EU localization (GER/FRA/ITA/SPA...) should have been a milestone too.

    10. Matt C on

      next goal VR capable?

    11. Missing avatar

      couldar on

      I agree with some of the comments that just adding more gals is great, but as much of a milestone as 150k is. I think we're good on the waifu department, let's focus on making the actual game play/story not be a drag on the rest of the experience. Think about replayability and such would be a good direction to go to next.

      PS: Also, not every gal needs to be a G+ Cup

    12. Bob on

      Well you disgusting neckbeard you "nailed" the pledge goal. The demand is real. A high quality 3D eroge game? The 21st century is a beautiful time to be alive.

    13. Missing avatar

      Prisonerofthehighway on

      In addition to Alexander’s excellent points below let me add that Fowchans’s content may potentially need to be doubled as there are technically 2 of her(human/succubus forms). Add to that the fact that we’re a third of the way there in a day. This is a good stretch goal and a good way to pay homage to a beloved(cuz belusted isn’t a word) character.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      I see a few complaints here about the reward being too far off, or too small. Let me try to give FOW a bit of a defense, and explain why adding a completely new wifu is actually worrisome to me.

      It sounds simple enough. After all, they've added like seven others through the campaign, right? Well, not exactly. Each of those others had been planned from the beginning. Somewhere in their code, their notes, their planning, they were ready for the possibility of an additional wifu filling that spot. If this kickstarter didn't go as well as it did, many of those spots may have been empty. But that was part of the plan. It's a giant void of maybe, until it becomes a "we got the funds to do this". Kickstarter isn't known for it's reliability. What's more, is that each new wifu potentially adds exponentially more work. Each wifu has their collection of attacks, upgrades, combat interactions, conversations, story arcs, and in this game, adult animations. If there is any amount of interaction between the wifus, even simply within the script, that means that, at a minimum, each and every other wifu will need more voice acting, more combat balancing, and more script writing to ensure FOW-Chan doesn't accidentally cause a plot hole.

      Perhaps other AAA studios would have no problem doing this, but FOW isn't a AAA studio. Let's say this kickstarter explodes and Subverse gets 2 million USD to make their game. Well, Mass Effect 3 cost 40 million USD to produce. Andromeda was 100 million. WoW cost 100 million. Certainly part of this is AAA gorging themselves and handling money irresponsibly. But make no mistake, no matter how much money this kickstarter makes, that money will disappear fast as hell if Studio FOW doesn't restrain themselves. FOW currently has a good track record, and that's a major reason why I backed them so quickly. They know how to handle money. For that reason, I'm not sounding the feature creep alarm at the moment. But the fact remains, they have never built a video game before. At least, not to this scale. I'm going to trust that they hired good people, and they have their ducks in a row. But the question is still there, and it will be there until Subverse is sitting on Steam's store page, ready to purchase. Keep in mind, AAA has screwed up projects funded significantly more than this one. Feature creep kills. Star Citizen is the poster child for this.

      FOW absolutely needs to keep their ambitions in check, and use what they have to do what they've promised. Sure, some of this cash they may have sitting around, not sure what they're going to do with it. I say keep it for the next project. Make free DLC after the game is finished. Buy an ad on PornHub. I don't care. I would rather they have money left over than features creeping up, endangering the entire project. And the possibility of unexpected problems still looms over this thing, particularly for a porn game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      What's that in the distance? It's a bird... it's a plane... it's FOW-Chan's ass!

    16. Balthazar on

      C`mon guys, shouldn`t you give us something more for the next stretch goal? I guess £150K for one new character is abit overpriced, don`t you think?
      Especially if you wanted to gather £100K for the whole game at the first place???

      Hire more programmers, game developers (maybe someone from Mass Effect 2/3 or other well story-driven games) and create something really awesome!

    17. Pseud O'Nym

      Female captain gods, please.

    18. Missing avatar

      Galgano on

      @Graveas, the backer rewards are a bit old. The lowest level backer reward will net you the game when it fully comes out. You'll also get early access like it says.

    19. Missing avatar

      Graveas on

      Forgive me for my poor English. How much money do I need to support in order to get it after the game is officially released?

    20. Andrew C on

      I like how Devon thinks. A futa replacement model for the captain would be amusing.

    21. Angel Corlux on

      If the current trend continues then we should be able to hit the Fow-Chan goal with at least a week or so left.

    22. Viser on

      Fowchan is Community Manager, secretary , office maid and slut for the studio . i like. i need to get me one of those ♥ . a great next stretch goal but at £550K and with 19
      days to go. it might not happen. too short of time. let's see what happens. i hope it's reach. i wanna see Fowchan get fucked in the ass and vagina. 😍👌

    23. Missing avatar

      Avery on

      So I like all these stretch goals,(for the most part anyways) but I do kinda worry that getting more is going to make the game take considerably more time to develop. Unless the original estimate for the game was made in mind with everyone of the stretch goals in mind, then i'm not so worried.

    24. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      How about a Sexy futa captain option for a stretch goal.

    25. LaLover on

      So happy we reached all the stretch goals! Congratulations!

      The amount seems a bit much to bring just one extra girl but hopefully any extra money can go towards some extra content or future projects...*cough* Asstroid prime and release it unofficially to avoid problems with nintendo *cough*

    26. Missing avatar

      Kaizer on

      How about pregnancy option for one of goals ? It's mentioned in FAQ!
      Maybe even MORE costumes and customization for waifus ?
      Come on guys, give us a reason to give you more money!

