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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Fulfillment Update - Take Two

Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Good day, brave fighters! This time, unfortunately, no good news this time.

The manufacturer just told us that the ship won't be leaving the shores before Chinese New Year.

They tried everything, but there was an overbooking of requests, and even if we asked daily to be forwarded in time, we didn't make in time. Due to this, we'll have a delay of around three weeks in the worst case scenario, but the manufacturer said they are ready to get in action as soon as this celebration ends, so the last week of February.

We're terribly sorry for that. We saw how much you long for this game, and we felt your support so far, so we can understand if someone might feel upset or sad for this. We really wanted to deliver the games in your hands as soon as possible, but this was completely out of our control.

How much delay?

Hard to say. The manufacturer promised that they'll ship Daimyo's Fall as soon as the factory opens after the holidays. After that, the ship takes from 30 to 40 days to reach its destination. Then, about a week or two for the product to reach you houses.

What we can say is that we are partnering with Happyshops in Germany and Funagain in the US, which are extremely reliable partners you all probably know. We wanted the best to be super sure the fulfillment goes in the best way and without flaws.

Asia Fulfillment

First of all, Asia fulfillment will be done earlier than US and Europe. This is quite normal in every Kickstarter, and most of you are already used to it, but we still wanted to address it.

Italian Convention and Selling Boxes

This is the part we really hate.

During the first week of April there's the biggest boardgames-only Italian convention, Modena Play.

As part of our deal with the manufacturer, we are about to receive a few dozens of copies because we wanted to be sure we had them for the first week of April, when we thought the game would've been fulfilled in the US and Europe too.

Selling the game before this news wasn't a bad deal as we were sure Daimyo's Fall would've been fulfilled in the same week, but now things are different, and you're going to have the game at least a week after the convention.

This is really upsetting, because we hate this kind of solutions and we're now almost forced to do so in order to make the game more known and helping ourselves to recover the costs.

We're now asking for your blessing to sell the copies we'll have at the convention, even if it's really, really painful for us. We're ready to lose the money we spent on the non-refundable fee for the convention if you guys don't want the game to be sold to others before it arrives to you.

Daimyo's Fall and Axis Mundi Games are born to give you an experience that is different from the major boardgame companies. All we do is a labor of love, so asking you to accept such a request is hard for us, but we hope you can understand that going to conventions is necessary for the future of the game and the company.

Please let us know, we're ready to follow your request, as we're honoured to serve you.

The Good

Our next project, So Long, My World is proceeding fast, and we're planning its Kickstarter campaign.

Working on this project made us understand that we really love this work and we want to unleash our burning passion making even more original products that will make the world understand that a boardgame can be art. Real art.

So Long, My World is delving into areas other games don’t, and asking players to question themselves.

We strongly believe in this new project and we want to share you a some sneak peeks.


The Better

The artbook is fantastic, you'll love it.

Artbook's Cover (front & back)
Artbook's Cover (front & back)

The Even Better

We're also working on both Daimyo's Fall first expansion (hitting Kickstarter in... secret) and Daimyo's Fall: Project Labyrinth, the Deck Building Legacy Dungeon Crawler with Badass Miniatures set in Daimyo's Fall flamboyant universe.

Allow us to show you some more artworks!




And that's now for today!

Have a wonderful week end!
- Enrica & Francesco

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    1. NightWolf21k on

      @Enrica F.
      You arr welcome and never underestimate your backers ;-)
      I am not lying when i say, this was from all the over 150 projects i backed since i started 2012 the only project that i would say was nearly perfectly done - for me it was the best one to date.

      You avoided all the faults so many creators do, you never saw your backers just as an ends to a mean, you were always there for them, you always gave us updates. and i can go on.

      For me it was an honour to be part of your journey and seeing so many giving you your blessing just shows me, that i am not the only one who liked how you handled everything.

