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"Through The Valley"... Our dual cancer journey's with the Lord and the inspiring lessons learned. Encouragement in any valley! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 23, 2012.

"Through The Valley"... Our dual cancer journey's with the Lord and the inspiring lessons learned. Encouragement in any valley!

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Books Are Finally Coming!


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Continued Blessings!

Here we are with just 28 hours to go in our kickstarter book project!  It's been a 40 day journey, and God has truly blessed us beyond our goal of $2,000.00  We've just reached the $2,175.00 mark!  That's 108% of our goal!  Awesome news!  That's great, because the Lord knew (only the Lord and me), that I purposely kept the goal attainable but would need some extra for added expenses. The Lord has helped us through you and your generous support for our book project, "Through The Valley" which I have already secured a publisher for!  We are now moving forward and should be presenting a published book sometime in Dec. or Jan. if all goes well.  It's so exciting, but the journey to write has been difficult.  You have made it easier with the funding help.  Thank you so much!  May the Lord richly bless you, and be your constant companion and ever present God in the days ahead!  

Many Blessings!

Rich and Robin

Final Week With 6 Days To Go!

We have 6 days to go to meet our $2,000.00 book project goal.  We have been blessed by your immense generosity and support thus far.  We need just $275.00 to make it!  If we don't make our goal, we get nothing.  If we don't make the goal, none of the funds are released, so won't you please share the link with your friends and family, and help us make the goal?  We believe God is up to something and you can be a part of His plan in getting "Through The Valley" into the hands of those who need encouragement.

Thank you so much for helping us!


Rich and Robin  

The Final Week!

Friends, as a reminder, this is the final week for our book project, "Through The Valley" We actually have eight days left to meet our $2,000.00 goal.  We need $300.00 more to reach it.  Would you please help us by posting the link to Kickstarter, FB, Twitter or simply email it to your friends?  Thanks so much for your help and support!  We are anticipating getting our book into the hands of those who need encouragement, and YOU are a huge blessing it making that happen!  Thanks for investing in "Through The Valley"  

Rich and Robin 

Only 9 Days To Go!

Friends, we are just 9 days away form having our book project, "Through The Valley" funded!  That is exciting!  But we still are $325.00 away from meeting our goal of $2,000.00  If we don't raise the funds, everything you've already pledged will not come to us.  We must raise the funds in order to publish our book!  The funds we raise are specifically marked for this project alone, so please pass our link along to your friends and encourage them to help us!  For every $25.00 pledge or more, we will send them a signed, paperback copy of the book!  Thank you so much for your support and prayers in our project!  


Rich and Robin