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A blind mystic living in 17th-century Spain finds the boundary between fantasy and reality crumbling around her. Based on a true story.
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~~STRETCH GOAL: $4,000 to build vision world set!

Posted by Susannah Greenblatt (Creator)

Dear Backers,

As we mentioned in our previous email, we are just blown away by all your support. We are so excited that we reached our goal so quickly that we’re asking for your help one more time. Since our campaign isn’t quite over yet (3 days to go!), we’ve decided to add a stretch goal to fund La Ciega’s most ambitious scene yet.

Our dream set, which we previously thought would be too expensive to build, is the heart of Maria’s vision world. It’s based on a recurring vision the real Maria Cotanilla recounted in her trial: as a young orphan, Maria would have a vision of the Virgin Mary's skirts, and she would climb underneath them to hide. In our film, this magnificent skirt/tent, which Maria finds billowing on her clothesline, fifteen feet off the ground, is a space of communion, of safety, of creativity, an escape from repressive peasant life, a place of her own. The inside of this giant dress is filled with layers upon layers of rich fabrics, glowing with womb-like warmth.

Mock-up by Erin Bates
Mock-up by Erin Bates

We’ve been meeting with our brilliant production designer Maria Garcia to discuss the logistics of building the inside of this gigantic dress. This fabric-laden altar for Maria Cotanilla will take reams and reams of fabric to build, as well as pipes, wood, and wire to build the rigging system, and hours and hours of work. Fabric in particular is very expensive, and bears so much significance to Maria’s character, as she was a laundress, seamstress, and lover of clothes. From our calculations, it seems that building the whole set would cost around $4,000.

If each backer donates $27 more dollars OR finds two friends to donate $13.50 each, then we will reach our stretch goal of $4,000 to build this set!!! We have three days left, so time is of the essence.

You have all been so supportive already, and you have truly inspired us to make this film all that it deserves to be. For that, we thank you. And if you aren’t able to donate any more, please share La Ciega’s campaign with your friends and family via email, Facebook, etc., so we can bring this incredible 350-year-old vision to the screen!

With deeply sincere thanks and so much excitement, 
Susannah Greenblatt, Raphael Linden, and the whole La Ciega Team


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