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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Bamboo leaves are rustling, rustling
Swaying close to the roof's edge
Oh, how the stars are twinkling, twinkling
Gold and silver grains of sand.

 Five wishes
 I have written
The stars are twinkling
And watching from the sky.  

"When Orihime and Hikoboshi reunite on the brigde made of stars, your wishes will become reality. There's no time for love in a cursed land, but its power will grant you strenght."

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is a popular celebration in Japan.
Its date varies by region, but the first festivities begin on 7 July.

Unlike many festivals whose astrological origin is forgotten, this myth can still trace its origin to the skys.

During this day, the two stars Vega and Altair, also known as the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi, the two lovers, are allowed to meet in the Milky Way, which separates them for the rest of the year.

People usually write their wishes on coloured pieces of paper and hang them to bamboo, hoping that their desires come true.

Tanabata is the name of a special cloth woven on a loom by a Shinto priestess, that was offered to a god to pray for protection of rice crops from rain or storm and for good harvest in autumn.

This delightfully ancient myth shows very clearly what is often forgotten in this modern world: the astronomical origin of myths. Many scholars indeed claim that mythology is primarily to be interpreted in terms of archaeoastronomy.

And this is all for today, stay tuned for the next updates!

Love and wishes, 
Enrica & Francesco


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    1. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Leo please, don't worry! We'll address soon how to get this special festival card. For now, it must be playtested and finalized.

    2. Missing avatar

      Leo on

      omg a card I won't be able to get? q_q
      but I want it even more now!

    3. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      Ok, so this update doesn't have anything to do with the contents of the game as shipped. Good to know.

    4. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      The promo card is still under development and will be distributed during special events and organized plays!

    5. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      I presume this promo only comes at the Shogun level or above?

    6. NightWolf21k on

      I think these Updates make the wait even harder ;-)
      Joke aside, i like what you are doing with the updates. Really hope you can keep this up until the end and have enough of material to show without showing everything ;-)