      And never stop beeing who you are (i loved all our conversations - be it here or on Deviantart) - i am looking forward to hear how the convention went, i wish you only the best for these upcoming days. And i am looking forward to recieve the game - i am already preparing everything for showing it of ;-)

    2. Bree Guevara

      Please sell your games at the convention!!! I supported both the game and the company... it would be silly for anyone to ask for anything that would hinder the success of either one of those! Hope there are more supporters of you all from the convention and the community grows :)

    3. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      Wow guys! Seriously, you are the best backers I could ever imagine!
      @Henry sure we will, thank you for your support showed so far!
      @Micheal thank you, we struggled so far for making everything in time, and we wanted to share how we felt. I'm sure you'll be happy when the game will arrive!
      @John I can't wait to it too, we already have some awesome things to show!
      @Sonja Thank you, we won't stop doing games as we love so much doing it! After searching so much for something that can engage people that much we can't give in to it!
      @Erica get ready to have a full report of the convention when it's done!
      @Justin aww thank you! Umeka is sending you a big hug!
      @Benjamin hell yeah! We'll keep you informed!
      @NightWolf you're so mind, thank you so much dear! I'm so sorry we couldn't make it in time, but you'll so happy when the game will arrive!
      @Martin Thank you! I can't wait for So Long, My World too, soon we'll post new updates about that!

    4. Martin

      Wow! This is amazing. I've seen other campaigns where people complain that the creators shouldn't sell at a convention "because we should get ours first," they say.

      I am with everyone else here -- I have no issue with you selling the game at any conventions. KS, after all, is all about helping creators realise their project and by being able to sell it at conventions, it shows that it has become a reality. In no way does backing on KS mean that the backer gets theirs first (it would be nice, but it's not mandatory.)

      The only thing that I expect is that I do eventually get the reward that is part of my pledge. And this is what you are going to do.

      So, to iterate, I have no issues with you selling at any convention.

      Additionally, I can't wait for So Long, My World and Daimyo's Fall: Project Labyrinth.

    5. NightWolf21k on

      Hey, again dont apologize - its not you fault what happend.

      And yes sell it - i know you feeel like you betray your supporters, but again, you have to make your game well know. Get the word out so that you get a start. And also, you know why i have no problems with htis: You never lied to us, you managed this project in a way i have only seen a very few creators did. You gave updates until the end, you have said it very early that there could happen something like this, you all were aleway honest to your backers. For me what you did was show how you do a KS.

      So i really hope the game will be a major hit on the convention, and you can bet i will be back for more ;-)

      So stop frowning, and go there with your head up high, and let your game loose on the world ^^

    6. Missing avatar

      benjamin schmauss

      I insist you sell the game at the convention.

    7. Justin Boehm

      Good evening Francesco & Enrica! While the craziness that causes delays is never one wants to encounter, it is in most cases inevitable; by all means please make sure to market your game and sell those copies at the convention, there is no reason that makes any logical sense to do otherwise. These things happen and it would untoward of us to ask you not to move ahead with something already scheduled that would cost you money as that would influence your ability to provide us a great product in the future. The open and honest communication is appreciated and I don't think there is anyone who would honestly not give you their blessing, keep up the great work!

    8. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Henry So I'm very sorry, I didn't mean that. I just took the occasion to explain a little more what happened and why we took some decisions. Again our deepest apologies and gratitude for your sincere and constructive support! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Erica Pettit

      Fine with me. good luck at the convention thanks for letting us know ahead of time

    10. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      @Axis Mundi: In no way do I advocate you hurrying anything. Just use the lessons learned here to give yourselves more time to deliver on time.

    11. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Sonja Ljostveit thank you so much! Next games will be great, now we've started with Daimyo's Fall nothing will stop us. We plan to keep going on with Daimyo's Fall franchise while developing more franchises like So Long, My World and something else that is better to keep hidden for now!

      @John Silveira can you imagine Setsuko, Aiko and friends in beutiful miniatures? We're already partnering with the studio that produced... well, let's keep the secret for now on this too. As a Deck-Building Dungeon Crawl will be awesome anyway! We're working on a system that blends the original Daimyo's Fall deck building style with a dungeon crawler experience. The bosses are awesome, just wait for it! With a little luck, So Long, My World's Kickstarter campaign (coming sooner than DF: Project Labyrinth) will bring us the resources to make even more miniatures than what we've already planned!

      @Michael Evans, still we are sorry. We were pretty confident we could deliver in the end of January, but going through the production we decided to focus on a more adequate box that the one we had in mind in the first place. This took time and many attempts before having what we were aiming for.
      Especially the rulebook: making a booklet that suits that kind of box being in the same time pretty and artistic without creating any issue for the readers was quite difficult, so we're happy we delayed in order to produce something with a quality that won't disappoint a single one of you guys and girls. Unfortunately, Chinese New Year appeared and we have to accept more delay.
      Thanks, thanks so much for your kind words!

