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For thousands of years, the dead have invaded the living. Now its our turn.  Play as the Faekin, Magi, Psychics, Were-beasts and more.
For thousands of years, the dead have invaded the living. Now its our turn.  Play as the Faekin, Magi, Psychics, Were-beasts and more.
For thousands of years, the dead have invaded the living. Now its our turn. Play as the Faekin, Magi, Psychics, Were-beasts and more.
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    1. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Glad to hear that you liked them! I let Shade's Findings know that you appreciate her work. :D

    2. Shane Main on

      Just got our bags... These are awesome! And HUGE!!! Thank you �

    3. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Probably about mid November.

    4. Shane Main on

      any ideas as to when we can expect the surveys to go out???

    5. Tracy Johanna Thaemar on

      Love getting updates gentlemen.
      May inspiration always be with you:-)

    6. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      No worries wouter! We were only a small bit away. Makes me sad. But not to worry, as there is still a lot of awesomeness to come.

    7. wouter

      Congratulations on getting funded! Shame we didn't make it to the first stretch goal. But it still means this book will become a reality.

    8. Shane Main on

      Woohoo!!! Congrats on another successful project

    9. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Muhahaha - wouldn't you like to know? All I'll say is that Hatshepshut and him don't see eye-to-eye. The question begs, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

    10. Shane Main on

      Really digging the artwork in update 12... the reflection facing the same way as he is... the odd shapes in the face and the very doll-like hand... kinda "spooky" (pun intended)... did this guy manage to cross into the mortal world and take physical form? Or is he preparing for his transcendence into the great beyond? O_o

    11. wouter

      Nice updates!

    12. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Artwork is always on Tobias and my mind, but... artwork also costs funds. Last I heard Tobias was working on the back cover but he may put that aside and work on something quick so we can have something for the remaining days. That's what so great about the Kickstarter, is that it'll give us the funds we'll need to make visually awesome eye-candy for the game.

    13. wouter

      Time for an update :). I'd love to see some artwork sneak peeks to keep everyone interested ;).

    14. Shane Main on

      lol... ok im lost... i updated to the +bags level for $115... plus the extra $15 for an extra dice bag... so am i pladging $130 or do I need to add the $15 shipping cost as well???

      sorry im makin this so difficult... just dont wanna get the funding wrong...

    15. Shane Main on

      sold!!! updating now

    16. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Just add an extra 15.00 and I'll write you down for an extra dice bag. :)

    17. Shane Main on

      mainly im looking at adding on 1 extra dice bag... my wife likes them too so im thinking of upgrading to the + bag and dice bag level... but would like to add an extra dice bag too

    18. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Hey Shane! They are up on a few rewards but not all. Which one do you want them added on to and I'll make a reward level for you.

    19. Shane Main on

      So umm... really digging the dice and gamer bags... any chance of getting those as add ons???

    20. wouter

      Yes congratulations already! If it keeps climbing like this, we may actually hit a few goals!

    21. Shane Main on

      Lol... Nathan called it... 5 days from goal... just like last time... I'm glad we could make this happen... congrats guys!

    22. Shane Main on

      YEAH!!! Funded baby!!! Now let's see what we can get for stretches...

    23. wouter

      Whoohoo, funded! $3500

    24. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Yea, this happened last time. There was a lull from day 15 to day 25. The last 5 days will be very exciting!

    25. wouter

      Sigh, seems we're stuck on 1k from the finish line. I hope we start climbing again soon.

    26. wouter

      @Nathan Could be my device, but I get an error when trying to open the Google+ link

    27. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Google+ link updated on the contest.

    28. wouter

      @Nathan Perhaps you should put it on the main page, where the facebook challenge is explained. Also, could be useful if we get the link to your Google+ account.

    29. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      Highly considering/researching the GM/DM/Storyteller screen. In the meantime, Google+ is setup now for the contest. "Likes" count for +1 as far as the contest is concerned. Share away, as the more backers the better. Thanks for the suggestion, wouter.

    30. wouter

      I hope we can reach that far, as I would like to see one myself too.
      I'm going to need a proper box to stow them in if we get that far though.

    31. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      The Relic Deck is a Stretch Goal, as we'll mostly put all our emphasis in character portraits and denizens and fill in the rest, but Tobias may be able to get it into the budget. I guess it really depends on where we end up. I'd like there to be a Relic Deck. :D

    32. wouter

      A digital screen is a very good start.
      I'd love to see a hardboard screen in the future though. Perhaps something for a next KS :).
      Is there going to be a physical Relic deck, similar to the bone and spider decks from the previous KS?

    33. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      We may be able to piece together a Spooks! WTTGB/Mortal Intrusion digital GM screen - making a physical one would be something for me to look into. As far as the contest goes, we really don't have much presence on Google+ or Twitter for that matter. Maybe it's about time we do. I'll look into it. :D

    34. wouter

      (Sorry for posting twice in a row)
      Any chance for a Google+ contest?
      I'm not a big fan of Facebook.
      Just asking ...

    35. wouter

      I'm back (ghastly voice, followed by a frantic laugh)....!
      No seriously, how could I resist!
      It would be supercool if a gamemasters screen could be included this time :).
      Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but hope has never killed a man.

    36. Nathan Reese Maher 5-time creator on

      The lore puts them as Magi who, long long ago, stole the powers of a relic, that allowed them to assume the shape of animals. From there, they went thier separate ways. So you can find them among all walks of life including tribal druid clans, some may even claim to children of pagan gods. It's your world, your choice. The moon still rules them and they can lose themselves temporarily to the animal within but I wouldn't say a curse. Although, the powers they inherited are passed through the generations.

    37. Lin Liren on

      First Comment! Yay!

      Just wondering Mr Maher
      Are the werewolves in the universe of "Spooks" Noble and Spiritual Warrior Poets (like the Druids/Berserkers from whence the original Werewolf Myths were based, and from whence White Wolf based their werewolves on)
      Or are they cursed-monsters like Anti-Pagan propaganda and Hollywood eventually warped them into?

      Sincerely Liren.