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Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
Point and Click adventure game. Cynical humor, handcrafted HD art in comic book style!
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First birthday!

Posted by COWCAT (Creator)

Demetrios is now one-year old! What a cute little baby! (hopefully better looking than Caroline!...)

Fanart by ChessasWorld
Fanart by ChessasWorld

I have a few good news to share!  

- Despite not selling like hot cakes (at all), Demetrios is seemingly having a long tail. Nothing amazing, but still...

One year after the original release, I can announce that the sales up to this day (plus the Kickstarter funding) cover the global development cost of Demetrios!

That means any extra sales from now on will be money I can pour into making an (even) more ambitious game. More on this below!

- A new console port is upcoming! 

No, wait, let me fix this... I'm working on TWO more console ports! :D (in addition to the already-existing PlayStation Vita version)

They're both in the certification process, and as such I don't feel confident to give a release date or make a proper announcement yet (the consoles submission process is very tough) - but they should be coming this summer!

- At the same time, I've started work on a brand new game. The codename is "Project Brok"!

It's very ambitious and unique, a combination of genres. I've got a great videogaming experience, and I'm confident this is something that has never been done before.

Rest assured, it's still an adventure game - but with an unexpected twist! I've made sure to take some things that worked well for Demetrios and change things that didn't - with a very different universe, characters and tone.

Development is about 15-20% done. I believe it will take me at least three years to make. That's quite a lot, but I'm being realistic there! I'm not ready to fully announce it yet, because pretty much all the art is placeholder right now. This makes it much easier to change anything and get a global view of the game.

So, here's just a "placeholder" art from one of the rooms in this new game! (without characters, I'll save this for a proper announcement)

Placeholder room
Placeholder room

I intend to let some people try the prototype very shortly, to get some early feedbacks.

Of course, I'll keep you informed! :)

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    1. COWCAT Creator on

      Probably, but not before development has progressed enough. Maybe in one or two years :)

    2. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "cover the global development cost of Demetrios"
      Congratulations to that important milestone!

      "Project Brok"
      ..great to hear that you even work on a new title!
      Looking forward to hear more!
      Will there be another kickstarter project?