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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
888 backers pledged £20,923 to help bring this project to life.

You've done it!

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

You have fulfilled the £15,000 Kickstarter goal 5 days ahead of deadline.
The Seed will be made and it is truly you guys that made it come to this!

We simply cannot thank you all enough for making The Seed a reality. We wouldn’t be here without you all believing in the potential of our team and the game. The amount of support and enthusiasm the project receives is nothing less than incredible. This campaign is a journey and experience that we will never forget.

Development of Act 1 has already progressed in a promising pace and we shall spend all of our resources on making this game as captivating, atmosperic and solid as humanly possible. Stay tuned for the next updates on the aspects of the game. We can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Stretch Goals are the next step for us here and there are all the reasons to fight for them. We shall do this by pushing on harder into having press features and notions. Post social media status reports and reveal more insight on the game.

The VISUAL ENHANCEMENT stretch goal unlocked at £20,000 is going to give you increased weather diversity of scenery artworks + many new inventory items to find, examine and utilize. Some of these being diaries, weapons, medicine, news papers, and consumables which form the new base currency of The Seed world.

Keep an eye out for upcoming pledge add-ons that are going to be Kickstarter-exclusive. With 5 days left of the campaign anything can happen really and the sky is the limit.

Thank you all again for such an amazing support!
The Seed team


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    1. NobleBrutus on


    2. Misery Dev. Ltd. 5-time creator on

      What a delight to see this actively engaged comment section full of good karma!
      Right now we are working on a new scene of the game and we will upload an ingame recording of this within the campaign duration. A nice portraying of atmosphere in this scene.

    3. Shadow on

      w00t!! Good deal supporters!! Can't wait now...

    4. Oliver Bo Vanting on

      Tillykke med det! Jeg ønsker jer held og lykke!

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Simm on

      Woot woot, more fun than a pit full of controllers and burers!
      Rawk on guys!

    6. Saodhar

      Looking forward to those add-ons. Maybe there will be a possibility to get access to Acts 2 and 3 at lower cost, than 20 pounds? "Hoarder" tier looks great, but with hryvna plummetting as it is - it's a bit too much for my wallet. :(

    7. Milan Vrškový on

      Awww yisss, mothafuggin success

    8. Missing avatar

      LynneMcD on

      Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you.

    9. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Too bad that Android strethcgoal is so far away on the horizon =(