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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
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MDT, the team behind the award winning S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY mod, present a seminal project taking the form of a post-apocalyptic visual novel and showcasing the gravity of choice. Your choice! Visit the official website here

Imagine you are one of the last surviving members of the human race. After all your family and friends were lost in the struggle with an invisible foe, it is solely up to you to slowly crawl back from the depths of hell, against all odds. In 2026, 11 years after the global apocalypse our Russian protagonist – played by you – is forced to abandon his underground shelter for the very first time after the disaster, beginning the journey that will change his life forever. Prepare for a world of pain and struggle in this single player story-driven interactive story game with rich plot branching and moral dilemmas. Let the plot unfold according to your mental focus and your survival priorities.

The Seed is a modern approach to the classic genre of "Choose Your Own Adventure" gamebooks. As such, it’s a graphic, interactive novel where the choices you make have consequences for the plot branching and shape the world around you.

Playing our game you’ll first and foremost have the impression that you’re reading an engrossing book, with lifelike characters, plausible story, complex lore and all other characteristics that define a solid reading experience. However, there will be a multitude of factors influencing your sensory perception like background ambience and dynamic illustrations. Moreover, every chapter will feature a unique concept artwork and you will also have a map and access to your inventory. The story will present you with moral dilemmas which you’ll be required to resolve based on your gear, social standing, health, location and survival situation. All in all, it’s a new dimension of reading and a new type of book.

• Captivating fiction: an intricate plot with more than 50 possible endings
• Dynamic artwork: dozens of location sceneries with dynamic graphic effects 
• Dynamic soundscape: corresponding to the scenery and weather condition
• Moral branching: the Construct 2 engine will track and analyze your decisions
Psychology: HEXACO-based personality reflection and design
High replayability: diverse plot branching 
 Story related inventory: special items with plot significance
• Crafting: you will be able to craft some items based on what you find in the game
 Immersive survival: high attention to survival detail and player awareness
• iPad touch screen: full iPad 2 or newer touch screen compability

The Seed is an ambitious endeavor to portray the hardships of survival in a hostile environment. If you like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, The Road, The Walking Dead, Indigo Prophecy and Planescape Torment – you’ll be sure to love The Seed!

The movies, books and games served as an inspiration for us - but it is the thought of combining the best elements of the genre and contributing our own ideas that induced us to start The Seed project. The Seed is a story-based game aimed at the mature audience and people enjoying post-apocalyptic atmosphere and science-fiction setting.

What are your priorities? armament, teamwork, health or resource gathering?
What are your priorities? armament, teamwork, health or resource gathering?

The shape of the plot will depend on the choices the player makes and how they approach morally ambiguous situations. At some point, for example, you’ll be presented with a choice: remain a lone hunter sticking to himself or roam the regions as a bandit scavenger attacking other survivors indiscriminately. You’ll be able to travel solo or join a group of like-minded people. Although the story is focused on building tension by means of highly immersive environments, there will also be high-paced action.

A full playthrough equals one in-game year (Act 1 is 2026-2027). The Seed will feature more than 50 possible endings in total. No two playthroughs will be the same. We’re aiming at maximum replayability and would like to provide you with an unforgettable experience each time you play the game. Yes, you’ve read it right, you most certainly will be motivated to play the game a second or even a third time just to witness the differences in how the story might unfold and to exhaust all available options. 

The Seed will be divided into Acts. Act I is planned to be released in September 2014 and the following Acts will be developed and published in the future. This means The Seed has assumed the episodic releases format. Each Act will have its own main plot and dozens of possible endings and can be replayed as many times as you want since the novel structure offers an extreme diversity of plot branching. Remember though that whatever decisions you make in a given Act will determine the starting scenario for the following one. So, while each Act can be viewed as a separate release it is highly advised to play them in chronological order as the plot branches are cleverly linked to each other. So rest assured, you won’t be bored.

Sound design is one of our most cherished areas. Whatever you hear will be specially fine-tuned to fit the atmosphere and the story. In addition, the procedural/generative sound engine allows us to achieve remarkable things. Rain, wind and ambient effects are not just long audio samples, but constitute a dynamic, original combination of sounds perfectly synched with what is happening on the screen: wind blows harder, floating pieces of garbage move faster, sound becomes more vivid, a storm rages in background, the screen flashes. The possibilities are almost infinite.

