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The best show on Broadway last year that you didn't see.

Why this show?

When I saw this show in New York last year, I was immediately captivated. Here was a political musical that not only rocked hard but, seemed to encapsulate our strange love affair with the Presidency. It also possessed all the elements I find so engaging about live theatre: direct contact with the audience, a sense of self-awareness, askew and often perverse humor (I'm not using perverse in the sexual sense as is often its modern connotation i. e. pedophiles), and a bizarre cast of characters that are simultaneously repulsive and magnetic. For more on this, check out my facebook note.

Why now?

The first Tuesday in November is rapidly approaching and will, once again, have global implications like no other democratic process on the planet. America is still the greatest country in the world for so many reasons: some good, some not-so-good. This show examines many of those reasons and through that examination provides the perfect platform for dialogue about them. That's why we'll have an audience talk-back following every performance. Hopefully, we'll even have some guests joining us for some of those conversations.

Why $10,000?

My desire is not to fund this without filling the house. In other words, I don't want this to be some not-for-profit venture where you're donating to my dream without getting anything back. That's why every $25 you spend buys you a ticket. Because I want you there with us, personally invested. Sure you can donate less than that amount but, I'd rather just give you a ticket now while I've got your attention.

The $10,000 amount is approximately 1/4 of what it will cost to fund this show appropriately. Meaning, I'm not interested in skimping on production values (sets, lights, costumes) and I WILL pay actors, designers and production staff. I am a firm believer that folks need to be compensated for their time and hard-work. If I have to skimp on wages, I'll close up shop and forget the whole thing.

Why go it alone?

Charlie Packard-Artistic Producer at the Aurora Fox-approached me about this project. Basically, the show is too edgy for him to sell to his subscribers. It's the same reason you can buy a ticket to the tour of BOOK OF MORMON or AMERICAN IDIOT but this show won't come to the Buell. I think it has something to do with its criticism of the highest office in the land. This subject cuts us to the core as Americans because of our staunch belief that Constitutional Democracy is the greatest governmental invention of all time. It is. So far. But, Manifest Destiny came at a price. That price was blood. Our story needs a telling that requires passion, professionalism, and panache. I'm the guy to bring those things to this Regional Premiere production.


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    One prop arrow costs about $1 US Dollar in 2012. The more arrows we can buy, the more Indians we can kill in the show. The more Indians we can kill, the more land we can possess. The more land we can possess, the greater our international agricultural output. Help build America for only $1.

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