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Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
Story-driven post-apocalyptic video game set in Eastern Europe, 2026. Single-player 2D interactive novel deeply rooted in psychology
888 backers pledged £20,923 to help bring this project to life.

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Aiming for App Store

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Hi survivors!

It's been way too long since you heard from us and we are sorry for that!
The going's been rough, but we are still here working on the project.

These days we are looking into optimising the iPad version of the novel and it is slow going, but we are actually very far in terms of development. Bugs have been ironed out and we are laying a last hand on the fixes needed for the iPad compatibility.

When the build is ready and approved we aim for having it go live in App Store.
We have our hopes high that this milestone is going to give us the much needed financial boost in relation to having Act 2 move forward. Act 2 is going to be completed in any case, but working on a project without a budget can feel like running through mud at times. 

We'd like to thank every one of you who provided us with valuable information and insight on bugs, glitches, typos and general feedback. It has been a great help to us!

Thanks for sticking with us!

Kind regards
Misery Development Ltd.

Act 1 backer release!

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Dear backer!

Today is the day! 

Did you catch any sleep? We sure didn’t, but we are fuelled with adrenaline and excitement, so that’s okay.

Here’s the launch trailer that we did to present the final constitution of the novel better, and to boost the motivation for your personal journey into the world of The Seed:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


While Act 1 is only covering a third of the full novel, we hope it shows how much time and effort we pour into this project. We are extremely excited about what we are doing and love spending our energy on a novel that is not fully digested by scratching the surface with a single playthrough. The true power lies in diversity, when trying out different directions in the plotline.


The Seed contains explicit descriptions of content that may be inappropriate for certain age groups. Recommended for ages 16 and up.


This is where you have the opportunity to influence our project and the novel itself. We take feedback very seriously and would love to hear about your thoughts and ideas for the following Acts and the instalment itself. You can email us here:


 While this is a heavily tested and stable build that we are quite thrilled to share with you, please be mindful that this is version 1.0 of the novel and subject to changes. If you happen to run into one or more bugs or glitches, first thing to do is to press F10 and take a screenshot of the entire screen. That helps us identify where and when the error happens as a tag is now displayed in white on the screen. Next up, which is also crucial for us to destroy that bug, is to tell us exactly what you did before the error. Did you press the inventory? Did you click many times on a choice? Did you turn off your computer suddenly? All this will help us bring you the most stable and enjoyable experience in The Seed interactive novel. You can send email with bugs and troubleshooting reports here:


We are a microscopic team, and every mentioning of this release will be a great help to us and much appreciated. If you like what you see of course.


 The novel saves your progress automatically. If you need a break from the story you can exit to the menu at any time and continue the story later. There’s a link to the menu in the upper right corner of the right panel.


The Seed Act 1 will be distributed to all backers in a private message. This private message will be coming to your email inbox directly, just like this update.


All data provided is personal and delivered for your personal use only. Upon purchasing and downloading the content you acknowledge that you will not provide access to any of the data to any other person, website or forum. You are obliged to safeguard and prevent unauthorised access to, copying, disclosure, and unauthorised use of the data. Data cannot be edited, shared, shown or redistributed in any way. Uploading of gameplay, lore, artwork and/or audio is prohibited. Development data, including information about features and functionality to be offered as part of the product, are confidential. By violating the Terms of Use Misery Development Ltd. has the right to cancel and ban your account and lawsuits will be filed against you if applicable. Each distributed version of the novel is meta-tagged with unique ID to source track and fight prohibited distribution of the product (DRM free).


The Seed title, brand and logos are registered trademarks of Misery Development Ltd. in Denmark, EU, US and other countries and used here under license. All rights reserved. The Seed interactive novel is developed, published and distributed by Misery Development Ltd. (UK). All other marks are property of their respective owners.

Kind regards
The Seed team
Misery Development Ltd.


The Seed, Act 1 is complete!

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Dear backer of The Seed


This is the update that we have been anticipating as much as you. Release date for Act 1 is set to June 27 for all backers. It's all up and ready, we're just finishing on final touches along with a round of internal bug testing. We're dealing with excitement levels that shouldn't be possible within the frameworks of known physics. It's been a big adventure for us and every bit of the game was done with love from day 1 to day 1000.