  Engine: Construct 2 
  Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iPad 2 or newer (Android compability is a stretch goal)
  System requirements: Low - any version of Windows will run The Seed fine.
  Localization: English (translation to another language as a stretch goal)
  Recommended hardware: Quality headphones
  Est. release of Act 1: September 2014
  Est. release of Act 2: Q2 2015
  Est. release of Act 3: Q4 2015
  Age recommendation: 16+ 
   As The Seed features drugs, intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and strong language, it is expected to be assigned an ESRB rating of "M" for "Mature".

The world as we knew it has ceased to exist. There was no one to witness its end because the end arrived when nobody expected it...  This series of occurrences known simply as "The Event" turned the world into ashes and wiped out almost all of humanity. Remaining survivors hide underground to protect themselves from the hostile environment that surrounds them. No electricity. No infrastructure. No means of transportation. No media. Scarce supplies, contaminated water and rotten food. Every minute is a struggle and those that live to see another day can consider themselves lucky.

It's now more than a decade since The Event and groups of survivors can be seen returning to the surface. They want to learn what has become of it, to know if it’s already habitable, but most of all – they want to survive. Some are bent on finding their families and loved ones, wanting to retain their sense of morality, while others have reduced themselves to basic animal instincts. “Humanism” no longer exists in its contemporary definition and must change its meaning to correspond to this unwelcoming world filled with sadness and devoid of all color. The remaining human population is now facing a new threat that is likely to consume the lives of every last survivor. How can you make the earth fertile once again? Can you direct the progress of humanity? What will be YOUR destiny?

Ingame locations from the game
Ingame locations from the game

Based on navigational decisions in your playthrough you will travel through a variety of post-apocalyptic locations such as dead forests, windy hills, abandoned homes, tunnels, bunkers, sewers, mines, ruins, improvised camps, ships, oil rigs, boats and many more. You can find some of our HD concept artwork on our website and have a quick glance at what you’ll able to see in the full game.

You play the role of the main character and set the course for his decisions, ethics and priorities. That is also why The Seed is written in first person, present tense to you let you feel that the story is reflecting your own current situation.

The protagonist, as with any good novel, has his background pre-defined, but you are in control of his actions whenever an important plot anchor is generated. The engine will track and analyze your decisions and determine the plot based on what sort of character you are. For example, if you role play as a bandit disregarding any notions of morality, the story will reflect this and as a result can get incredibly dark and sinister. 

Get in, get involved - and let us know your opinion!

MDT are well aware that the final product will only benefit if the Backers participate actively in the development process. You can be sure that we’ll share our thoughts and ideas along the way and are very open to your input, suggestions and criticism. The higher Backer tier you choose the more informed you will be about the development process of the game. Even by pledging £1 you will remain involved during the Kickstarter campaign as we will be doing survejs and polls about some specific aspects of the game. With that purpose in mind we have created several social media accounts to be able to discuss The Seed with you.
FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / VK / Dev blog 


Majority of pledge rewards are of a digital format and composition, which allows us to keep our budget low while focusing our efforts on the project and game itself. In addition, as you can see, the rewards have been designed in such a way so as to revolve around the game and do not involve any unrelated side products. 

IMPORTANT: All Backer tiers include the tier(s) that precede them.
See the schematic below for your full overview:

We would really love to execute all of these Stretch Goals - but making it possible will require all the support we can get. Let's do this and have the game reach its full potential! While we have several ideas planned for subsequent Stretch Goals we'd like to present initially the first 3; others will follow as soon as these Stretch Goals are met. If we’re able to reach everything we planned it will have a tremendous impact on The Seed by increasing the scope of the game tenfold.

MDT have previously worked on the free and award winning S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MISERY mod that was downloaded by more than 400.000 gamers worldwide. During the years of the MISERY development what began as solely online communication has evolved into real life friendships and professional cooperation. We are an international team comprising highly passionate modders, gamers and artists. We have met in person and keep our team fully tuned, synchronized and updated through Skype and our developer forum. 

Being independent allows us to design a game of our dreams, without the limitations imposed on us by the publisher. We have a very clear vision of what we’re planning to accomplish and are free to choose the best means available to achieve our goal. This has always been the case with the MISERY mod and it’s one of the reasons it has both very vocal followers and opponents.

