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New music group, Ensemble f0, will be touring the Midwest and East Coast this summer, performing 4 commissions + more exciting new rep!

˚˚The Plan

We're in the final stages of planning our summer 2012 tour. This project will begin in the Midwest, work it's way up the East Coast and finish in Boston where three of us will be attending the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice ( We're planning to begin in the last few days of may and will be on the road through the middle of june (Sicpp begins June 15). 

˚˚Your Money

Your donation will go towards the practical costs of making this tour happen. We're talking gas money to get from place to place, venue booking fees, printing money for fliers and programs, as well as some general promotion costs. 

˚˚Who We Are

Ensemble f0 was founded in 2011 and is comprised of Sara Perez (voice), Laura Cocks (flute), Dustin Chung (clarinet), and Sean Dowgray (percussion). We met as students of the Oberlin College and Conservatory and bonded over a shared interest in contemporary music. As individuals and as an ensemble we are dedicated to working with today's composers and performing the constantly growing repertoire of today. 

˚˚Our program will draw from the following works:

Lewis Nielson: Opera Amoris (fl, clar, perc, vox) *

Eugene Kim: zum schluss in der frühe (fl, perc, vox) * 

David Bird: veil//akousmatikoi (afl, vox, elec) *

Christopher Lyons: Verfall(fl, clar, perc, vox) *

Beat Furrer: INVOCATION VI (bfl, vox)

Esaias Järnegard: Psalm, order del 2 (bfl, vox)

Marcelo Toledo: Aliento/Arrugas (solo flute)

Luciano Berio: Sequenza IXa (solo clarinet)

Christopher Adler: Signals Intelligence (solo percussion)

Alexander Chernyshkov: Almatiki daechta (solo voice)

* denotes commission for ensemble f0

˚˚The Composers

Use the links below to find out a little more about the composers of our Summer Tour 2012 repertoire!

Lewis Nielson:

Eugene Kim:

David Bird:


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