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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Good day, brave warriors!

Even though here the hot weather is draining away our energy, we have a special update for you today! Maybe you already know what we're bringing up, but some of you may not have any clue.

Sample received!

Time to show you a production sample of the game! This is the closest thing to the final edition of the game we can show you so far!  The colors are vibrant and the quality of the materials are just as we expected! There is still more work to do, but in the end we'll have what we want, a top-notch quality product!

Aren't you curious to see it? Take a look at these pictures!












Custom cards

We're going on with the custom card as well, and we're half way! The characters are cool, and now we're doing the fun part of the process, coloring! So far, Safron, Juline, and Nozomi are done, and here they are! Soon the others will arrive as well!

Artbook - Update

Francesco here.
The comic short I'm working on focuses on the moment Kayano met Kamui and decided to follow her forever. This is the beginning of the Ice in My Heart mini expansion storyline. 

The situation and the symbols Kayano is facing have a strong link with another comic story I wrote a long time ago. What those links are is a secret.

Tale of the Day: Ame-no-Uzume!

And Enrica is here, in our Lore corner!  

Today I'd like to talk about one of my favorite characters of the game, Ame-no-Uzume! She's the strongest Ninja Reinforcement, and even though she may look a bit pricey, she's really useful when you'll have her on your side!


And that's all for now! Hope you have enjoyed this update, next will be even better!

Lots of love and tea mochi,
Enrica & Francesco

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    1. NightWolf21k on

      @Axis Mundi
      I believe this will be a very interested read.

    2. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @NightWolf21k The artbook is something we're putting a lot of efforts in, you'll be surely pleased by the final result!

    3. NightWolf21k on

      Looks good :-)
      I am definitve looking forward to the Artbook, normally its something i have not that much interest in, but what you are doing with the short comics just does it for me. Cant wait to see the finished version of it.