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A student project to capture HD images and 3D video of the 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse from 20 miles above the Earth's surface.
65 backers pledged $4,125 to help bring this project to life.

Mission 2 launch video

This past weekend the Boonville Space Program successfully completed its second launch.  The purpose of this launch was to do some further data collection and testing in preparation for the county Science Fair this weekend and our upcoming Eclipse Mission.  

We learned a great deal from this launch, which will help us with the next big mission.  Here is a link to a short video of some of the best footage:

Thanks again, everyone, for supporting us!!


    1. Creator The Boonville Space Program on March 23, 2012

      Thanks, Rob. That was one of the problems we were trying to sort out, and one of the reasons we did this second launch. As you can see from the video, we didn't solve the problem of the lens fogging, but we now know what it is. We originally thought that the exterior of the camera was icing over, but we now know that it's moisture trapped inside the sealed casing of the camera. We were trapping in atmospheric moisture near sea level, and as the craft rose, the air was forced out leaving the moisture to condense inside. For the Eclipse Mission, we will be either using strips that absorb the moisture or using an open camera casing.

    2. Creator Rob Pennington on March 23, 2012

      Looks fantastic. But what happens at high altitude that looks like finger print smudges. Is this moisture freezing on the lens? I remember seeing it in the footage from last year. That's going to make the Eclipse Mission problematic. What are your thoughts?
      Dr. Rob Pennington