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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
888 backers pledged £20,923 to help bring this project to life.

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Closed BETA release on Feb. 25

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Hi, how are you guys doing?

We have our noses dug deep in work, but we couldn't be happier with the latest progression on our pilot project The Seed. Major bugs have been gloriously squashed and many features have been finalized.

We are delighted to soon be sharing the closed BETA with those that purchased BETA access (EXPLORER backer tier and above). The closed BETA will be available for download on February 25 for Win x32, Win x64, Mac, and Linux. We honestly can't wait to enter this next stage of debating our gameplay with you! In other words we’re coming to you for creative sparring and impressions of our project.


Here's a visual comparison chart between the BETA version and the final Act 1 game, to let you know exactly what to expect from both:

Click image to visit the dev. blog on the official website
Click image to visit the dev. blog on the official website

Backer influence

We've prepared a detailed BETA tester survey that will be distributed to every single backer who is going to participate in the upcoming testing and sparring phase. This is your chance to influence the game in its completion phase prior to release. A chance to shape the game and voice your opinion, and we are going to love you for it.

You can still make it

If you didn't get a chance to pledge for the Early Access BETA of The Seed, you can still make it. Just send us a PM and we can upgrade your pledge accordingly via PayPal. You are also more than welcome to contact us via

Until next time!

Best regards
Misery Development Ltd.

Famous authors join the project!

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Please excuse us for bending our own rules. In Update #37 we stated that the next Update would be solely concerning the BETA build, but we just had to share some good news with you all before that.

Famous authors join The Seed project!

Just recently Misery Development Ltd. joined forces with famed and top selling authors.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson
Sean T. Smith
Sean T. Smith
Wilbert Stanton
Wilbert Stanton
Peggy Martinez
Peggy Martinez
John Harper
John Harper

 Click here to read more!

The Seed Act 1 closed BETA will be released for backers in January 2015.
Our upcoming Updates are going to go into detail about this, so stay tuned for more.

We are getting there!

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

It's time for another official progress update.

With an interest in development focus we’ve kept a low profile lately in terms of promotion and feature highlights. This is due to recent obstacles and unforeseen events that really needed our attention. However, we are now ready to sum-up all the latest progression highlights with our audience and backers.

Good news. We have now fully recovered from the development impact that we endured a few months ago. An issue in the form of a dispute but we bounced back and have now filled the gaps. We are happy to announce that all BETA fiction has now been completed and passed through editing and proofreading.

Some of the latest additions to the BETA of The Seed:
- Widescreen compatibility
- More immersive GPS design and interaction
- Graphical expansions (including realistic kinetics of dust particles, smog)
- Fully developed Intro and player customization for added immersion
- Mobile testing (iPhone 6+ option)
- Graphical optimization (works like a charm under recent Apple mobile hardware)

As a small indie team we are vulnerable to hardware losses, sickness and private life impact, and as such we have had our share of unfortunate challenges. However, unstoppable as we are, the project is subject to updates every single day. We love the project so much that we find ourselves working on it during weekends and holidays. It's definitely our profession and our hobby.

We are a team of ambitious and devoted game developers and we soldier on to ensure a proper birth of this concept. We never back down, we just look for alternate and better ways to succeed.

Currently we are also setting out a call to all expert and highly motivated post-apocalypse authors and people interested in hard sci-fi, to apply to join our team and contribute to this project through textual content authorship.
We've updated our website with more info on this for those interested.

It is worth noting that while Act 1 is delayed in relation to our initial plans the programming basis for Act 2 and 3 is already in the making and will actually benefit from this situation. This means the technical aspect of Act 2 and 3 will be practically at a very advanced stage already, because the entire game platform has been built.

Here’s our current plan of release for Act 1:
1) Closed BETA for Kickstarter backers and pre-orders
2) Steam Greenlight incl. an open demo
3) Tweaking Act 1 based on BETA tester feedback
4) Official release of Act 1 for PC, Mac, iPad and Linux (maybe iPhone 6 Plus)

We have lots of cool content to be sharing and discussing with you all. However, right now we are simply focusing our attention and resources on building of assets. Updates, feature highlights and insight will be presented when we are closer to release, and honestly we can’t wait for that phase but we don't want to spoil anyone with anything just yet.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the latest inventory items and scene artwork:

Last but not least we would like to thank you all for the patience and understanding. It is hugely motivating to be surrounded by this positive karma and we shall return the favor in form of an incredible video game experience.

