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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
888 backers pledged £20,923 to help bring this project to life.

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New reward releases!


It is with great pleasure that Misery Development Ltd. is now releasing yet another backer reward.

This time it is the Digital Concept Artwork Book rewarded to all backers of the LOOTER pledge tier (and above).

For backers of the PREPPER tier (and above):
We feel like this reward form a sort of a mild spoiler for you, since you are going to receive the hardcover version of this reward in the mail. If you agree with this notion then feel free to ignore the download link that we have sent to you. You can always store it for after you have inspected the glossy pages. The choice is yours.

Download link for the Digital Concept Artwork Book has been provided in a tertiary and direct message.

- - -

Thanks to
Daniel Szendrei and Filip (aka Plaargath) for sending us great photos of abandoned locations. We would also like to use the opportunity to thank graphic artist Vladislav Sokolov for sending us a wonderful work of fan art, inspired by The Seed:

Fan art by V. Sokolov
Fan art by V. Sokolov

Best regards
Misery Development Ltd.

- - -

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VK (Our Russian Facebook) 

Books have shipped!


We are happy to say that all backers of the PREPPER pledge tier and above will be receiving the signed Hardcover Concept Art Book in the mail in the coming days and weeks, depending on your location.

Click image to see a Youtube preview
Click image to see a Youtube preview

96 glossy pages of good visual chunks from the game, unused sketches, content and info not available anywhere else, and 3.5GB of digital goodies.

The whole process of carefully implementing DVDs, signing each book with a personal message, wrapping them, addressing them and taking them to the postal office took about 10 enjoyable hours, thanks to great help from my wife Marianne.

It has been a pleasure to ship copies of our first physical reward to backers all around the globe, with the following countries included: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, France, Russia, Poland, Holland, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Israel, Japan, Ireland, Finland and Macedonia.

We would love to hear from you when the book has arrived at your doorstep! Please tag us on Facebook, Twitter (@mdtseed) or send a mail to

Didn't get a chance to pledge for the Hardcover Concept Art Book during the kickstarter? Send an email to and we will solve it in a jiffy as we still have a few copies left!

Do get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or if you haven't received your reward within a few weeks time.

Meanwhile, the game is progressing full steam. Our game developer, Damjan, has crafted a great internal BETA build + a main menu for Act 1 - which is a gem on its own!

Next up, the digital version of The Concept Art Book will be sent out to all backers of the LOOTER tier and above.

Thank you for all the support, interest and extraordinary good karma surrounding our development!

Best regards
Misery Development Ltd.

More lore and concept art revealed!


Bicycle travel

While at a significantly slower pace than milk, gasoline and fuel also degrades over time.

The concept and the advantage bicycles offer has been ignored and underutilized by popular post-apocalypse media, and we are prepared to remedy this in the world of our game, The Seed. 

Click to view full scale artwork
Click to view full scale artwork


The bicycle is actually the most  energy efficient method to move a human body, and in extreme survival situations where every additional calorie spent counts, energy conservation could mean life or death. Not to mention the efficiency that mountain bikes offer for traversing long distances and with minimal effort in even rough terrain. 

Bicycles also require no fuel, and some require very low maintenance.  They are truly an ideal mechanism for survival and are easily replaceable.   Mountain bikes in The Seed are still rarely seen, since most consider them very valuable, and wouldn't want to risk displaying their most valuable possessions. They are nevertheless present, and utilized by highly efficient groups, moving large distances throughout the region. They are often equipped with carriages that enable the transport of more necessities wherever needed.

Fixes are also often used since they are even simpler to maintain, and don't require as many complex spare parts as multiple speed mountain bikes. 

Silence and stealth is often the best friend to watch your back in the world of The Seed, so people gain a great advantage when traveling with bikes. The few survivors that are left, are the ones that have learned most of the hard lessons that life in this world offers, and don't go around attracting unnecessary attention by using bulky, loud and hard to maintain vehicles. Most that stubbornly still retain this type of naivety, and use loud, bulky machines to move around, are on the verge of extinction and are constantly being preyed upon by more efficient, experienced packs of people.

We have already integrated this aspect of post-apocalyptic survival into the lore and economy of the game, and some scenes already feature bicycles in the plot-line. They are a valuable asset and severely shift the balance towards the groups of people that employ bicycles for survival.

Best regards
The Seed team

Hard cover art book preview


A backer insight on one of the PREPPER (and above) pledge rewards.

The Seed art book is a collection of some of our visual efforts, and a memento for any passionate fan of The Seed. You can easily revisit areas, show people where you’ve been, enjoy the high resolution and glossy physical result of making The Seed. 

Preview stills
Preview stills

The art book is a glossy, high quality product which should be able to withstand a moderate apocalypse and still be readable. All 96 pages are stuffed with scenes from the game and supplemental material that we’ve used for inspiration of our writers and as guides for some of the experiences you might go through in The Seed.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Inside, there are also 100 names of the folks that helped us fund The Seed project, and this art book. They saw our vision early, and supported us wholeheartedly, so we had to commemorate. These people are the PREPPER tier and above pledgers, and will receive a DVD along with the heavy art book. The DVD is packed with more info on our development process, behind the scenes and things which aren’t immediately accessible to the wider audience.

All Backer surveys have now been sent and we have already collected hundreds of replies. Thank you for being this efficient! When we have all 100 addresses we will wrap the books with the DVDs and have them signed and numbered individually before shipping. This will be an enjoyable process and there is really no reason for us to deny our own excitement in this!

Just a few books left! Make your move now if you or your friend should feel a need to dive right into the world of The Seed even before the BETA is out! See our official website

Best regards
The Seed team

Development status


Dear Seed Supporter!

It's been two months since the Kickstarter succes and we're here with a status on development progression. 

Kickstarter rewards are more or less being delivered exactly how we planned for them. The Media Pack fully delivered to all backers, in-game item creation fully activated and even Character Design has progressed nicely + HOARDER (and above) Kickstarter Backer credits now at official display on the website. We are awaiting a print dummy of the hardcover art book and the DVDs are in the making as well.

Tons of core assets have been build for the game
and here are just the headlines from recent activities:

Just recently our game developer, Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov, redesigned the inventory system. He came up with a very creative and immersive interactivity that surprised the whole team. While the system has already been completed from a technical perspective we have several reasons to not reveal it just yet. Basically, we fear that it will be copied immediately by other developers. Yes... it is that unique!

Thanks to: 
- Brian Fargo (Wasteland)
- Stalker Team Uruguay (Monoliths Whisper)
- Raindrop Studios
- You! ... for showing interest, support and love!

Follow us on social media for additional development posts and news:
Facebook, Twitter, VK and YouTube
We'd be happy to answer whatever questions you may have about the game.

Help us spread the word - tell your friends about The Seed!
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Until next time!

Best regards
The Seed team