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The Warwick Globalist is the new chapter of Global21:a global network of international affairs publications at preeminent universities.
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The Warwick Globalist will be the University of Warwick’s, and the newest, chapter of Globa21. Described by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman as ‘a student-run version of The Economist’, Global21 is the only network of international affairs publications at premier universities around the world. 

Global21 was founded at Yale University in 2005 after winning the Yale Entrepreneurial Society Y50K contest, on the belief that providing a forum for university students around the world to engage in a dialogue on international issues will foster international understanding and cooperation. Moreover, it will allow tomorrow’s leaders to be exposed to a wide range of perspectives. 

There are twelve chapters in ten countries, reaching 278,000 students. Our peers in Global 21 include preeminent universities such as Oxford, Yale, Sydney, Peking & The LSE. The Warwick Globalist will be part of the dynamic and well-established Global21 network, and will take advantage of the opportunity to exchange articles with overseas publications in order to maximise its international reach. 

The Warwick Globalist will be the only student magazine produced at this level in the university. It will be distributed around campus and the e-edition will be available on the Global21 website: 

 As well as on our website: 

 Despite the progress made so far, we do not want to stop here. We have great plans for expansion of the magazine and this is why we need your support. The money raised on Kickstarter will mean that the first edition of the magazine, due to be released 1st December 2012, can be published on the quality of print on which it deserves to be read and to be marketed to the widest possible audience beyond the University of Warwick campus.

Risks and challenges

The £500 target would allow The Warwick Globalist’s first edition to be published on the highest print-quality as well as to be marketed and distributed to an audience beyond the University of Warwick campus. We need to meet this target to ensure that the inaugural edition of The Warwick Globalist is of the standard require to sit alongside The Yale Globalist and its preeminent peers.

The are only limited risks involved as we have the backing of the University of Warwick Student’s Union as well as several private backers such that we do have the funds necessary to produce a small print-run on a quality that we do not feel befitting to The Warwick Globalist. With your help and support we can ensure that The Warwick Globalist reaches a wider audience in true style. So please contribute to make this a reality but to also receive 5 copies of the first edition, free tickets to our upcoming ‘Globalist Speaker Series’ and a personal thank you in the first edition.

A risk would be the schedule we have to turn around the first magazine in time. However, we are right on track. The quality of articles is fantastic. Shipping wise we will ensure that your rewards are send first-class, recorded delivery. Your donation will help to enlarge the distribution and The Warwick Globalists audience.

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