The following update will be an update exclusively focusing on the release date reveal for the BETA, where we will go more in depth of what we've done in the meantime, how much more we've progressed from what we planned and showed in the Kickstarter and what are our current schedules for the subsequent development of the game.

Best regards
The Seed team

What's HEXACO?

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)
The Seed is as much about human behavior, philosophy and psychology as it is about survival and exploration. We've been asked about this HEXACO term a few times, and we would love to share some light on this whole aspect with all of you.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at what HEXACO really is. 

HEXACO is a serious and scientific approach to studies of human psychology and characteristics. It is an instrument that assesses the six major dimensions of personality:

  • Honesty-Humility 
  • Emotionality 
  • eXtraversion 
  • Agreeableness (versus Anger) 
  • Conscientiousness 
  • Openness to Experience

We use these studies as one of our major sources of inspiration when we design and create all the mental aspects of The Seed.


Honesty-Humility:Persons with very high scores on the Honesty-Humility scale avoid manipulating others for personal gain, feel little temptation to break rules, are uninterested in lavish wealth and luxuries, and feel no special entitlement to elevated social status. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale will flatter others to get what they want, are inclined to break rules for personal profit, are motivated by material gain, and feel a strong sense of self-importance. 

Emotionality: Persons with very high scores on the Emotionality scale experience fear of physical dangers, experience anxiety in response to life's stresses, feel a need for emotional support from others, and feel empathy and sentimental attachments with others. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale are not deterred by the prospect of physical harm, feel little worry even in stressful situations, have little need to share their concerns with others, and feel emotionally detached from others. 

eXtraversion: Persons with very high scores on the Extraversion scale feel positively about themselves, feel confident when leading or addressing groups of people, enjoy social gatherings and interactions, and experience positive feelings of enthusiasm and energy. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale consider themselves unpopular, feel awkward when they are the center of social attention, are indifferent to social activities, and feel less lively and optimistic than others do. 

Agreeableness (versus Anger): Persons with very high scores on the Agreeableness scale forgive the wrongs that they suffered, are lenient in judging others, are willing to compromise and cooperate with others, and can easily control their temper. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale hold grudges against those who have harmed them, are rather critical of others' shortcomings, are stubborn in defending their point of view, and feel anger readily in response to mistreatment. 

Conscientiousness: Persons with very high scores on the Conscientiousness scale organize their time and their physical surroundings, work in a disciplined way toward their goals, strive for accuracy and perfection in their tasks, and deliberate carefully when making decisions. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale tend to be unconcerned with orderly surroundings or schedules, avoid difficult tasks or challenging goals, are satisfied with work that contains some errors, and make decisions on impulse or with little reflection. 

Openness to Experience: Persons with very high scores on the Openness to Experience scale become absorbed in the beauty of art and nature, are inquisitive about various domains of knowledge, use their imagination freely in everyday life, and take an interest in unusual ideas or people. Conversely, persons with very low scores on this scale are rather unimpressed by most works of art, feel little intellectual curiosity, avoid creative pursuits, and feel little attraction toward ideas that may seem radical or unconventional.

Read more about HEXACO

So, that's another whole topic to discuss with you all once the game is out,
and we look very much forward to be doing that.

Enjoy your weekendsThe Seed team


Do you remember Alex Kidd? Loved it?
Here, take a look at this:

When darkness covers the kingdom, an unlikely hero will evolve and devolve to save the day in this epic 2D side-scrolling adventure: Adventures of Pip

Great progress

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

The Seed is now supporting widescreen formats!

Technically, it wasn't possible to give this confirmation during the Kickstarter pitch, but we are there now. The interface has been moulded into a global format that is going to support all of these resolution ratios from a global output. We've updated the internal build and tested it on MAC, PC, iPad and Linux on various monitor resolutions, and all of them with great results.

Let's celebrate this with a peek at some of the latest scene artworks in widescreen format.

Development is going full steam

We are delighted to say that our two new authors are doing an excellent job on fleshing out the main plots. Sydney Meeker and Brick Stonewood are both skilled and capable US authors with a solid experience within the gaming industry. See our updated list of credits on the official website here

This is looking promising.

Best regards
Misery Development Ltd.