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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Social Goal Winner and other News!

Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)
Good Sunday, aspiring Daimyos!  

Hot weather has come to the land, and though these atmospheric conditions are going to exhaust our heroes, we can't stop! And so have a brand new update to chill your day!

The survey!

Everything is almost ready for the survey we'll collect shipping fees and address through. However, we have decided to launch it after the production of the game will be complete and ready to ship. In this way, we will avoid problems connected with an address change, and we'll be able to collect updated information from everyone without having many troubles!

We want your opinion!

After Ogawa, Ao-oni, we'd love to hear your opinion about the art of Fuchi, Aka-oni!

Both drawings are looking good on the card frame, and for that we are unable to choose which one we like best?

2nd Social Goal poll!

The voting for the second social goal has ended! And as you might have already noticed, this time the winner is Oyasu! Thank you so much to everyone who voted and commented, soon you'll see a different art for her! Can't wait to show you!

Nene, No, and Tokichiro

Though the campaign is over, we still want to involve you with the lore of the game and the stories of the characters. Today it's time for Nene, one of the most appreciated Ninja Heros in town! You may already know that her eternal struggle is against the Oda clan, because of something that happened in the past...  

Now she wants to exterminate every member of that clan, and for each of them who falls under her knife, a new tattoo will appear on her body, as a witness of her revenge becoming ever closer.




 And we're at the end of this update!
Thank you so much for your support so far, let's make it even bigger than now!

Love and Onigiri,
Enrica & Francesco

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    1. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Brett Austin of course you haven't offended, each help is welcome and appreciated!

      Allow me to briefly explain why her name is No:

      The real name of No Nobunaga is "Kicho", but it was changed in "No" after her marriage with Oda Nobunaga (getting also the -hime suffix: -hime is a suffix that women used to add to their name after a noble marriage or in the case they were daughters of noble lords).

      For this reason, the choice of giving her the name "No" isn't just ours, but historical. We could have chosen to use the "Nohime" variant of her name, but since the game is set after her fall in disgrace we decided to choose just "No".

      Hope this solved your doubts! Thanks again! :)

    2. Brett Austin on

      It's from me and my Japanese wife's opinion. Looking at Google though, "No" is short for Nohime or No-san for short. Apparently the Japanese people never liked a name with one syllable for a woman. Nobunaga Vs Nobuanaga? Of course, this is your fantasy game and you may do as you want. Sorry if I have offended.

    3. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Brett Austin thanks for your advice, but may I ask you more informations about? No Nobunaga is a historical figure, and that was the name she's known with.

    4. Brett Austin on

      I like the right side (2nd) ninja. Also, you will need to update Tokichiro's spelling of "betrothed". Lastly, generally speaking, female Japanese names had/have 2 syllables or more so "No Nobounagas' name is a little strange (Of course, this is just from a Japanese perspective). Anyway, I am excited for this product. Cheers!

    5. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @NightWolf21k the runner up was "Ran, Daylight Assassin".
      Thanks a lot, we work hard to give you guys an immersive story to enjoy the game even more!

      @Richard L. Skinner unfortunately we can't produce more cards. From the initial plan, a lot more cards are about to be printed, and a few cuts are necessary. In the future we'll surely think about using all the unused arts!

    6. NightWolf21k on

      Which art for Fuchi, Aka-oni - i would say the second one - They both look good, but i think the first one has to much empty space around her in comraison to most of the other cards, so i think the second one will fit better.

      And great to see that Oyasu won the poll :-) - Who was the runner up?

      And something i have to say: Its great seeing these backgrounds to the characters. Its sadly something not many creators tike time for - mostly because they think they have to write big essays about them, but here you show that its possible with only few words to make a good immersion :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard L. Skinner

      Fuchi, Aka-oni - Find a way to use both. Promo alt-art, a "level up" version, an "evil twin" character. All kinds of ways to not have to cut good art.

    8. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Aremelle thank! If you can give your vote to Fuchi on the FB group, so we can keep track of the score easier! ;)

      Oyasu's art will be revealed in the next update!

    9. Aremelle

      For the art preference of Fuchi, Aka-oni, I definitely like the second one more (the one where she is NOT bent over). Can't wait to see Oyasu's alternative art! ^.^