1)  Nicolai Aarøe                      - Creative director
2)  Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov - Game developer
3)  Marcin Trojanowski           - Gameplay supervisor
4)  Pierce Nudd                        - Fiction author
5)  Krzysztof Śledziński          - Chief editor
6)  David Levy                           - Music composer


Working on the MISERY mod and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series in general has left us wanting more - we’re so full of ideas we’re about to explode! We don't do this because we chase money, success or popularity. We do this because we have a great passion and love for darker games. We do this because we sincerely love sharing the fruits of our work with everyone! Watch us go location scouting here:


The production of the MISERY mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat required a daily involvement for the period of more than four years, and we feel we’ve come to know the development process of video games inside out. Needless to say, we’re really eager to enter the gaming industry as professionals. Such dream scenario does not simply fall from the sky so we've decided to go all-out to create a standalone game project and have established Misery Development Ltd.

We regard The Seed not only as a financial investment but most of all as a real life bet - lead MDT members have quit their jobs to be able to work full-time on the project.

Our Kickstarter goal constitutes about 50% of the required budget, which means that we’ve already chipped in 50% of the funds needed to make The Seed a reality.

However, in order to complete the game we need this Kickstarter campaign. We believe our target funding goal is sufficient to make our vision of The Seed series come true. If you're as excited about this game as we are and would like to help us exceed our Kickstarter goal, we have much more we want to do. This is just the first step in an exciting journey and the beginning for our newly founded company!


  BASICS - Website, FTP, webmastering, hardware, software and our 'offices'.
  DEVELOPMENT - Authors, programmers, graphic design, concept and audio artist.
  MANAGEMENT - Trademarking, copyright, company establishment.
  POST PRODUCTION - Testing, translations, proof reading.
  PROMOTION - PR, advertising, campaign fees, Backer rewards
  DISTRIBUTION - Fees, platform delivery and execution.

If this Kickstarter campaign succeeds, we’ll be able to consolidate the foundations of the development process, system and platform. As soon as we’ve got that covered, we will be able to continue the development within very reasonable budgets. Sure, the more resources we have the better product we will be able to deliver but having solid foundations takes priority.

The sky is the limit and the community support will be either our plane or our parachute. Support us today! Help MDT grow from a team that created content for a hobby to a professional company that will continue to thrive and generate creative job opportunities for other great modders, game developers and skilled artists in years to come!

Here's an overview of our most important updates for your convenience:
VIDEO - Location scouting - link
WALLPAPERS - Free artwork wallpapers - link
INTERVIEW - MDT interviewed at VideoGameTourism - link
GAME INSIGHT 1 - The characters of the game - link
INTERVIEW - MDT interviewed at Cliqist - link
MUSIC - Our music studio - link
FICTION - Free S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-related fiction - link
GAME INSIGHT 2 - Key Locations in the game - link
NEW ADD-ON - Ingame items - link
VIDEO - Gameplay teaser showing atmosphere - link
VIDEO - New teaser trailer - link
NEW ADDON - DVD contents - link
STRETCH GOALS - First 2 Stretch Goals reached - link

Risks and challenges

Every one of us in the MDT are aware of the risk that our current efforts, investments and work so far might be all for nothing. "Don’t do it for the money and success. Do it for the art of making games." This statement resonates strongly in our hearts and it has always constituted our philosophy in game development. The money is incidental and simply required to make the wheels go round and round in the long run.

Everything you do carries a risk, whether it’s repairing a car, setting up a tent, shooting a movie, or any other more complicated endeavor. Projects can run out of time and money, software backups can get damaged, people may leave and hardware may be stolen. Game development is no different in this regard. But we are well aware of those risks and have taken many concrete steps to minimise risk as much as humanly possible.

As a small team we rely on each other very much and we must act fast if any of us is rendered unable to work on the project or fail to deliver for any reason. However, we consider this a small risk since we will conduct strict and realistic development surveys for everyone involved, which will allow us to monitor the progress on the project on a daily basis.

The biggest challenge associated with creating video games in general is often the programming. The problem with coding is the complexity and the bugs that may arise unexpectedly in this process. Moreover, creative artists often underestimate the amount of time they need to deliver their parts, and this can lead to backups in the pipeline. These problems don’t exist for us at the MDT. First of all, the coding side of The Seed is much more feasible since we are not coding a 3D game, or doing everything from scratch. Construct 2 enables us to prototype and produce complex results in very short amounts of times. Secondly, with several artists already on the team, we can feel safe that everything will be done in a timely manner. If necessary we have the option of boosting our team composition by hiring more people.

