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"Tearing Down the Tent" is a circus documentary that gives a glimpse of life with a circus. We look to take the movie to various venues to promote it. Read more

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"Tearing Down the Tent" is a circus documentary that gives a glimpse of life with a circus. We look to take the movie to various venues to promote it.

About this project

I used to travel with the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus as a child. When I traveled with them I would ride elephants bareback, work with the clowns, sell cotton candy and help put up the tent.

As an adult, and a reporter starting my career as a filmmaker, I learned the struggles the circus was going through and the fact that it could shut down. I did the only thing I knew ... grab a camera crew and try and capture a memory of this dying artform.

My friend, Jamie Reel, joined the circus and we filmed his adventures as he worked as a clown, rode an elephant, made cotton candy, worked with the camels and stood in the Moto-Globe of Death as a motorcycle raced around his head at 30 miles per hour.

The film is complete and we now look to take it on the road with a promotional road trip that will place the movie in various venues.

Hellblinki Sextet, one of the bands whose music is featured on the circus documentary, "Tearing Down the Tent," has agreed to coordinate the promotional road trip. We look to go on the road together, with me screening the circus documentary, followed by the band playing music from the movie.

While we are on the road with the band we plan to start on our next documentary project, a road trip documentary following Hellblinki Sextet as we tour with them. This will allow us to get started on another movie, while promoting, "Tearing Down the Tent," as well as the documentary I am currently working on which focuses on the Blue Ridge Rollergirls, the Asheville based roller derby team.

In addition to the road trip with Hellblinki Sextet, I also look to find venues to put the film in, such as colleges with digital projectors and film studies as well as colleges with an interest in the circus arts. I also plan on approaching senior centers and independent movie theaters that might be interested in screening the film.

We are also looking to do a screening in Asheville with another band featured in the movie, Sirius B, who provide a gypsy rock sound to the documentary. The movie has already screened at Modern Film Fest and Asheville Film Festival and looks to be a part of Ricochet Film Festival.

The goal is try and get as many people as possible to see the movie and hopefully when they are done want to go see a real live circus and try and help this dying artform.


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