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ExtraCore is a 1" x 1" 22 I/O pin Arduino Compatible. It's 1.7 grams and 16mhz of tiny Arduino style coolness.
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Dustin Andrews

162 backers pledged $8,136 to help bring this project to life.

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Another new Instructable

Hey kickstarters,

I am added another Instructable on how I make stuff. This time it's my home PCB fabrication process. I found some good tricks for doing toner transfer and getting really sharp boards.

New instructable from me

I'm working on a new Arduino compatible platform. More about that in a later update. In the meantime here is a little Instructable about how to make an IR proximity sensor using an Arduino compatible and $2.42 of components.

By the way, has anyone made a cool project with ExtraCore? Feedback and photo's would be appreciated.

-Dustin Andrews

Bulk Pricing

Rugged Circuits now has bulk discounts For ExtraCore

1-9    $15.00
10-49    $14.00
50-99    $12.00
100+    $10.00

Let me know if you don't have your reward yet

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Next project

Hey Kickstarters,

Happy Holidays.

How do you like your ExtraCore boards? Does anyone have a cool project? I'd love to put your photos up on the Instructable.

On October first this year I left my job after 10 years. I am living off a small savings account and doing my own projects until it runs out. I am looking for my next project and I would love to hear from you about what it should be.

What do you want to see on a circuit board?

I have been considering is adding some components to an ExtraCore board and making a new stand alone board. This would be cheaper and simpler than using shields. One example is a board with a built in accelerometer. It would come with a program to read the acceleration data built in. You could change the program or just use it as is. It would also have most of the I/O pins still available to use as you wished.

Please send me your ideas on kickstarter or post them to the facebook page.