Finally, we are at an end where we can look back and say that we have crossed a bridge. There were times where it looked like this game was not destined to be, times when other similar projects canceled their development, times of good and times of bad. We have had our share of challenges, and if you've been following our updates you'd know what some of those have been.

But we pushed through in troubled waters and adjusted our methods whenever the landscape changed. There were times when we took baby steps, and there were times when we took giant steps, but the important thing is that we were committed enough to reach the destination and honor your glorious support to the project.

For the past two years our two main developers have been working on this project without any funds or budget to aid the cause. The progression and completion has been fueled by personal interest, and commitment to deliver what was brought to live with YOUR pledge and trust in us. We are not saying this to have your pity or generosity, but rather to remain transparent and open about how things are with the project.


We've overextended ourselves with the introduction of three times the length of Act 1 and we are out of budget to continue pushing for Act 2 & 3 for now. We realize this is a big problem for the people that supported us with Act 2 & 3 pledges but we're hoping that the immense length of Act 1 will in some way help with the situation. Just to make this clearer, we absolutely intend to deliver Act 2 & 3 for those who bought them, but the timeframe is uncertain.

In our fanatic obsession to bring in certain aspects of the game up to par with what we came up after the kickstarter, we overextended the length of the game and we added some features that we didn't promise initially (like the personality analysis statistics system).

The good thing is though, that the framework and programming skeleton has now been completed and developing Act 2 and 3 is 'merely' a question of fleshing out the bones with content, both story-wise and with visual assets. Pretty much everything else is fully established and a working program, both for PC, Mac and Linux.

In other words, completing Act 2 and 3 should be done in less than 30% of the time it took us to develop Act 1. And that is even factoring in the unavoidable challenges that always arise in some form or the other with pilot projects like this one.


So right now, according to our calculations, the recommended three playthroughs of the game will take about three hours. We recommended three playthroughs so you guys can appreciate the power your choices can have over the content of the game and to see how radically different outcomes can be had with the tiniest changes in choices.

This has been the most complex and detailed project in our lives and despite the mishaps of breadth predictions we think that you will love the entire game experience once you get yourself in the world of The Seed.

Thank you for all your support so far. We are an extremely small team and every bit of support has been of great importance for us.

Look for our next Update on June 27.

Kind regards
The Seed team


A judge of character

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)

Dear backer!

The Personality Analysis feature, found in the complete version of The Seed, is something that we are very excited about. Up until recently this has been a sort of ‘end game screen’ that is based on your decisions during the play through. But then we discussed the possibility of having it fully accessible and responsive to your actions DURING your playthrough.

It didn’t take us long to agree that this would be an awesome alteration of the game itself, and we have much reason to believe that you will find a lot of interest in seeing a flexible personality module running in the background, accessible with a single click.

Here are some visual treats to let you know what we are referring to.

The image above is a pre-alpha test build that we did a looong time ago, just to let our programmer know the the ideas of the framework we had in mind.

Here below is two screen captures of the personality diagram that you probably saw in the Westworld series by HBO:


After we agreed to have ours be dynamic and fully accessible our programmer Damjan got to work and showed us this. Give it a second or two to load, as it is a gif conversion from a short video capture.

And we loved how it looked. So responsive and lively.

The programming and alteration was swiftly accomplished, and the game itself has already been changed for this, just to let you know.

After all, there is little to no surprise in seeing your 'sympathy' meter go down if you take a life to satisfy your own needs, but seeing your personality diagram change upon your actions is something that we think it pretty damn cool and immersive.

We can't wait to share this feature with you ingame and have your thoughts on the module and the analysis itself.

That wraps things up for now. The game is progressing and we are getting closer and closer to a complete game.

Kind regards
Misery Development Ltd.

