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Duel Fighters is a game of cinematic type combats between highly detailed 75mm miniatures.
175 backers pledged £19,764 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      green is too bright otherwise this is quite decent for mass painting

    2. ✩Don E✩

      @S.G. , not sure if these is feasible but having the option of different weapons and possible a different head sculpt for each character in order to be able to aesthetically diversify the miniatures.

    3. Mickem on

      All i see is the hair change, a small change on the rotation on the axe, and a little less detail on the skull belt.

      All in all, they look good!

      It would be good if you could maybe borrow (?) a metal version of each from Scale75 to put up for comparison but.

    4. Jean-Pierre Abidal on

      Gréât update SC... Ithink you should hâve more stretch goal of you want to attract a lot of people. I dońt méandres all free but the leap between actual sc. is, in my opinion, too big .

    5. Joseph Figueroa on

      Do i get a cookie...or maybe a helmet for the barbarian :)!?

    6. SCALE GAMES 2-time creator on

      You are right Joseph.

    7. Joseph Figueroa on

      The only difference so far i can spot in the metal and resin version is the hair style is slightly different otherwise they are equally detailed :)

    8. SCALE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Hi CashWiley.
      I am sorry but I have not the metal figure unpainted but you can compare here:…

    9. CashWiley on

      Can we see high resolution pics of both this comparison and a side-by-side with the metal versions?

    10. SCALE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Hi Back 2 Base-ix.
      We are working as fast as we can to update all changes and game video demonstration.
      Stretch goals, unlocks and more is going to change.

    11. Back 2 Base-ix

      Thanks for clarifying paint quality. I hope you can answer other questions soon, such as game play and the possibility of optional parts/accessories for the Duel Fighters :)

      Maybe also let us know about stretch goals. Are you keeping them all the way they are or will there be any changes to better suit the campaign and/or its backers?

      Thanks again S75 :)