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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Hello dear Friends! 

As we told you in the previous update, last week end we had a convention in which we revealed our new projects. But before talking about that, we have to remember you that...  

Late Pledge last Weeks!

Guys! If you haven’t fulfilled the form for delivery or you’re still deciding what to add to your base pledge, hurry up!

Late pledge will be available until October 31st, so these weeks are your final chance to have the game as you see it here!

Having trouble?  

If you run into any survey related issues, you can reach out directly to the CrowdOx team right from the bottom of the form (see image below). 

They are very friendly and quick to respond! For any product or shipping related enquiries, you can also contact us directly!

Survey FAQ  

I can't find my survey email  

The personalized link was emailed to the address that you provided when making your pledge. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you have lost your survey email, you can submit your email address using this retrieve tool.  

I added extra funds to my pledge to buy accessories, how do I use my credit?  

When you open up your survey, it will open on the reward level that you pledged in. You can either upgrade to a higher reward level using the funds you have or you will see your credit on the Extras page where you can select from the various items. If you can't find what you are looking for, please be sure to contact us.  

I have moved, how do I edit my address?  

You can go back into your survey at any time to update your address.

Road to mass production – New photos! 

Now a little update concerning the production of the game. We’re setting the last details, and now we’d like to show you our choice for the box.

We have decided to use this kind of box in order to make it easier to bring it with you. Cards will be stored easily, and the final look is also more appealing. 

Those of you who came to our booth said they loved the box, but we must say that the final product will be even better. We're aiming to the highest stardards, waiting now for another box sample with thicker paper, so we'll deliver a top-notch quality product. 

The printings are awesome, we're particulary happy of the colors, vibrant and bright. With the new box comes a new size for the rulebook, and here it is! 

Enrica loves it, and you? We should received the final prototype with everything settled in a couple of weeks, then we’ll start with mass production! 

Our latest convention

We can’t thank you enough for those days, because they were even better than our wildest expectations. A lot of people stopped by our stand. Some of them were loyal backers who already knew us and wanted to have a chat and a play with us. Some of them were people who heard about our project before and they were curious to try it and tell us their impressions. 


Some of them were people who didn’t knew us before, but stopped because their attention was captured by the art, graphics and materials. In any case, what really warmed our hearts was their reaction to us and to our games (yes, games, you’ll read it soon!). They enjoyed themselves a lot, they were smiling and having fun. When we started to make games we simply wanted this, and seeing our goal beign reached is a real boost to our determination of doing quality games! So really, thank you so much!

Most important, this convention was the debut to a couple of new project we’re currently working on. Now the times are right to talk about them more, so… 

Nevermore – So Long, my World

Humanity is dying, and there's no escape from it.   

The reason of it is unknown, even though you search for the truth.
No matter how much you struggle, your life will come to an end. 

You now have only nine hours until your departure, what are you going to do? A whirl of emotions runs over you, while a glimpse of self-knowlegde blossoms within yourself. 

Will you be able to know more about yourself before the end? 

Prototype cards.
Prototype cards.

NeverMore - So Long, my World
is an immersive, card drafting game in which you have to store feelings and use them to play the cards from your hand. To collect feelings, you have to explore places or start activities by choosing one of the location cards on the table. But beware, as other people are experimenting with the madness of their final hours, and they will do whatever it takes to obstruct your journey.

The clock is ticking, and your remaining nine hours are running out fast... are you ready to face yourself?

We were pleased to see that a lot of people showed interest in this project, despite that the theme might be a bit uneasy. This project has a completely different atmosphere from Daimyo’s Fall, as you might see from the cards. With this, we wanted to unveil feelings that everyone has felt at least once in their lives, but are too scared to voice.

We went through the demos with a house made prototype. Despite that, we played a lot of games and people enjoyed it.

You'll see dice in the photos we took, but don't worry! It is definitely not a dice game, the we are just placeholders! As those of you who experienced Daimyo's Fall know, we love planning and strategy, so we are aiming for another intellectually challenging game, but with slightly less weight than Daimyo's Fall.

With Nevermore - So Long, my World we're going for a 15-30 minute game that everyone can learn in a few minutes and immediately enjoy.

Daimyo's Fall - Project Labyrinth (name not final)

Umeka finally did it.
She entered the Daimyo’s palace to take the treasure Gurin told her about. It took longer than expected, but she's finally inside. Now all she has to do is come back with the loot, but… wait, the rooms are different than before, and the exit is no longer there… Who's there? Other people? She knows one of them... Nobuyuki Sanada, right? And the others? She doesn't know them, but are they all lost in here just like her?

Then, a gentle whisper: "Please, follow my voice, for it will soon be your last bond with the world you were born into."

The warriors must choose carefully, either to pair up with these strangers to escape from this dungeon where the grasp on Causality is each second weaker, or to follow their own instincts, ignoring the otherworldly voice...

You asked for this since the ending of this campaign, but you didn't know we were already working on it! A dungeon crawler set in Daimyo’s Fall's world!

It is already in the beta test phase and the games we had during the latest convention went smoothly and fun.

Just as Daimyo's Fall isn't the deck builder you were used too, DF: Project Labyrinth will feature unique traits that will give you a lot of content and replayability, as well as a strong, deep campaign with loads of choices that will really make a difference in the experience each time you play!

Final thoughs

If you want to meet us, you can find us at Pordenone GameCon! Save the date! November, 17-18 2017!

Some of you asked us if they could see us at Lucca Comics, but unfortunately we couldn’t make it this time.

These days are crucial for the beginning of the mass production, plus both our jobs are keeping us quite busy, so we had to pass on attending. But don’t worry, next year we will be there!

All right, that’s all for this time! Tell us your impressions in the comment section, we want to hear your opinions!

And remember to fulfill your pledge manager!

Love and green tea,
Enrica & Francesco



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    1. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Martin it seems the System isn't working, so the card can't show its effect and description correctly! It isn't the only card that the System malfunction is messing up, though!

    2. Martin

      is one of those cards meant to have, what appears to be, a java exception call log on it?

    3. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @NightWolf21k glad you like our new ideas! We're looking forward to share with you what we're preparing! New franchises are incoming - Nevermore really has a lot to tell! - and Daimyo's Fall will be expanded through new horizons! Just wait to see!

      @Justin Boehm Daimyo's Fall is each day closer! We're confident that the expected delivery date will be respected!

    4. Justin Boehm

      Yay my girl Umeka! I agree the box choice was the right one and I'm looking forward to both new games, as well as Daimyo's Fall of course!

    5. NightWolf21k on

      The Box looks great - good to see you also went with an not everyday version here :-)

      And i have to say "Project Labyrinth" sounds really interesting - but for the moment i am looking forward to play Daimyos Fall :-)

      Just so sad, that alle the conventions are so far away :-( Would loved to meet you.