The Seed

by Misery Dev. Ltd.

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      Leon Moor on

      It's not immersive. Do you see such diagrams changing in real life that respond instantly to your actions? Being aware of your own personal traits is a much slower thing. If you enable it during the game it will just become another gameplay element that people try to "game" as much as possible. They'll be thinking "oh how will this affect my diagram" every time they have a decision instead of roleplaying it.

      Also, feature creep.

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      john walker on

      @Leon Moor I kind of agree but it runs in the background. If you don't want to use it that's fine you don't have to(I think). Problem solved. If it enriches your experience to keep track of the minutiae of character evaluation then good for you. And some will play for the numbers. Kind of anal but it's just an option.

    3. Misery Dev. Ltd. 4-time creator on

      Yes, in real life your character is influenced by your actions immediately, and not stacked in log for a later presentation. How is it less immersive to enable you to reflect on your choices in retrospect, and with every choice you make?
      The module doesn't tell you which choice that influences which parameter before you make it, and it isn't like a shock to everyone that you are less cooperative of nature, if you choose to travel solo all the time. So the feature can't be 'played' or 'abused' in any other way than to tell you what sort of man you are, based on the choices you make. The effect can't be rolled back or something like that.

      What is the difference between thinking "oh how will this affect my diagram" every time they have a decision and roleplaying it? The diagram is a representation of how you roleplay your character.

    4. NobleBrutus on

      Sounds great! I like that idea, most of the changes will be incremental I guess so nobody should get too bogged down in how it affects their diagram - unless it is a really big decision. Besides, the diagram should grow to reflect you, not you the diagram.

      Looking forward to hearing more.

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      Leon Moor on

      You can reflect on your choices on your own, without a diagram to do the thinking for you. It will lower immersion guaranteed.
      Also stop faffing about with new features and release the game.

    6. kelly

      Looks cool to me

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      Vincent Cenni on

      I think everybody is entitled to feel the way they want about this option and certainly ignore it if they think it will cause a distraction to there game play. I, however, feel it will be a cool enhancement to my experience and look forward to seeing how it registers. I don't think it will affect my game strategy because I already planned to play through several times. The first one I will free wheel and play as I believe I would behave regardless of the consequences much like I did in the earlier demo chapter. That will give a base line of how I think I would evolve as a person. Then I will replay it using variant strategies such non-violent except in extreme situations, hyper- violent, and totally amoral to see how the results of each stack up as a survival method against my true first play through. All in all, it should be a fascinating glimpse into what I believe I am capable of doing to survive. Ultimately, what parts of humanity am I willing to consider trading off if I immerse myself in the game and briefly let it become my reality.