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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
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Key Locations

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Key Locations

Here's a game element that we are deligted to reveal to everyone!
In The Seed you will be traveling a lot and in different directions based on your plot branching. But some locations are represented in more than one plot line and these are entitled Key Locations. These locations all have special significance and focus in each Act of the game.

Whenever two plot lines intertwine in a Key Location this is what defines the special scenario ingame:

  •  The same geographic location. 
  •  The same month and year. 
  •  Two very different experiences.

This is an interesting game element in the sense that you will experience just how diverse the story can actually be based on your survival priorities and morale. Your approach and take on a certain scene can vary quite a bit! Here's an example:

You might be playing the game as a lone scavenger but find yourself hunted like an animal in a Ukranian city ruin. Barely escaping the band of murderers that roam this specific city in search for something to eat or loot.

But in your second playthrough you could be a member (or even leader) of this group of cannibals that practice manhunt as their primary survival technique. Suddenly a survivor enters your city domain and the hunt for flesh commences with you as the predator.

It is not a simple matter of 'good' versus 'evil'. 
In the world of The Seed there is no right and wrong. It is a moral and ethic grey zone and the approach to 'the survival of humanity' will remain an open question that can and will be debated to an almost philosophic degree. Key Locations are epizones for these debates as your approach as the player will portray how and why there are always at least two sides of the same story. 

Each Act features a delicate handful of Key Locations. 
And we are delighted to tell you that The Seed Act 1 is not going to take place in Russia only. Poland, Belarus and Ukraine will also come in play in some plot lines. Act 2+3 Key Locations are still work in progress.

If you feel extremely passionate and excited about the idea of getting involved in the core fictional direction of The Seed and it's plot lines the VETERAN pledge tier form a treasure chest for you. With only 2 slots left this is a unique chance for you to get seriously involved as a Co-Author of a promising post-apocalyptic fiction production with us, the developers.

Best regards
The Seed team

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    1. Misery Dev. Ltd. 5-time creator on

      Thanks! We are confident that we can pull this off and will make sure that not a single chapter ends with a simple left or right door option. This is all about depth, ethics, survival pragmatism and psychology!

    2. Missing avatar


      This is sounding better and better. Choice/s in a game that actually have a meaningful outcome are hard to come by, I hope you guys can pull it off.

      Love the fact that Poland is included at a location.