Daimyo's Fall - A Treasure Hunting Deckbuilding Game

by Axis Mundi

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    1. Allan Meeks on

      I's there going to be a poll for the alternate art card? If not I'll cast mine right here for a Komatsu alternate art.

    2. Jamie-Lee Wilcock

      This is so awesome and I vote for Amba xD cause she is so pretty

    3. Axis Mundi 3-time creator on

      @Allan Meeks yes, the poll is already linked in the update!

      @Jamie-Lee Wilcock Francesco here! She's one of my favourites!

    4. Justin Boehm

      Komatsu for sure! Only because Umeka isn't an option... grrr...

    5. NightWolf21k on

      Great Update :-)
      Alternate Art: I am torn between "Amba" and "Komatsu"....I think i would vote for "Amba".

    6. Termite

      I vote for Tenzen.

    7. majinjeb


    8. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      mmh, so far Komatsu and Amba are the most favourites for this poll!
      ...and no one voted for Nobuyuki so far, poor him
      (Actually the only vote for him on BGG is mine, ohoh!)
      Let's see who shall win!

    9. Mr.Monttu

      I will vote Setsuko, coz seems she doesn't have vote yet. :3

    10. NightWolf21k on

      @Enrica F.
      I think that these two get so much votes (even if Komatsu was more shown in this update) has to do with the design of the cards themself. If you look over the cards these two just stand out - Amba looks like she was drawn in an total different way then the others, and Komatsu just stands out because her purple hair and her pose ;-) But i like all of the designs :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Leo on

      Only one ninja in this line-up? q.q Hopefully you'll consider to add more instead of the samurai on the next social milestone if possible(and then balance both out on the third one).

      Are you planning to make alternate card art for just heroes, or will you do some for reinforcements/treasures as well? I'd love to see an alternate art for Izanami-no-mikoto, even though the current one is already top-tier!

    12. Axis Mundi 3-time creator on

      @Leo oh, don't worry about it! We thought it was a good idea to let people choose among the characters that were already shown in detail. Next time we'll put more ninjas!

      About your second question, we are considering it, but it will depend on how much more we can collect during the campaign: reinforcements and treasures must be printed in multiple copies, while a hero is just 1. Producing more copies will heavily impact in the final cost and might also make us change the box size, which would be a big, big issue! :D

      For this reason, we are planning to make alternate arts just for heroes so far, but if we'll break all the stretch goals and more we'll consider this possibility for sure!

    13. Allan Meeks on

      so when does the poll end and we know which one will get the alternate art?