The Seed

by Misery Dev. Ltd.

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      Vincent Cenni on

      Hi Misery Dev. team,
      The game is sounding ever more fascinating and your OCD attention to detail well worth the wait. It sounds like the game play through will actually challenge what it means to not only survive, but with what degree of humanity. Even more interesting the challenge to be realistic in your choices which will undoubtedly require true immersion in your game strategy to make morally ambiguous decisions that would seem unconscionable outside the context of the scenario created to progress in the game world. The average cumulative results of the game play through statistics should make a great behavioral psychology study into what remains of basic humanity when the veneer of civilization is shattered with no immediate belief that it can be restored.

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      Xamuel Jones on

      After reading this post, I'm finding myself extremely intrigued by the HEXACO system itself. Will it be possible to play around with it and to learn what sort of character analysis it would have generated for varying game plays? Obviously, one could just play through the game, but it would be too long to do a separate play through for every analysis.

      Maybe allow players to see the range of possible analyses? Kinda like showing what all 32 endings were without needing to play the game 32 times.

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      Xamuel Jones on

      I'm curious, will the players' data be used (with permission) in any sort of scientific study/analysis in psychology?

    4. Misery Dev. Ltd. 5-time creator on

      @Vincent & Xamuel
      Thank you so much for posting.
      We will give our response to your comments and questions in the next update.