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Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
Conquer the dead daimyo’s palace and seize the treasure in this stand alone 1-5 player deck building card game!
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Two New Heroes: The Blind Twins and Priya!

Posted by Axis Mundi (Creator)

Hey! Enrica here! You guys are running so fast! I need to catch your rhythm for the updates! A new stretch goal has been unlocked, and this time you’ll get two new Heroes to play!

To be honest, I really wanted to unlock these, because both of them are beautiful (and it’s the first time that I’m extremely proud of a drawing of mine), and I really wanted to share them with you!

The Province Where No Men Roam

When the daimyo of Yamashiro disappeared, an unknown sorcery fell upon the palace. It was left deserted and every last man in the domain had disappeared! It is said, at the moment he fell, the phantom of the daimyo invaded the dreaming minds of young nobles (you, the players) and urged them to take the title of daimyo by capturing his treasure!

During the ensuing chaos and power vacuum, the remaining ladies of Yamashiro didn't even have time to mourn the loss of their fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. They prepared to take the lost power of the daimyo and sought out the few noblemen who had been outside Yamashiro when the curse struck!

Those who had not received the dream message, or chose to ignore the rumors, are rallying the military and attempting to establish a stable government. This instability must be laid rest before the other provinces of Yamato find out and come to claim the daimyo's power!

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman arrives in Yamashiro... looking for something...


We have a little surprise coming for you! It will be announced on Tuesday! Keep an eye out for a post on our Facebook page!

Until next update, goodbye! 

- Enrica

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    1. NightWolf21k on

      Isnt it true: You are yourself your biggest critic ;-) But serious keep up the good work, everything i have seen so far is fantastic. Definitiv keeping an eye out.

    2. Enrica F. Collaborator on

      Hi @Termite and @NightWolf21k! Hi guys! Thank you so much, I'm glad you like these ones! About the twins, usually I'm harsh with myself, but this time I'm happy with them! They will be central on the story too, so keep an eye on them!

    3. NightWolf21k on

      I have to admit the artwork was one of the reasons i backed this project and again the pic of the twins is freaking amazing.

    4. Termite

      I love the twins!!! The art is beautiful and sad.