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An ultra light, super protective, beautifully adaptable home for your ultra-light, beautifully designed laptop. Simple and smart. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 3, 2013.

An ultra light, super protective, beautifully adaptable home for your ultra-light, beautifully designed laptop. Simple and smart.

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Realizing that today all we really need at work is a laptop, students Seth Olson and Daniel Haarburger teamed up to make a sleeve that mirrors the way we actually use our technology. Like today's ultra-thin computers, the Aurora is incredibly light and beautifully minimal. It is reinforced internally with high-density polyethylene, which distributes force across the entire body of the bag. At the same time, it was designed to be adaptable and quickly changes from a sleeve into a shoulder bag in a matter of seconds.

Named after the street I grew up on, each sleeve houses Macbook Air or Macbook Pro and comes in a 13” and 15” model. If funded it will be manufactured exclusively in the United States. But it will be more than just a beautifully simple product. If funded, Aurora will prove that today people will come together to make good ideas happen. People love innovation, so we're hoping they'll love Aurora as well.

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It's expensive to launch a product. The Aurora case is no different. We've come to Kickstarter to raise the funds for Aurora's initial production run. By pre-selling 100 bags, we'll be able to make this product a reality.

There are a bunch of ways to join and support this project. If you're interested in the bag, you can pre-order one by pledging. If you want to support the project but don't have a laptop, we've also included a number of different rewards to thank you for your support. Lastly, we need to spread the word. A facebook post, a tweet, or an email to your friends will go a long way.

How To Help: - Pre-order a bag (below)
- Pledge for a super cool reward
- Spread the word
- Send us your thoughts!

Kickstarter is a fancy version of an escrow account. A individual posts their project online and sets a goal for funding. This goal is the minimum amount of money needed to make the project a reality. If others see the project and want to support it they make a "pledge" to the campaign. Then if by the end of the campaign enough pledges are raised, money from those pledges is transferred to the project creator. If not, the patrons are refunded their pledge. It's a safety net for both groups.

After the campaign is when the real fun starts. Unlike buying a product from a store or donating money to a cause, Kickstarter backers become part of the project they support. Not only do you get a direct line to email us whenever you like, Kickstarter provides a wonderful platform for sharing updates so we can keep you in the loop with our progress. Best of all, you get the very first of a line of products once production is up and running.

Even though the campaign isn't finished, here's a preliminary timeline for what to expect post-kickstarter:

The High Density Polyethylene Liner between the two layers of pressed wool felt. (Only in Hard Shell Aurora Case)
The High Density Polyethylene Liner between the two layers of pressed wool felt. (Only in Hard Shell Aurora Case)

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Risks and challenges

We have a lot of work cut out for us, and there are always surprises that pop up as new products are being made. Delays receiving the materials, as well as delays in production, are both setbacks that are quite common in the fashion industry. That said, we've come up with a robust plan for seeing Aurora manufactured. More importantly, we've put communicating with our backers at the forefront of our agenda, so no matter what happens you'll be the first to know about it.

Logistically, we have done a lot of research on various manufacturers and suppliers and have selected a tremendous production team for Aurora. Unlike many larger corporations, our selections were not based solely on cost. We have done small scale material orders, met with manufacturers to see how they do business, and selected our parters based on their reputations with previous clients, their ability to produce high quality products, and their concurrence with our own philosophy. We believe that we have lined up tremendously qualified suppliers and American manufacturers, and have complete confidence in their ability to see Aurora through production. This is going to be a exciting journey, and we're glad to have you onboard.

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  • For the Aurora Soft Shell Case: The Soft Shell case is protective because we have selected a 2mm-thick, pressed wool felt for the walls of the bag. However, it does not have the high density polyethylene liner (basically a really hard plastic shell) that is present in the hard shell Aurora case.

    For the Hard Shell Aurora: The interior walls of the case (between the two layers of 2mm-thick pressed wool felt) are backed with a high density polyethylene liner (basically a really hard plastic) that was designed by my business partner who is an engineering major at Stanford University in California. It's designed so that if the bag is dropped or hit against something all of the force is distributed throughout the bag away from your laptop.

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  • 2mm-Thick Pressed 100% Wool Felt

    Genuine Leather

    High Density Polyethylene (only in hard shell Aurora case)

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    Everything Helps! You will receive an Aurora PDF Thank You Letter and the satisfaction of making this project a reality! You'll also be privy to all of our updates on Kickstarter!

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    Wrist Love! You will receive a Hand Crafted Leather Bracelet made from the same genuine leather as our Aurora bags. We’ll also send you an Aurora PDF Thank You Letter and our undying thanks for helping make Aurora a reality.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    IPAD BACKER - iPads are beautiful, and so is leather and wool. We’re bringing all three together with a wonderful handcrafted iPad sleeve made from the same materials as our Aurora bags. (Add $10 to your pledge for international shipping).

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    LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN! - SOFT-SHELL AURORA. You will receive your very own Aurora Laptop Case made for 13" or 15" Macbooks, plus a detailed PDF thank you letter for helping make this project a reality. You’ll also be listed on our website as one of the founding members that made Aurora possible.

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    PREMIUM BACKER - HARD-SHELL AURORA. You will receive an ultra-protective Hard Shell Aurora Laptop Case made from leather and wool and reinforced with HDPE panels. This is our strongest, most durable case, which works for 13”or 15” laptops. You will also be sent an Aurora bracelet and be recognized on our website as a premium supporter. And of course, you willl receive our everlasting thanks for helping make this possible.

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