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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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New Rulebook and Pledge Manager last call!

Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Hello noble samurai and cunning ninja!   

Today you’ll have a smaller update than usual! At first we didn’t think to do something like that, but since we are so proud about what we’re going to show you, we couldn’t resist!

Today's Daily Special is… 


We had to resize it according to the new box, but at first we struggled a bit because we wanted something that could fit the box without beign sloppy or too complicated… that’s why we came up with this awesome format! 

The printing is excellent, and the colors are bright and defined. We couldn’t ask for more, and we really hope that you’ll like it as much as we do! 

Write your impressions in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more info coming to the next weeks (mass production is about to start, f)! 

Pledge Manager last call!

We had to delay closing the pledge manager because some haven't yet completed the survey! If you haven’t fulfilled the form for delivery or you’re still deciding what to add to your base pledge, hurry up!
The Pledge manager will be available until November 15th 24:00 (Rome)!

That's all for now!

If you’re Italian, don’t miss the chance to catch up at GameCom 2017 at Pordenone Fiere! You’ll have the opportunity to play Daimyo’s Fall along with So Long, My World! 

Love and a warm michiyuki (it’s so cold!) 
 Enrica & Francesco
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    1. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      @Micheal and @NightWolf21k, thank you so much!
      The design of this rulebook hasn't been easy at all, because at first we wanted to use a regular shape, but if wouldn't be fitting with this box at all. When I came up with this idea, at first I thought that it wouldn't be a good option, but when I saw printed and all.. I was (and am) super satified!
      I'm so glad that you like it too!

    2. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys! Enrica had the idea of producing a rulebook in that format, and we must say it was a super great idea!

      We're happy you appreciate since we are using all our resources to be sure we will print something unique and precious.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Evans

      I love the look of the rule book. I find that most times when they use a box that size they orientate the rule book more like a book (the spine being on the longest edge) and it makes the book seem cramped. While your book is probably about the same amount of pages it seems more flowing and roomy. I am really looking forward to getting this game, It looks amazing.

    4. NightWolf21k on

      Looks good so far :-)
      That you thought about how the rulebook would fit into the box was a good thing to do. Its always sad opening boxes and seeing the rules just stuffed into it and looking like someone just put it in there as an afterthought (which looks like the so often called toiletpaper).