With the MISERY mod we had to do all development, promotion, bug fixing, testing, PR, community support etc. in our spare time as it has been and will always be a non-profit modding endeavor. Now, for the first time, we can give 100% of our energy and devote our full time and attention to this project. With our newly established Misery Development Ltd. we will be fully capable of giving The Seed our all as professional developers.

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    Media Pack *********************************************
    Our most heartfelt thanks sent to you
    by email! In addition you will receive
    10 exclusive wallpapers and a desktop
    calendar to help you delve into the
    post-apocalyptic atmosphere of The Seed.

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    The Seed Act 1 *************************************************
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    SURVIVOR tier included.

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    Development Booklet *********************************************
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    Musical Score + Concept Art Book *********************************************
    You're in for a treat - you'll receive the exclusive Musical Score in mp3 format
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    Book featuring used and unused HD
    artworks and sketches.
    All above tiers included.

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    Act 1 BETA Access + Making-of Video *********************************************
    Get a chance to shape the final product before release. You'll be invited to
    participate in an early BETA version of
    The Seed Act 1. You'll also receive the Making-Of Video showcasing all the good backstage stuff. All above tiers included.

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    The complete Seed series + Credit *********************************************
    Pre-purchase of The Seed Act 2 and Act 3.
    Not only will you have the whole series
    secured and delivered to you upon completion of each Act - you will also have BETA access to all three of them beforehand! Help the team improve and shape the game, the themes, the names, the locations, etc + your name in in-game credits and listed on the website. (See 'summary' for est. release of Act 2+3) All above tiers included.

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    PREPPER [limited]

    Hard Cover Art Book *********************************************
    Signed and numbered hardcopy of The Seed Art Book featuring HD concept
    artwork, location descriptions, design insight and visual development secrets. The book also features a DVD packed with the full collection of The Seed wallpapers, digital sketches and hand drawings. Global shipping as well as all above tiers included.

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    Pledge £100 or more About $166 USD

    COLONIST [limited]

    Custom-made Artwork + Survivor Design ***********************************************
    In direct cooperation with key team members you'll design one of the human survivors in the game. You're free to choose his/her social stance, skills, focus, agenda, weaponry and ethical position. MDT will cleverly implement this charactor to the story of The Seed. You'll also be credited as Survivor Designer in the game and have a unique artwork designed for you by MDT. All above tiers included.

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    PIONEER [limited]

    Creative assistant ***********************************************
    You will be sparring with the Creative director, Lead author and Music composer throughout all 4 months of Act 1 development. You'll be involved in the process of critiquing NPC designs, ingame scenery artwork, musical score and key locations on a regular basis with key staff as development progresses. Official credit as Creative Assistant in the game. Signing an NDA is required. All above (even limited) tiers included.

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    PROTAGONIST [limited]

    Your own Seed Booklet *********************************************
    Have your full game playthrough turned into a one-of-a-kind physical booklet and shipped to you by MDT. The booklet will be designed with your full plot branch and all the scenes you visited. Your morale choices and survival priorities will be
    analysed by a real psychologist and you will have your personality portrayed and explained in graphs of high detail.
    All above (even limited) tiers included.

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    Pledge £600 or more About $998 USD

    VETERAN [limited]

    Co-author *********************************************
    Work with one of the key authors and co-write the plot for a whole chapter in The Seed Act 1! You'll be free to implement moral choices, tough decisions and more (within reason and lore). Moreover the chapter co-written by you may influence the main storyline of The Seed.
    You'll also be credited as co-author in the game. Welcome to the team!
    All above (even limited) tiers included.

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    SAVIOR [limited]

    Game Implementation + High Meeting *********************************************
    You are invited to participate in the 2-day Development Team High Meeting in Krakow, Poland, where the team will dine with you, visit real life locations used in the game and do an extensive interview which will allow us to make YOU a key NPC in the story of The Seed! What are your goals, your priorities, your social stance and your agenda? Travel and accommodation expenses not included. You are welcome to bring 2 friends with you. All above (even limited) tiers included.

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