Answering backer questions

Posted by Misery Dev. Ltd. (Creator)


Damjan here,

This update we decided to dedicate to a few interesting questions we received. Read through to get to know more about our expanded HEXACO, clinical precision of data, release date witholdings, size of the game world….

john walker said:
Complex moral and ethical interdependencies and "economies" sound great. Hope they provide a diverse spektrum outcomes. Nice that you're updating us regularly. Of course a release date would be nicer. Hope that's not too far off. By the way, is the project still a three parter? Will you be releasing all parts simultaneously?
One of the reasons the game development time balooned up so much is that we actually developed the first game to cover the entire three chapters, with cliffhangers in the end that allow for future chapters to be added as attention grows. We finally have consolidated all the chapters into a single file so we can measure the size of the text and do other analysis and it turns out you will have 1100 pages worth of material to read through if you play out every single choice. 
The initial idea was the game to be much smaller but it turned out it wasn't very immersive and the entire playthrough would've taken a relatively short amount of time. We didn't like this at all, so we migrated the goal post into another city entirely and now we have this gigantic textual world for you to explore.
We've been running this game since we ran out of money, purely fueled by passion for the project and our own curiosity to play through. With a procedural world like this, even the developers can have fun playing through the game since it can surprise you over and over again. This aspect insures that our love for the game is not strictly limited to "our love to publish the game" but it spreads out to us loving to play the game as well and consequently the game becomes a higher quality product.
Release date is close, but we're firmly decided on not budging on it so we will have to be absolutely certain that it is feasible. Luckily once we announce the release date, you will be able to play the game soon after since the most major aspects of the game are completely finished and we have all that we need to develop the rest. 

Xamuel Jones said:
After reading this post, I'm finding myself extremely intrigued by the HEXACO system itself. Will it be possible to play around with it and to learn what sort of character analysis it would have generated for varying game plays? Obviously, one could just play through the game, but it would be too long to do a separate play through for every analysis. Maybe allow players to see the range of possible analyses? Kinda like showing what all 32 endings were without needing to play the game 32 times. I'm curious, will the players' data be used (with permission) in any sort of scientific study/analysis in psychology?

We want you to explore all the radically varying outcomes of the game and try out extremely different character playthroughs. This offers an entirely new experience and is totally worth it in every regard. So the only way to test out a playthrough statistic is to live through it within the game. By the way it's a HEXACO +++ system, our own spin on the HEXACO system, gamified. 
We have no plans to use the data of the players, it's purely for your own enjoyment and our own enjoyment if you share the final game printscreen with us. The game is completely offline and has no direct way to share data with us. Your privacy is guaranteed. We also don't want to know what kind of depravity you will engage in this horrible post-apocalyptic world, mostly since we've already gone through all the depravity possible while testing. :]

Vincent Cenni
Hi Misery Dev. team, 

The game is sounding ever more fascinating and your OCD attention to detail well worth the wait. It sounds like the game play through will actually challenge what it means to not only survive, but with what degree of humanity. Even more interesting the challenge to be realistic in your choices which will undoubtedly require true immersion in your game strategy to make morally ambiguous decisions that would seem unconscionable outside the context of the scenario created to progress in the game world. The average cumulative results of the game play through statistics should make a great behavioral psychology study into what remains of basic humanity when the veneer of civilization is shattered with no immediate belief that it can be restored.

What we're really trying to do with the HEXACO+++ system is to be precise. Before starting through the weeks long process of awarding separate points (And negative points) to each and every choice among the thousands of choices and within each category of the expanded HEXACO system, we made an average and extremes example map. This way we would be synchronised with the amount that we award for specific tasks and the values won't be without a reference point. This causes a firm consistency throughout the entire game even though context of the decisions is always taken into account. Every choice is context sensitive and the amounts awarded or taken adjust according to those considerations.
While the game certainly shouldn't be used as an actual clinical psychology test, we want to have the precision and methodology of clinical tests, but with the immersion and fun of a game. In fact, imagine what kind of an experience would give more precise results, one where you answer bland questions on a piece of paper, or one where you actually interact with the world, you feel you are a part of it, and answer honestly? One day in the future, actual clinical evaluations could be done in terms of the decisions and performance within morally complex video game worlds. While The Seed is most likely not there, it is a firm step in that direction.

Kind regards

Misery Development Ltd.