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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)


The final stretch goal is destroyed! Now Daimyo's Fall will have the Nemesis System, the new cards and mechanic it needed to unlock the Solo and Cooperative Modes!


Who will be the last Nemesis unlocked? Enrica wanted it to be perfect and she's working to make it even more awesome, so stay tuned! 

Cooperative mode

Boss Rush Mode can also be played with more than one player, making Daimyo's Fall into a cooperative game! Plus, the strength of the Nemesis grows with more players facing them! 

First social goal alternate art!

Komatsu Sanada won the vote for receiving alternate art as an extra promo in the Shogun (and higher) pledges!

Do you remember, while playing Baldur's Gate II, when Edwin found the scroll that eventually changed him into a female?

Surprise! Komatsu's alternate art male version!

 Who will be the next one? VOTE IN THE BGG POLL!

Secret Stretch Goal! - 26000€

3 more Nemesis await! Will you reach the goal required to unleash them?  

Fully tested cards, their sketches are already in the works for the art!

And that's all for now! Keep pushing, we're doing great!

Love and Nemesis,
Enrica and Francesco

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    1. Allan Meeks on

      You know what Rule 63 is right? nothing dirty but just a genderswap. It means you took a waifu and made them a Husbando.

    2. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Mr.Monttu it looks like there is a typo! Don't worry, as the lord tier specifically says includes all social goals. We will address this typo in the next update, anyway!

    3. Justin Boehm

      Hmmm Oyasu or Aki... tough choice!

      Also, I absolutely LOVE IKI's art!

    4. Mr.Monttu

      I will vote for Aki.
      Why the Lord tier won't get that alternate art thingy btw?

    5. Ian on

      I vote Shogen.

    6. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      @NightWolf21k eheh, it's not over yet! (I know, you're going to hate me! *evil grin*)
      I'm glad about this stretch goal too, because the nemesis are really funny and give more depth to the game, I can't wait to have your opinions!
      Ok, Counting one vote for her!

      @AllanMeeks you know that due my job I have to follow rules, sooooo...!

      @Leo I knew that! Oyasu has already two votes here, maybe this time she can win (but that Aki on bbg is advancing!)
      Let's see if we can unlock that secret stretch, until the last minute of this campaing no one really knows!

    7. Missing avatar

      Leo on

      Oyasu is in the poll. I KNOW WHAT I MUST DO

      I must say I didn't expect a male Komatsu out of the alternate art poll. o: But I like the idea at least, and I'm sure she(or he?) will look great!
      So glad you could make the final stretch goal <3 Now only time will tell if you can make the secret stretch goal... And if there's a super duper secret stretch goal after that. v:

    8. Allan Meeks on

      Oh I see what you did there. But making Komatsu Sanada rule 63.....SO TIGGERED

    9. NightWolf21k on

      Hurray for reaching the Nemesis goal - boo, for a nother one - this is like reaching the top of the mountain just to see there is another one - you are mean :-P

      Nah - always great to see there are still ideas :-) - I am so glad we reached this goal, just because i ike when games have something for single players - and everything looks so good - i am curious what the last one will look like, but i think it will look fantastic :-)

      And i vote for Oyasu - again because i have no account there ;-)