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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
418 backers pledged €25,319 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Week! Lots of Updates!

Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Good day, fearless warriors! We're entering the final week of the campaign! It has been an emotional journey and the best is yet to come!

Today we want to present the promo cards you can find from the Shogun and higher pledge levels! If you have a keen eye, you may notice that there are a couple of new additions!

But enough talking, let's dig it!

Don't you feel the holidays in the air? You can give a hearty welcome to your favorite holiday with one of these six alternate art cards! 

Not far from Yamashiro, at the edge of the forest, magical creatures live undisturbed. Attracted by the strange scent they can smell in the air, they are daring to leave their safe haven to explore Yamashiro. Each one has its own burden, its own story. Will you be ready to face their secrets?

A little designer note, we originally that Kinuta, Fierce Determination could be made into a Reinforcement card, but having her as a Treasure balanced the game play out quite well!

And... we wanted to thank you for your support throughout the campaign! So having Kinuta as a Treasure gave us the possibility to have 4 new unique cards!

We really hope that you like this little surprise! Tell us in the comments!

Next Stretch Goal: Linen Finishing and New Regalia Treasure Cards

We're nearing the new stretch goal, which unlocks the linen finishing for box and tokens! You will love their delicate feeling!

More than that, new Regalia are ready to be used in your games!

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Solo Mode & Nemesis System

The last stretch goal is amazing: unlocking the Nemesis System means it will also unlock the Solo Mode called Boss Rush! In this survival mode you'll face the new Nemesis Cards!

Will you be able to defeat them all?

The Nemesis Cards will also be used for multiplayer games. A nemesis may spawn and harm all the players, which means you must join forces to overwhelm the threat!

 Are you team ninja or samurai?

The fight continues! VOTE IN THE POLL! At the end of the campaign the champion will be revealed!

And don't forget to vote for your favorite character in the ALTERNATE ART POLL! We're so close to the next social goal! Keep on pushing, we can make it!

Lots of love and Dango,
Enrica & Francesco


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    1. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      @Leo you have a keen eye, I'm sure you'll take the best from each card!

      @Ian Me too, let's wait and see for the last day's peak!

    2. Ian on

      I'm looking forward to the Nemesis system. It would certainly add more versatility to the game, and get me playing it more. Hopefully it gets met....

      Or gets added anyway, and I praise your niceness.

    3. Missing avatar

      Leo on

      I LOVE the Aiko alternate. Probably rivals Oyasu for one of my favorite artworks! It reminds me a lot of how Katsu was drawn, and she(meaning Katsu) is super appealing too.

      Hanagouri looks... Interesting. I'm not entirely sure what to think about it, I'd probably just discard it all the time whenever I got it, since it feels redundant to deploy it anyway, and I don't think there's any card that triggers skills/loot conditions for deploying regalia. Platinum Staff doesn't have that problem and gives the user a meaningful decision, so that one's good! Milda looks like the epitome of money decks, I like her a lot! Hopefully she'll get a skill before production starts.

      Love the update a lot overall, but as usual it's not enough for me q_q I want moooooore
      Regardless, thank you so much for the enormous amount of hard work and love being put into this game!

    4. Axis Mundi 2-time creator on

      Nemesis System will add more things to the normal multiplayer mode - players can now ally during some turns to share rewards or even exhausting another player's hero in order to keep them out of the nemesis fight and don't get any reward - and give you all a new, exciting solo mode. You'll learn to fear the Nemesis!

    5. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      @Justin Boehm and @NightWolf21k thank you so much!
      I'm crossing everything I can too, I'd love to see the nemesis system unlocked!
      (And I'm super glad about the Aiko's card! It's quite different from what you've seen so far!)

    6. NightWolf21k on

      Looks great (and i have to say the Aiko card looks fantastic) :-)
      And i am so crossing my fingers that we reach that Nemesis goal (i am interessted in the solo game mode)

    7. Justin Boehm

      Love the new promos! And the nemesis system looks sweet (although I'm looking forward to cooperative mode more)!