    27. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Fernandez on

      Raising the important questions here guys.

      Are we going to be able to knock up fow chan too(if you implement pregnancy)?

    28. Missing avatar

      Kaizer on

      I agree with other people, more achievable goals would mean more money. Come on guys, do you really don't need more money than already pledged ?
      There's no need for a mindless feature creep, but I'm sure it's possible to increase production value with additional funds.

    29. Missing avatar

      AlexJ on

      I hope this game will make all of those AAA shit companies (like Activision or EA) embarrass themselves :D

    30. Gobata on


    31. Angel Corlux on

      Huge congratulations to the team!

      An extra waifu and it's Fow-Chan? That's pretty awesome. :)

      Like others, I would have hoped that there would be more than just one additional stretch goal, and that the additional funds wouldn't be 3x the previous ones, maybe 2x at most, but this is still very exciting and we should all be very pumped and grateful to the team for their hard work until now, and that still awaits.

      Hopefully we reach this next goal in double quick time, and the team sees fit to announce more goals that are tantalizing, but reasonable and don't put the project at risk.

      To answer people asking for physical rewards, I have extensive experience with that, and I can tell you that FOW absolutely shouldn't do physical rewards. Them staying away from it from the start was part of what showed me they know what they're doing.

      It balloons costs, logistics, man hours and diverts vital resources to a one time result that has no benefit for the main product (the game) and its future success.

      Let's all hope we reach this next goal, and wish together that FOW sees fit to add some additional hyper-lewd goals that don't put the project at risk and aren't 150k GBP for each one.

      But most of all, they know what they're doing, trust me. Or rather, trust them lol.

      Congratulations FOW, everyone! Onwards to the revolution!!! :D

    32. Rik67 on

      Not really a goal I'm fond of, so I won't increase my pledge. I don't really like her, sorry.

    33. Missing avatar

      Spitko on

      Worth remembering a lot of KS failures come from promising too many stretch goals/rewards. Sure we all want more content, but lets not overburden the devs into a ton of work that'll push out release or even harpoon the project out of budget.

      It's easy to say "Oh that won't cost more than X" but game dev budgets are really misleading and hard to calculate.

    34. Missing avatar

      MachiPrime on

      Oh come on, pervs, stop asking for trash like physical rewards and more development. We all want this game get to release. But you start wine making devs to bury deeper into working process. So this game gonna be endless "early access". Is that what you want? FOW've said alredy that with our backing they'll manage to create The game like it was planned, designed. I am happy with that. More stuff can be included in future DLC if game (i hope) will be commercial success.

    35. MechaGaijinKaiju on

      Pretty Legit idea's Elliot. I would think that anything physical would be an issue... international shipping, design, production... probably better if all the effort and capital went into the actual game. just my thoughts, for what that worth.

    36. Missing avatar

      Elliot Sternberg on

      I think you're missing out on an opportunity by only adding one stretch goal, even if it's a good one. I understand you want to avoid project scope creep or other problems that could delay the release, but I think you could find smaller prizes for the $50k marks in between.

      1- Bloopers reel included for free
      2- Gallery with some still-images (Maybe even commission a bunch of H-artists to take their own spin on some characters?)
      3- Extra dialogue on-ship
      4- Release podcast (Maybe have on whales and random backers to ask questions?)
      5- You guys make physical merch available. (Maybe shirts/hats/whatever)

      I think having stuff every 50k is a good way to keep people going. Also consider a physical game box as a higher backer reward. All of these seem fairly low-effort while still being nice. (<20 man-hours.)

    37. MechaGaijinKaiju on

      Diabolical. I am insanely happy to see the campaign at this point!

    38. David C. Fraga

      what about
      -the cat burglar (450.)
      -The corrupt general (500.)
      -the rogue regent (600)
      -the expornstar (650.)

    39. x Critical Strike x on

      To give you more money we need better pledge choices. I want to give more money but a $30 digital art book (not even physical) seems weak. Can we get more details on it so that it is more enticing or get some other pledge offers?

    40. Missing avatar

      Valentin on

      The price inflation is amazing. Then again, by the look of the demand for the game, I am not surprised at all. The inflation will remove the need for 10 more stretch goals and make it like 1-2 as I am sure, the game can potentially reach 600K-700K till the end of the month :D

    41. Greg on

      This is a great stretch goal and I hope we can reach it!

    42. Missing avatar

      Neflar on

      Whatcha mean 'endgame location'? That totally won't do, we need a Fowchan at our side to fill the snack bowls in our quarters from early on, how else are we supposed to keep from starving till the endgame?
      I demand Fowchan from the start, 'nuff said. ^^

    43. warlordnik on

      A most realistic and rewarding new stretch goal! Huzzah!

    44. Missing avatar

      黑月 on

      take my money!!!

    45. LargeHadronCollider on

      Right right and righty right I may have just wet mine undergarments.

    46. Missing avatar

      Scrwd on

      My dick is ready

    47. Majik

      how much likeness with the in-game character be of you?
      shape and scale to replicate you

    48. Missing avatar

      Miguel Morales on

      Lovely Fow-chan 😍

    49. Missing avatar

      卢磊 on