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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
888 backers pledged £20,923 to help bring this project to life.

NEW pledge tier + add-on

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Due to the popularity of the black paged Hard Cover Art Book we have expanded the PREPPER tier category with +20 units and unlocked a new digital add-on!

NEW Add-on

The digital contents of the PREPPER DVD are now available as digital add-on for £15. This add-on will reward you with the full collection of artwork wallpapers, digital sketches, hand drawings, raw photography and more.

This add-on will only be available during the Kickstarter campaign! Est. delivery June 2014

Simply click 'manage my pledge' and increase your pledge with £15 without changing your selected reward. Your pledge increase will automatically be registered with us and the team will know that you have added this reward to your pledge. NOTE: Backers of the PREPPER tier (and above) already have the physical version of the DVD included in the Hard Cover Art Book.


As a result of popular demand we have come up with a very potent new pledge tier. An influential reward that will put you in a trusted position within Misery Development Ltd. which is also the reason why it is capped at only 5.

Creative assistant
You will be sparring with the Creative director, Lead author and Music composer throughout all 4 months of Act 1 development. You'll be involved in the process of critiquing NPC designs, ingame scenery artwork, musical score and key locations on a regular basis with key staff as development progresses. Official credit as Creative Assistant in the game. Signing an NDA is required. All above (even limited) tiers included. Pledge level £200
Est. delivery May 2014

Some COLONIST backers have already upgraded their pledge level to PIONEER which means that this VERY popular pledge level now has become available again - make your move now!

Many Backers have requested for us to simply expand the capping on the COLONIST pledge tier. Offering just 10 of what this pledge reward entails makes it very unique and we would like to keep it this exclusive. Not only because this is a serious involvement in the game, it is also out of respect to the Backers of the COLONIST tier (and above) that we keep it this limited and exclusive. In addition - there are not that many characters in the game itself.

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Project shout-out

Choice Chamber by OneMrBean

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Click to visit the project

Choice Chamber is a real-time, crowdsourced, procedurally generated game where your fate is in everyone else's hands. Designed from the ground-up for use with Twitch, Choice Chamber sees the player fighting off a never-ending horde of enemies in dangerous chambers. However, it's the players watching the broadcast who decide the player's fate, as they constantly give input to change the game in real time. For one - infinity players!


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    1. Misery Dev. Ltd. 5-time creator on

      Thanks a lot!

      @S. van H
      Yes, the signed Hard Copy Art Book is kickstarter-exclusive.
      Under 100 people in this world are going to have a copy

    2. S. van Hengel on

      Just wondering if the signed hardcopy art book is kickstarter exclusive?

    3. Melissa Meier on

      Just magnificent, you guys - like always!!! You truely are a success:-)