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They say it's hip to be square. Sometimes I'm not so sure.

Squaresville: They say it's hip to be square. Sometimes I'm not so sure.

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Every time we hit a milestone, we'll release another minisode, until the end of the campaign.

Milestone Met: Let's Hang Out In The Tree House

Milestone Met: Percy's Plan

Milestone Met: Star Cross't Action News

Milestone Met: Sassy Girl

This is probably the casts' favorite minisode, so it's awesome that we get to release it so early. Thanks to your contributions, there's more to come!

Thanks to your awesome support, we get to share our first milestone video, the Full Trailer!

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$0 - Teaser: CHECK

$500 - The full Trailer: CHECK

$2,400 -Sassy Girl: Percy has some confused ideas about the ladies thanks to the magazine Sassy Girl: CHECK

$4,800 - Star Cross't Action News: Who would've thought the County's best live-action news team would be having an affair?: CHECK

$6,200 - Percy's Plan: Percy plans a tattoo that's hardcore, but that also honors his Nana. CHECK

$8,600 - Let's Go Hang Out In The Tree house: Esther and Zelda hang out in a tree house and talk fun and fears: CHECK

$12,000 - Coffee Shops and Day Dreams: Esther and Zelda's big dreams are animated for your pleasure.

The T-shirt:

For Adventurers only. 

The Plates

Get the whole story about these weird plates on our blog, or go check out more awesome plate designs from the awesome BeatUpCreations.

The story of Squaresville is one I hope everyone can relate to. It's human themes of youth -- being bored, hanging out, dreaming big -- are ones I think everyone can relate to. This is a show deeply rooted in real experiences, and the big moments of my youth. It's a show about friendship, and it took a band of good friends to make it. In an era of disposable entertainment, I set out to make something that would mean something to people at any age.


Matt Enlow

Writer/Director of Squaresville

Music By "Now, Now"  and My First Earthquake (amongst others) - go check 'em out!


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    Chums o' Squaresville: Hey, thanks, you guys! We'll mention what a cool person you are in our thank you video You deserve a compliment.

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    Squaresville Buddy: Have a sweet Squaresville decal. Stick 'em on your bumper, computer, or guitar case so that everyone knows how awesome your taste in kickstarter projects/web series is. Also includes the thank you video and a digital download of the Squaresville "look book" - a comic-book-esque design and style guide created to help showcase the show.

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    Squaresville Poster Club: Get an awesome poster to put on your bedroom wall! Includes the thank you video, stickers, and our eternal gratitude.

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    Suburban Adventurer: Adventure Time creator Pen Ward designed this rad Squareville T-shirt for us. These shirts will ONLY be sold for this kickstarter campaign, so grab one, support our show, and get this sweet shirt!

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    Squaresville BFF Status: Wanna talk shop with a cast or crew member? We'll meet you for coffee (if you're not in LA, via Skype) to talk about what it took to make the show.

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    Squaresville Champion: A limited edition Squaresville collectible plate -- like yo' grandma had. Squaresville images are heat transfered onto vintage China. Perfect for displaying in your home, should you be classy. Includes the sticker, look-book and compliment video.

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    Squareville Legend: Have an episode dedicated to a person (or pet) of your choosing. This is your episode - you call the shots.

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    Squaresville Immortal: Receive credit as a "Facilitating Producer", all the previously listed incentives, and the knowledge that you're the most hardcore.

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