      @Henry So unfortunately any esteem wanes after facing the many little issues that may happen during a game's production. Making hurry to the manufacturer during the last steps of the production would have been risky for the product's quality. For our next Kickstarters we are already going through the first steps of prototype production in order to deliver even earlier than what happened for Daimyo's Fall. We're sure, tho, that you all will be pleased by a deck building that is different from the others and that you will remember!

    12. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit

      I do not mind that you sell some games at a convention before I get my game. I think it is important that you do so in order to spread the words about you and your game. It will also be advantageous for us backers as it will make it possible for you to continue creating games and we love games 😊

    13. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      WWWWWWHHHHAAAATTTT...Deck-Building Dungeon Crawl in the world of Daimyo’s Fall... INSTA-BACK!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      I dont think anyone (except that one guy) minds if a creator sells some copies of their game at a Convention a few weeks before backers get it as long as the creator was honest and truly trying to get their game to backers before hand. You guys did everything you could do, go sell games with all our support (except that one guy).

    15. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      @James I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one confused about that celebration! Thank you so much!
      @Mark I hoped until the very last, but it looks like this is like a wall! Thanks, I'm proud of So Long, My World and I can't wait to show more!

    16. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      I'm OK with you selling at the convention as long as you learn this valuable lesson when estimating delivery in the future.

    17. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      Guys, thank you so much!
      To be honest this news got me really bad, because I was optimistic that things would go as planned.
      @Jesse thanks to bringing that up, I'm working closely with them everyday, but from now on I'll be more careful!
      @Tim make sure you make a photo when it comes to your table! Fingers crossed for that convention, we'll make a big report when it's over!

    18. Mark Capell-Helm

      To all at Axis Mundi.
      I for one am totally ok with you doing this.
      You have been open and honest through out this campaign and communication has been very good since it finished.
      As someone who has backed more than a few KS projects I have seen so many of them get caught foul of CNY. Where basically China closes for a month nearly. It is not your fault. You need to raise the awareness of your brand and your game and this is a great opportunity for you to do so. I say GO FOR IT!

      As for So Long, My World. Every time i see more art for this game I want to get into it more and more. It is dealing with a lot of issues that do not get dealt with in the sensative but real way your attempting. Keep Going


    19. Missing avatar

      James Patrick Parks

      Eh. Do what you have to do.

      You're a company and a big convention is the best place to get your product out there, get some buzz, and you need product to sell to do that.

      I'm still confused how an entire country can take a week off, but I've backed enough Kickstarters to know it happens. No worries.

    20. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      Thanks @Tim Roy. While many have told us not to worry because many KS deliver with many, many months of delay (and we have already experienced that as backers too), we don't want to relax just because it's normal to be late. We will always aim for giving you the best product and customer service, so we still feel sorry for this delay.

      Knowing you guys are so supportive makes us really happy and wanting to keep going on with other awesome projects that won't be forgotten easily!

    21. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      Thanks Jesse, we really appreciate.

      About Happyshops, while we trust them for many reasons and past experience with them, we understand that mistakes happen and that backers are obviously afraid for something like that to happen.

      Nobody should fear though, because since we are based in Italy, not only we'll watch VERY closely at them, but also we'll be ready to swiftly repair any mistake that may happen, sending personally a copy that is missed. But we're sure that there won't be any need to! ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim Roy

      Reaaaally hoping the majority here doesnt tell you not to sell your games. I've never really understood this sentiment myself.

      sooooo sell your games! make money!

      As far as I'm concerned, sometimes life just happens. I'm getting my game late, but I'm getting it, so let other people get the game too! Especially if its just to help you guys break even.

      You all have been upfront with everything so zero issues for me here. I hope you're successful and I can't wait to play whenever it comes!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jesse VanKirk on

      I'm totally okay with you guys selling at the convention. It's when companies try to go behind the back of its supporters does it get me frustrated. And I'd watch Happyshops and make sure things go smoothly. They recently had some problems with another kickstarter and about 50 supporters weren't able to get their copies of a game.